FLBP spelled backwards is Andrea (22 Photos)

Every week on theCHIVE is a little different. I post based on my mood and this week I'm really feeling the Chivettes, they're stepping up their game across the board. Andrea has been a mainstay in the FLBP and Redhead galleries. Both of those posts and handled by Bob and he told me if I didn't make Andrea the COTW he was gonna' be angry. And when Bob gets angry, people die.

Andrea is a gamer girl to the core, I think she even dumped her last boyfriend because she'd rather game. I dunno' if that's a good thing but I respect it.

Andrea's Twitter Machine.

  • Nick

    she looks like fun!

  • gupeters

    WOW, just wow
    i'm in love… ❤

  • Mick

    #22 man hands

  • TommyKnockers

    tell me she likes football and I'm quitting my job and moving to her home town.

  • Amps

    I am in love right now :O
    If you don't have a boyfriend there is something seriously wrong with this world

  • dasd2212ad

    Cumm all over her… especialy #8… red dress.

  • Milky

    I am thinking I need a bathroom break. Please excuse my red face once you hear me flush the evidence.

  • Ewin Rommel

    #6 – holy shit I have never seen a sexier mouse. I need one now.

  • ExSquid

    Can I trade my video games for you? Or even have you and play video games with you 😛

  • beel


  • ChristophersonofGray

    #14 I have the same headset, except the Call Of Duty version…cheers!!!

  • Merle

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  • Martin

    How does how a woman dresses have anything to do with a man "coveting"? The idea of men having problems commandments and making the assumption that women have to cover the center of their bosoms called cleavage is completely preposterious that notion. The person who is using the computer name JesusIsGod4761328509 doesn't seem to have his or her act together making an insinuation using words out of context like, sexually "vex", covet a lady because she is showing her naked cleavage of her bosom another ridiculous idea the devil told this person this one. Women have problems dressing modestly which goes to show that they are not keeping the commandments when it comes to coveting.

  • Lyle

    Women have a problem with obeying the commandment, You shall not covet. Reason and logic without religion is satanic delusion. Feminism is self-delusion, atheism is self-delusion. Women at church should covet God not men.

  • The truth

    Belial and his devils have been very successful beguiling the police the government and the womens movement into thinking that compliments of body parts such as bosoms,cleavage and rearends supposedly is sexual "harassment". And thats the truth. Women at church should not make an idolatry out of their breasts and cleavage that shows no commitment to Jesus.

  • Wellhungone

    I'm voting for mandatory daily viewing of her…

  • http://twitter.com/TbzWTF @TbzWTF

    1shot macro ^^

  • crystal69

    she needs to be on my team

  • CodyR

    You definately aren't ugly

  • shawn

    #11 #19 tits & ass & a gamer?! Can we make MOAR girls like her seriously

  • CanadianChiver

    Stunning Chivette right here, red head, and loves to game. You cannot get any better

  • 00GTStang

    I love you! Marry me!

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