Nobody likes Mondays, but FLBP gets me through it (48 Photos)

  • john


    • mikey

      good for you john. anyway, i am in love with #10 . that's all

    • lolshan

      titty fuvking

    • kryptonian


  • jackie


    • Austin

      You're both douchebags

  • Still_Counts

    #39 #41

    When my mom walked in, I closed my browser and opened porn just because these pics are pure sex…

    • ...


    • bdg

      #10 #17 #21 #36 #42 and #46 My oh my!!!!! Beautifully done!!! God was paying close attention when he created these women!!!!

      • Ribsta

        #10 God didn't create those…

        • Slim Jim

          but he guided the surgeons hands to sculpt those things of beauty.

    • Matrixx_19

      well said sir, well said. I will have to include #21 too just for the POV section

    • jojo

      FLBP are the best problems in the world

  • shermanator

    go(ooodmorning ladies

  • Chris

    12 and 39 just made my day

    • RealZoo

      #12 #39

      • bdg

        #12 is carla novaes nsfw

        • Hermy

          dont look. dont look. dont look. google is not your friend. it is much worse than nsfw. it is not safe anywhere.

          • ps86

            "wait why is there 2… oh, ok, so she likes double…. wait, uh….. OH MY FUCKING GOD NO!!!!"

  • RealZoo

    #11 #29 Follow me, ladies.

    • Tarkus

      Excellent choices! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ChurchoftheFonz

      #29 looks a lot like Talia Shepherd….. NSFW

      • Where's Dildo

        That's a good find. After some extensive research, I believe that you are correct good sir. My penis hurts.

    • guest

      #11 my fav

  • Chunk Pants

    I don't know what it is about septum piercings, it's like a magnet. I can't stop staring at the metal boogers.. Take it out #36

    • Charlie

      I can only think of bulls

    • jeirbrjfk

      No way septum on girls is astoundingly sexy especially this one

    • zackgonick

      I likes girls with piercings, but that is the one type I never got into. I also think of bulls. BUT… she's freaking cute as hell!

    • zeroinutero

      Keep staring at it! While I take her to dinner!

    • Josh

      I didn't even see the septum piercings because bewbs.

    • wyochiver

      i like it! i think the chive should do a post of beautiful girls with piercings!

    • Cat

      You cray. I looooove septum piercings!

  • K-1

    #2: note to self, invest in a pool…
    #12: damnnnn!!!
    #41: another reason why GIF's are the best thing since sliced bread.

    • Under_Score

      I think #2 maybe jailbait with a boobjob

      • K-1

        perhaps so, i often wonder about some of the pictures that get loaded on this site… hope they do their due diligence!

        • Chew

          No nudity so what do they have to worry about?

          • K-1

            Well, i wouldn't say worry, and it's not about Chive really, but just what/who grown men may be ogling over…

        • dude

          who cares?

          • K-1

            Well, I suppose I do… So that makes one person. It's okay, you don't have to agree or care. =P

    • guest

      12 is a tranny carla noveas, it's posted above. LOL, You want a hummer from the tranny.

      • Dumb

        This "guest" is a hater! #12 is Kristen Renee. Notice how the Guest user only picked out the hottest girls on the page and labeled them a tranny? Carla Noveas… Google her/him… It doesnt even slightly resemble #12. Another girl you picked out an labeled as a tranny is actually a famous porn star, and quiet sexy too. And another you labeled a tranny is WHITE and the tranny you claimed she was is BLACK! Get a life and stop posting on this site that every hot chick is a tranny. If you hate on model and porn stars that bad stop looking at them!

        • K-1

          Thanks for the clarification.

          • Dumb

            Fuck you.

            • Patt

              I'll never understand why gorgeous girls have to deal with such hate. You dont see men treating each other this way. Grow up ladies. shes hot, get over it. You are all beautiful to someone stop being so childish.

            • K-1

              I was being genuine… I don't get what provoked that sort of reaction. I was thanking you for telling that other "guest" person straight.

              • dumb

                I didnt write that the guest user did thinking it'd be funny to act like me. whoever this person is needs a life. I am sorry

                • K-1

                  Ohh, how confusing! Some people on here are just out to piss people off, not sure why, maybe they didn't get enough love as a child or perhaps they still ARE children?

      • RySnyder114

        Why are you so jealous of all these girls #7 #12 #23 #41 You picked 4 of the hottest girls on the site to bash and call tranny

    • Dude

      I know #2. Alanna Dergan. They're real, and spectacular. Her sister Miranda is only slightly less hot.


    #10 and #28 are amazing

    • Joe

      Who is # 10, wow?

      • SPOWELL

        no idea, but those things are defying gravity

        • BakedGhost

          thats because they are bolt ons lol i dont personally care boobs are boobs in my book.

      • Aurelius

        Find her! WANT MOAR!

    • findherformoar

      #10 is the hottest one here. It's not even a contest.

      • Jeffy

        I dont know about hottest, but man I cannot look away from this photo…

    • NoodlumNad

      took the words right out of my mouth, #36 is up there too…she could get it.

    • Burlinator

      Requesting a hand bra pic from #10! So beautiful!

    • dudeman

      I've seen #10 in other galleries too, she is amazing!

    • Tron

      MOAR of #10 !!!!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #39 cause boobs and she's gorgeous

    • ^etcrr

      go away stan

    • J_Ace

      must find !!!

  • rick t

    # 31 emily ratajkowski

    • glues


  • MonkeyMadness

    #7 I don't see much lower back problems in her future but she sure is damn sexy!!

    • Schnizz56

      Well she has terrible posture

    • inquisitor80

      when they are real they shift and flatten when laying down.
      Natural is best

      • Homer

        but thats the problem with natural, when shes on her back they disapear.

      • Dan

        If I can touch em they're real to me!

    • Googler

      kalena rios nsfw

    • Underbaker

      She could have lower back pain from the way she is sitting, but yeah not from the size of the bewbs.

    • Wintereighty7

      Agreed, she certainly can't wear a costume the same as #14, nor could she write poetry as subtle as #32

    • weelee
  • Joe

    #1 Madeline Marie (porn star) enjoy the day.


      thank you for a source

    • foobie

      Retired porn star

      • fabio


        • ddd

          they don't take their videos with them…

          • inquisitor80

            nor do they age ๐Ÿ™‚

    • UncleRoast

      Yeah, that's who I thought it was too. Good call!

    • Jeremy Mathes

      cropped, the original pic shows more at the bottom ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Joey

      Enter text right here !

      There is the original.

  • Poop

    I need to know where I can find molar #10 and #15

    • coop

      What about bicuspid 14? Canine 11?

    • yuaifuh

      Please keep #10 off the internet….she's creepy looking as hell

      • Jeffy

        Go die, yuaifuh

      • dudeman

        you sir are insane

    • Herbie

      in a chemistry textbook?

  • Baguette

    #1 What a POV !

    • Andy

      Pornstar Madelyn Marie.

      You're welcome…


      Exclusive images <3:*<3:*<3 V I S I T <3:*<3:*<3 The Chive Fun

      • Andy Valentine

        How about, fuck off.

      • Simon

        Maybe someone should visit your site with a ping of death.

  • Andy Valentine

    #41 – Peekaboo

    • nojoke420

      Bryci, Google her, NSFW

    • Lex


  • bwaggger

    Whoever said there is only 1 love in your life is a dirty liar. I just fell in love 48 times in 5 minutes!

  • Ohwowhellothere

    #1 You should definitely be google-image searching this pic.

    • foobie

      Or just google Madelyn Marie

      • @Exile714

        Some people look better with clothes on…

        • DrFunkenstein

          Looks like a game of Plastic Surgeon Nipple Darts… Aim, Aim, and BOOM! There's where your nipples are!

          • jim thorton

            Check out her newer movies, looks like she got her tits fixed. They look pretty damn good.

  • nick

    #29 #42 and who is #32 please find her ๐Ÿ˜€

    • CaliChick

      #32 is from Ukiah, CA

      • nick jr

        #29 is Talia Shepard (NSFW)

        • barf

          Woops…must've been an imposter. My bad.

      • nick jr

        #42 nsfw laisa lins

    • dee

      32 is an escort in las Vegas

  • Timo

    Hmm #14 is Gisele… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jacobim

      Thought it was LaylaLynn

    • Kodos

      with those breasts?.. I think you're wrong

    • titman

      holy window of tits, batman!

  • Anonymous

    #17 #47 more of this girl please!

    • Kristen

      No, she only has flbp because she's fat…and a whore.

      • zackgonick

        1 or 2 glasses of bitcherade this morning?

        I think she looks pretty good.

        • Tec

          Bitcherade. Well done!

    • aklch

      more if she smiles

    • Earl

      I just puked in my mouth a little…chive can do better.

  • NZChiver

    Good god who is #23

    • absure2

      Dont know but she is hot

    • NZChiver

      According to Google, it's sunshyne monroe

      • FU! NZChiver

        Don't trust the douche who posted the comment above. NZChiver clearly enjoys his women with an extra appendage.

      • randall

        STOP CALLING HOT GIRLS TRANNY! sunshyne monroe is like black of asian and doesnt even SLIGHTLY resemble her! I wish you'd stop hiding behind your screen you fat pig and stop being jealous!

        • Scooter Mcgavin

          My god. I remember my first time talking to a troll.

  • Swarley

    #25 #30 #31 #37 #39

    • Aussies

      #25 is Australian Zoo Model Rachel Frew. Enjoy that shit brah

    • Kato

      #37 is Latvian-born UK glamour model Sabine Jemeljanova. Keep Calm and Fap On!

  • bobbyferret

    #3 wow i wanna know where that bar/restaurant is!!!

    • Jesse

      Looks like BJs in Vegas.

    • John

      Me 2

    • Nick

      The bar is Cloud 9 in Long Beach CA.

    • Kristen

      It's called Whoreville's.

    • Bobert

      Cafe Lu in Santa Ana, CA

  • LeO

    #10 and i jizzed in my pants

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