Fit girls were up early working hard for that body (50 Photos)

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  • tora

    #28 #47 MOAR !!

  • Matt

    how is #28 fit how the hell did she make it it

  • Crystal Marie

    #30 is me🙂 MHP sponsored fitness model🙂

  • SoFLRider

    #1 Great tight butt
    #4 I luv seeing her ass cheek through her gap nice abs
    #8 Soft spot for chicks in San Marcos with nice abs
    #28 Chivette of The Week
    #40 butt cheeks

    • Jon

      We need more representation from San Marcos. People don't know the amount of pussy this town has.

      • SoFLRider

        You're so right. While I lived in Dallas, a friend of mine ran the dorms at Texas State. For three semesters and a summer session I visited 2 or 3 weekends a month, first hooking up with her staff, then other female co-eds. People need to know there's treasure about 30 miles south of Austin's 6th Street.

  • Foci

    This girl needs to be COTW immediately!

    #28 #47

  • BigDave

    #25 #42
    Thanks for the post, ladies! Talk about motivation!!

  • RobbyRob901

    #7 If you cant beat em, join em!

  • Hunter

    #30, mother of two great kids, hardworking and hardbody!!!

  • Average John

    #28 #47 Now gurl! You're obviously on here often. Tell us who you are and how to creep on you on Twitter! Lol!! 😉

  • LeO

    #28 #47
    I'm sure its been brought up many times. What's her name? This beauty needs a name on my books! She's freakin hot!❤

  • RazorChiver

    #2 Yeah, definite winner here

  • Gotawood

    #8 makin us Texans proud! MOAR!!!!!

  • Cooder

    #28 and #47

    Dear Lord somebody find her!! Whatever "it" is, she has got it. Cute, Sexy, Rockin Bod! We all need so much MOAR!!

  • justin

    You are a dog u should love what u have PIG

  • Carter2

    #15 – Fit + goofy is mega sexy.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 #29 #34 #45 #46 – diggin' em all.

    • Vanchiver

      #29 is Jessica King. She was the ring card girl in the last Battlefield fight league 2 wks ago at the vogue theatre in Vancity. Thats not her best pic, She looks hotter in real life

      • Canucks_Rule

        much obliged!! i'm a huge mma fan; really should check out the battlefield events.

  • mike

    #29 and #30

  • thedudewhochives

    #1 #4 #26 r beyond sexy n fine bt #28 #47 keeps showing up ans gets better everytime lets get her her own postEnter text right here!

  • David

    #25 #30 #42
    who are these girls

  • GeeGonkey!

    The Chivers have spoken, now it's up to theChive to make something happen, #28 #47 Thanks again for showing up!

  • Adam


  • @LosSaysSwag

    #1 #3 #4 I'd love to appreciate your hard work.

    #47 Representing Louisiana well.

  • BroRadley

    keep em coming #28 #47

  • Lisa

    #30 love her

    • Crystal Marie

      thank you🙂
      Crystal Marie

  • that guy

    #7 moar please

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