Life’s tough, get a dog (50 Photos)

  • Luke

    pretty sure #23 is a fox.

    • rugerhoyt

      I'm pretty sure you are right

    • ron

      Doesn't look dog-like, but also looks pretty darn big for a fox. They're pretty small.

      • someppl

        wtf? coyotes are way bigger then then foxes.

    • Chiver

      Coydog ? Foxdog ? ….mixed Somthing

      • Ken

        I'd say its a cox, pronounced as "cocks".

    • Brian

      Def coydog. Brilliant animals.

    • dez985

      blue heeler mix?

    • Jen

      how can you tell just by looking at her hand?

      • That Guy

        Genius. I laughed at that one

    • guest

      black fox. Color phase of the red fox. People are starting to domesticate foxes as pets, better option than a tiger, imo. And foxes are canines, same family as the domestic dog.

      • Starfox

        A long time ago I heard that domesticated foxes would use a litter box like a cat. Anyone know if that's true?

        • Kitten

          they can

      • JakShowtime

        My mom had a pet fox growing up. They raised it. It just acted like (and played with) the other dogs.

      • ron

        Foxes are not as LARGE as that creature is.

        • ess

          It's a sib fox, google it.

          • Steel

            Yeah, this guy beat me to the correct answer. Siberian silver fox, domesticated. I'd get one if I had an extra $5k laying around doing nothing.

  • Stephen

    nice πŸ˜€

  • Jer

    One of my favorite post

  • Darrell

    #18 #28 #36

    Damn, those are some sexy bitches. The girls are pretty cute too.

  • North

    Doggie spa. Looks comfy!

    • SidewaysPhill

      #45 I have no idea what I'm doing!!!

  • Anonymous

    #14 if i didn't live in dorms i would adopt both of these dogs imediately

    • GuntherSquirrel

      Agreed… poor buggars… Half their lives in the slammer shouldnt happen to a dog… Wait…

    • ryaN

      please list their location, so we can get down to business.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #36 There, I took your picture, can we play fetch now?

  • @LosSaysSwag

    #50 Cute/funny overload

  • JKennedy

    In the library of DIT doing assignments and am sad. This is a thoroughly cheered me up!

  • irons

    You gotta have a Dog! I couldn't imagine life without one.

  • crustybubblechunks

    #6 Looks like a big ol' sweetie!

    • May

      My pitty used to do that pose too. Such silly dogs.

  • catmoustache

    I wish I had a dog/sidekick

    • Einstein

      See #14

  • Bobby

    #6, vacuum your carpet. #28 needs so much attention she invents places to get pierced. She is extremely unattractive physically and emotionally!

    • JTP

      Clearly you have everything figured out, Bob. #28 looks rad, and has one handsome pooch.

      • Anonymous

        the only difference betwwen people with tattoos and piercings is that they don't give a shit if you dont have tattoos or piercings. go play in traffic and leave the happy people alone.

        and that carpet really isnt that dirty, clean your moniter.

        • Liz

          clean your moniter– LOL, i like that.

      • Collin

        You got it man. I think Failtroll came out to play today.

    • Maxwell

      You would love to have something like that but you have to yell up to your mom from the basement to bring more cookies.

    • Gilmore, Happy

      you must be really fun at parties

    • Andy

      You're a total douche πŸ™‚

  • LaurenRae

    #14 really made me tear up. Six years? Come on chivers, help these guys out!

    • Lloyd Christmas

      Wonder where they are! They look like great pooches. I hope some adopts them, and there is a follow up so we can see how happy they are.

      • Kelly

        ADOPT Gwinn and Rowdy have their own FB group, and are through the forgotten pet advocates, who also have a FB. Gwinn and Rowdy's mom was also in boarding, where Gwinn and Rowdy have been their whole lives. Ruby, their mom was just recently adopted. The forgotten pet advocates help animals that have been abandoned in boarding facilities find homes. They are asking these 2 be adopted together and as the only pets of the house.

    • DogLover


    • Stephanie

      If they were in SD I'd yank them up. my pooch needs some more family! 😦 They look like some awesome kids to me! ❀

    • Chivette

      I wish The Chive would do posts of adoptable pets from various locations. While yes, people canresearch on their own I think it would be a great opportunity for The Chive to use this forum to encourage people to adopt. Chivers & Chivettes are obviously very compassionate not to mention, most love animals….even cats. Just thinking out loud.

      • Sam

        They bought their mascot dog from a breeder, they're not interested in helping homeless dogs.

    • guest

      They are most likely six years old and given up by their owner, and have not spent six years in the pound.

      • fireproof77

        Read the info on them on the adoption website. They were brought in as puppies, over 5 1/2 years ago.

        • guest

          Wow! My bad that really sucks for them. I can't help them out though. I have three dogs of my own and currently have three foster dogs, and they want them to go to house with no other dogs.

        • ALG

          Wow! That's incredibly sad. It makes you wonder which is worse: euthanasia after a short while or a life in prison, unable to comprehend what the hell is happening. Hope these guys find a loving and permanent home.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #31 – get well apollo, but right now… slide over. moar of that chivette!!

    • Beantown

      Get on it Chive

    • Billy

      Your one lucky chiver. That's a good looking dog.

  • IrishInNJ

    #3 You are cute. And I ain't takin about the dog.

  • Elise

    #28 you are beautiful!

    • JessieBelle

      Your tattoos/style are awesome girl! πŸ™‚

  • Justsay OyVey

    #25 Chilling Like a Boss #29 Baby's safety Level – Can't touch this (Hammer Time)

  • AssClown

    #19 Lil Wayne really cleaned himself up good. Good for him!

    • guest

      I thought it was Ryan Lochte.

    • pawood

      why would you insult that poor dog like that?

  • Why

    #28 what possesses a person to get piercings in their throat? What does that do for you exactly? She might be hot otherwise but I can't tell by the stomach churning grossness of those.

    • peanut3603

      She's a hottie.

      • cantblockthis


    • NoWorries

      Not that I feel like I owe you or any other closed minded asshole and explanation, but since you are asking WHY, I am happy to enlighten you as to what would possess someone to do that to their throat. When that photo was taken I was going through a long, tough, pain staking apprenticeship to become a body piercer. During those 13 months I got a lot of piercings and sacrificed a lot of time and money. I lived my life the way most people wont so I could get licensed and live my life how most people CAN'T. I completed my apprenticeship, got licensed, and started my career by the age of 21. Throat piercings and everything else I went through was absolutely worth it. That's probably a lot more than you or most people can say they have accomplished in their lives at any age. Sorry about your weak little tummy. πŸ™‚

      • Jason

        You are so fucking cool. I wish I could read all about how successful you are all day…..

        • freebase

          I like dogs becuase they love you no matter what you look like or what you do with your life or body. They pass no judgement, a lot of you could learn from that.

          • Anonymous

            So because you don't like someone's piercings you have to point them out and talk trash about them instead of saying something funny or clever about a different picture? The girl has done nothing to you other than submit a nice photo of herself and her dog. you sir, are not what chive I'd about. Go away plase.

        • SarcasmFTW

          Not as cool as you.

        • NoWorries

          Simply answering his questions. I only stated what possessed me to do it and exactly what it did for me. No need for you to be so hateful about someone else trying to make the best out of life. My pup loves me no matter what and that's what is important to me. πŸ™‚

      • Dreymann

        Don't ever worry about what these close minded pricks have to say, there's only one thing that needs to be said #28 MOAR!!!!!

  • The Buddha

    #20 Malamutes rule

  • cdnSamSquanch

    Not in a million years could I got my dog to resist all those treats

    • Chivette

      my pug would hide them all, but this pup looks in pure heaven

  • ImALoserBaby

    #50 somebody's been watching too much cat videos.

  • @Richteriano

    #37 A great reason of why i love dogs, the best companion ever

  • Emily

    Okay who lives in Texas and can adopt #14? Seriously, living in a kennel for 6 years is just wrong.

    • JessieBelle

      The pictures are killing me! ❀ We already have three dogs though. :-

    • StupidFresh84

      6 years definitely is wrong, but at least their in a "no kill shelter" if they had been in a shelter where I live they would have been gone a long time ago 😦

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