User submit: Christine makes me want to go to Norway (7 Photos)

  • whyme1973

    #1 #5 Very pretty.

  • dacky2

    First from Norway.

    • 'Merica

      Silly Norwegian.. You're still second!

  • Notme

    #6 Now Kiss

  • Norwegian

    First of all that is some completely wrong information. Military service is mandatory for boys in Norway, girls can volouneter to join up. The mandatory service time is 1 year. And you don't need to be disabled to get away from it, you can say you are a passifist and serve civil duties instead.

    But you are right about the girls, thei are kinda hot!

    • Norwegian

      Also, as civil service is no longer a thing, you can just say youre a pacifist and then you're off.

      • Also from Norway

        Also, it doesnt take much before they stamp you as unfit for service. The Norwegian military wants less and less people for every year.

        • Norwegian 2

          True, I was declined for having poor hearing, my sister was declined because she had a small heart condition when she was still a baby

    • Oskar

      I didn't get in because of issues with wrists and feet. I don't really feel super disabled.

  • Norwegian

    It's just for one year – and girl don't have to do it. But more and more choose to do it.

    And most girls from norway looks like this 😉

    • iaDF!

      Time to pack my bags.

  • Chad

    #3 #4 Let's see your target groups! ?

    • Canadodian Reprobate

      Good looking babes from Norway is one of my target groups.

  • Hank442

    Ummmm….how `bout more!

  • DickPearson1

    I surrender!

  • Schmidt

    I'm at full attention!

    • Jokes_Explained

      This is funny because he means he has an erection.

      • Kato

        No shit?

        • Mick Taylor

          No, just an erection.

          • rheo


  • Norwegian

    What does the name tag say? Gagen?

    • the norwegian

      Eller mer logisk, Hagen?

  • 4everDistracted

    Nice trigger discipline #3

    • Orukal

      Seriously? The best you can come up with while looking at this picture is to point out that she doesn't have her finger on the trigger? I'm sure that all military personnel look for such high compliments.

      • 4everDistracted

        Actually, in the military having good trigger discipline is a compliment.

      • motojunky27


  • emailhobo

    Would bang but not worthy of it's on page.

  • Stinky Dog

    ra*e st**k!

  • SOhioChiver

    Wouldn't mind being stuck in a foxhole with her! #2

    • Uncle Dirty

      .Wouldn't mind being stuck in her foxhole

  • Clutch

    Norway Here I come!

  • rikooprate

    Sweet Jebus!

  • lsullivan

    I spent two weeks in Norway on their Rygge base. The whole experience was awesome. But after a few days we learned it is easier to just count ugly chicks. The Norwegian people are awesome.

  • gman0821

    #6 I am liking where this is headed !!

  • Danny

    literally scrolled down to #2 and immediately blurted 'Holy Crap!". Must have MOAR!

  • Danny

    Top New Year's Resolution for 2013

    Invade Norway.

    Curious to see how they treat POWs 🙂

  • kasnicov

    proud to be Norwegian! Btw all our girls look like this 😉

  • FuBaR

    im moving to Norway and joining the army, whose coming with me?

  • Macro

    This must be why Norway is such a military superpower </sarcasm>

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – damn norway.

  • freddy boy

    #3 This woman, and apparently most of the country, are fabulous and, as a vet, I really appreciate what women vets do. Just a word of caution for the American women who WANT to go into combat. It's not glorious; it can ruin your life. Combat and military service are two very different things.

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