Enter the hip bone zone (30 Photos)

  • fred


    • buzz killington

      and let the downvotes begin….

    • bdg

      #13 and #26 I want them!!!! Stunning!!!

  • passwordistaco

    #25 Got My Vote!

    • dedubs

      She's pretty much perfect.

    • bobo

      The dude in the blue shirt behind her is pretending not to look. Nice try pops, a dead guy would be checkin' that out.

  • therealstake


  • tjbennett69

    Some one pinch me

  • passwordistaco

    #4 Good Gawd Almighty!

    • chivester

      I like to spend some time down there giving that tattoo a very close inspection

      • Matt

        I think we can all agree on one thing here. MOAR!!!!

    • UncleRoast

      Brought a tear to my eye.

    • majorfathead

      Just that hint of the promised land always send me over

    • maythe1stbewithyou

      This is my favorite post in a LONG TIME! This pic needs MOAR!!!!!!!!!

  • googleflystrike

    #16 Best of show

    • Slim Jim

      but seriously MOAR

  • JJMCali

    #10 Peace and Moar.

  • OhioChiver

    Oh yes, the Mound is strong on this beautiful woman.

  • yummy

    #2, yes. can i smell them?

    • Jawbone


      • Jawbone

        Like the smell of wet ass, huh?

  • 413chiver

    #25 for the win

  • Mr_Cellophane

    #14 you have my undivided attention!

  • Paul

    #2 If I say yes, do I get to see the goods?
    #4 Is OMG Yummy!

  • Tillman61

    Thank you Chive for posting articles on Sundays. And whoever posted #2 #7 #11 and #16, many more thanks.

  • Coldzilla

    Well apparently the hip bone is connected to my groin bone….

    • Some guy

      You sir, are a genius. I'd shake your hand but that would be awkward….you having a boner and all…

      • Coldzilla



        My hands up here


        Cheers and thanks for the laugh

  • gmen

    #13 😀

    • FSU_Chiver

      Big game tomorrow. Go Big Blue!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #2 I am not so sure about the pants, but I love what's underneath them

  • Fogel

    #4 #16
    I GOT A BONER!!!

  • firefighter

    They all look hungry! Way too skinny.

    • I like sandwiches

      This will be better suited to your taste. http://iheartfatgirls.tumblr.com/

    • 650

      Three possibilities:

      1. You're fat.
      2. You're an idiot.
      3. You're a fat idiot.

      • firefighter

        Actually I have an IQ of 142, 6% bodyfat, and my girlfriend has made the Chive twice. So suck it!

        • Einstein

          Having a high IQ doesn't stop you from being an idiot.

        • 650

          Two more possibilities:

          4. You're full of shit.
          5. If your gf made theCHIVE, she's probably similar to one of these girls, so you're a hypocrite.

          Either way, you're still a Chiver, so you're not 100% dbag.

          p.s. Your mom goes to college.

          • firefighter

            I must be an idiot. I think under pressure and when everyone runs out of a burning building I run in to save a life. Then when I drag the lifeless body out as a paramedic firefighter I administer drugs to start the heart. When my day is over I go home to my girlfriend that made the DAR and burn your bra. Yes I am a chiving idiot. Meh….

            • 650

              Every morning, I wake up, wipe the sleep from my eyes, and thank the heavens that you're such an amazing human being. Rock out with your shuttlecock out.

              • firefighter

                You're welcome. We don't get many thanks. You have warmed my heart.

            • Some guy

              Whoa man, don't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back. While I appreciate your services, using them to promote yourself is petty and shameless. Don't you think?

              • firefighter

                No more petty than being called fat or an idiot for thinking they are a little on the skinny side. But its ok I won't lose sleep if not everyone loves me. I have a great life, job, and girl. I don't ask for thanks but it is appreciated when we risk our ass to save others. That's why we embrace the Chive at our firehouse .

                • Mark

                  You just don't get it do you?

                  Eat some humble pie, otherwise you sound like a douche.

                  • BAC

                    The guy is full of sh#t. He is really a cheezle munching trolling little twat who only dreams of that kind life. Ignore these idiots, maybe then they will go away.

                    • Firefighter

                      Haters gonna hate.

                    • thatguy

                      No, we don't hate! we'd just appreciate it if you'd take a couple steps back while you're swinging your dick around all willy-nilly

  • WileEOne

    #17 I like this kind of hipster…

  • Bent Stick

    #27 yaaayyy! Fantastic! Who is she and moar!

  • I like sandwiches

    #16 #21 This is my favorite post!

  • gman

    It's hard looking at these #12

  • Lint6

    Some of these are sexy..some need to eat a cheesesteak or two

  • Professor Squeegee

    #8 Can we have MOAR, please?

  • factionhg

    I don't know why, but the scar on #9 makes her so much more beautiful to me… FIND HER & MOAR!

    • thatguy

      is it odd that i'm curious about where that scar came from?

      • factionhg

        No, I'm curious too!

        • Bobby Klobber

          Its a C section scar ……… you know from cutting open the belly to get the baby out because the hole is too small.
          Get out of the house a little more.

          • factionhg

            Oh, because there couldn't be some other reason? Is this your idea of a good time, trying to be an Internet gangster? Get a life.

            • Tillman61

              Vertical c-section scars are very rare, most are always horizontal. So, it could be for many reasons. I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TheChive.

              The main thing is, she's really beautiful, scar or no scar. Also, I wanted to give you a more civilized comment than Chuckles did.

          • TheYesMan25

            its from an appendix getting taken out…she was never pregnant

          • thatguy

            of course! I definitely need to start asking all of my friends if i can see their scars so i can get a proper education!

      • Andy

        i think it might be an appendectomy scar. i had appendicitis about 8 months ago but mine actually burst and the doctor had to cut me just about the same as her.

        either way i dig this beauty for showing it, very gorgeous! moar of #9 please!

        • TheYesMan25

          It is from an appendix being removed. Trust me on this 😉

          • dude

            remove bottoms to show more for verification…

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