Visit Dar al-Hajar, aka the “rock palace” (18 Photos)


  • ImpressMe

    #17 Beautiful architecture…. On a side note…. who let the plague of trolls in the door?

  • Ike

    Amazing architecture! Too bad so many brainwashed morons have access to the chive.

    • F3n1x187

      Amen to that, who's in for some castle nerf battle?

  • Yemeni Chiver

    This post made me love the chive even more! KCCO

  • Spark

    WoW, guys!!
    This is what you think about Yemen?
    I feel so sorry for you

    Please, read more about that beautiful country before you judge it blindly like this
    It's really sad how some people aren't that educated after all!

    By the way, believe it or not
    Women in Yemen are allowed to vote
    Women in Yemen are allowed to drive
    Women in Yemen are allowed to do whatever, it's a free country with some traditions and culture, which you have to respect as you want that others you respect yours.
    Alcohol is not allowed by law, but it's everywhere in the hotels and discos ( specially made for you )
    Yemenis educated youth are very smart and productive (read about them)

    I'm not saying that Yemen is such a developed country, there are people who don't want for this amazing place to shine. But there is always a spark of hope.
    Long story short, Yemen is a piece of art covered with mud made by some few stupid extremist and ignorant people.

    Read, ask, search…use your brain, before you judge other people, no body wants to live in hell.

    Oh, one more thing…you seem to be fooled big time by your fake media.
    Our stupid media is to be blamed too, they should show you the right side of Yemen.
    I guess you all know the media job anyway.

    Please read about Yemen, the history, the Civilization…I assure you , you will be amazed

    Best Regards,

    So sad.

    • Yemeni Chiver


  • Spark

    Please pardon the English mistakes you might find in my previous post
    I'm sorry I was typing fast and wasn't concentrating.

    My apology

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