Burn your bra (59 Photos)

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #28 Christmas came early and so did I.

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      moar please 😀

    • Drool @ Pinky

      Definitely not 18 and definitely not caring.

      • nick

        she is over 18 she was in the same class as my fiancé in high school.

    • wanna see


      I would love to see the photos you don't (or can't) post…

    • madeclipse

      Please MOAR!!!!

  • kkccoo

    #37 doesnt get much better than this

    • http://www.facebook.com/jbvancamp Jb Van Camp

      Yes I spent a long time staring into her beautiful…uh…there's no eyes…uh..

    • Skevin


    • grandfred


    • just saying

      would be a comfortable slow fuck

    • jagbag


      this picture sparked wood.

    • Shawny

      Yes yes yes burned your bra thank you miss obvious

    • shoggoths

      great legs!

    • George

      wow thats so sexy

      • tjbennett69

        its like tunnel vision

    • wonderboyrox

      Fap Fap Fap Fap I think I'm in love ❤

    • right on

      yep, while I appreciate the topless, underboob, hand/hairbras and the like.. it's these pics that puts a tingle in my pants

  • bob_the_cook

    #59 Thanks. I needed that.

    • Jesse

      Sluts!! Can't imagine a world without them…

    • WS6

      Kassie Lyn Logsdon according to GIS.

    • Kato

      She's a playboy playmate. Happy googlin!

  • mumbly_joe83

    #45 Sweet baby jesus!

    • JoeShmoe99

      Skinny girl with big boobs. What's not to like?

      • burned not burnt

        her ability to use correct words? sorry…you asked.

        • hmm

          burnded…she burneded her bra..yeah, or is it just burned….who gives a fuck ?!? final answer

    • Darrell


      • RAS

        Second that!

    • guest

      Burnt the panties too!

      • Hugh G. Rection

        I motion that The Chive start a regular feature called "Burn All Your Clothes!" Can I get an amen?

    • 5eagles

      This made my day.

    • ossa

      soooooo sweeeeeeeeet

  • Brandon

    #1 #11 #30 #44 #53

    • bgef08

      I agree 100% All I want for Christmas is any one or all of these amazing girls.

  • Harry Balasagna

    #28 #45 Why thank you

    • N8orius

      Stiff competition

    • madeclipse

      The boldness of #28 is soooo fucking sexy. Please Find Her!!!

      • Colorado_Chiver

        One word….delicious!!!

  • I'm Awesome

    #27 and #38 would be awesome stocking stuffers

    • Guest

      After seeing those pics, my stocking is stuffed enough…

    • Holy Shamoly

      I'd prefer them as mouth stuffers to be honest.

    • Dr. Sidaredes

      If you like 27 so much, why not #26? Its the same chick if you match the freckles and moles
      You're welcome

    • Dr. Sidaredes

      #26 #27
      If you like 27 so much, why not 26? Its the same chick if you match the freckles and moles……You're welcome schmucks…Once again, the Dr. delivers

  • IrishInNJ

    #37 You like to tug on things?

    • ChaedenChives

      It really doesn't. I'm in full concurrence!!

  • addicted to sex

    Q. What did one saggy tit say to the other saggy tit? A. If we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts.

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      u ar insane… cutie is totally hot and gorgeous

      • addicted to sex

        was dying to try out that joke — and she was the one with the most potential saggage in the bunch….i learned my lesson, i must have patience and wait for a real saggy tit gal before writing such material.

        i apologize to all of chiveland for my ill choice of timing.

        • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

          i apologize for my shitty orthography, just noticed xD

        • TheVanityScore

          well at least you apologized lol

        • http://twitter.com/MissShanks @MissShanks

          As the girl with the 'saggy' tits, I have to point out that not all of us can thwart gravity. Maybe look at a pair of A's instead of my natural FF's. I'm quite proud of them 🙂

          • moose_nutz

            Ms Shanks…I am VERY proud of them as well. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

          • J_Ace

            You sexy little thing, you.

          • addicted to sex

            again, no ill was intended toward you or your lovely tits…i was an idiot and my need for immediate attention for my stupid joke overtook my brain's thinking mechanism.

          • RobbyRob901

            Shanks your "shanks" are a f*ck*ing 10! A 10! God love you and your assets!

          • chivegirlsRwhores

            FF's?! Please, bitch

            • anon

              They exist… get a girlfriend and get back to us

              • chivegirlsRwhores

                I know FF's exists but not on her

                • http://twitter.com/MissShanks @MissShanks

                  If I was going to lie about my bra size, I'd probably go with something a little more believable. I'm 5'1", and because I wear a 28 band I wear a larger cup size, usually F/FF/G depending on the bra. Either you know nothing about bras, or you're a little jealous.

                  • badlong

                    i want to marry you, after i stop blaming canada

                  • Lex

                    so you get a bra that's too small around to where you need an extender to wear it just so you can brag about FFs? cause there's no way ur a 28 based on you being 5'1. why not stick with the 32 DD that ya actually are? slightly easier to find and would be more comfortable.

                    • http://twitter.com/MissShanks @MissShanks

                      You know, I've had to deal with people like you for a very long time. People who think that because I am confident in my body and look a certain way, they can call me fake, or a liar. Personally, I chalk it up to jealousy. But whatever your reason is, I dont need your approval so badly that I need to lie about who or what I am. So you can take your snarky comments and go make yourself feel better by bullying someone else. Or maybe look in the mirror and figure out what it is that makes you so unhappy that you have to pick on someone else to feel good. Because you're not going to get that from me.

                    • the ump

                      but…that's clearly not you. you realize you're replying with your twitter and the pictures on your twitter are nothing like this beauty.

                      "I dont need your approval so badly that I need to lie about who or what I am"

                      I'm just saying.

                    • Lex

                      you do realize i didn't say half the stuff you seem to think i did? i just questioned your reasoning for wearing a bra that's not the right fit. your response really makes me think i struck a nerve there, so it really would seem you wear the wrong bra or at least claim to simply to get attention. i don't really see why ya would need to do that tho since you already have those nice, big tits workin to get ya plenty of attention anyways.

                    • https://www.facebook.com/dannielle.shanks Dannielle Shanks

                      You're not the only person who has been attacking my motives, or my body. It's not only happened on theChive, but Ive also gotten messages on my personal social media. I don't wear the wrong bra size, trust me, Ive been professionally fitted more than once, and because of people like you the pictures have both been removed. There is no reason for someone to experience what I have in the past week. I expected some sort of negative reaction, but it's been proven that people are a lot douchier than I thought.

                    • thick skin


          • the ump

            i'm gonna call bullshit, that's not you. stop taking this beautiful girls credit

  • James

    #53 Yes. please.

    • Machew

      Was the nipple photoshopped out?

      • Jack Wagon

        #57 is standing in the middle of a raging shit hole.

        • moose_nutz

          That just means she will be bending over to pick everything up. That, my son, is full of win.

      • Ravel

        Was wondering about that too.

  • Kccolover

    #47 moar!!

    • moose_nutz

      Holy shit! AGREED!

    • tom

      who is she?

      • Divinity

        Carmen Lacambra

  • GCN7897

    #48 is sleeping with someone at work

    • tv_paul

      She's making fap jacks. Just not very appetizing ones.

    • chiver

      ew. kind of grossed out that she is naked in the kitchen at a restaurant.

    • fucked

      …does she have a tail?

    • Just Me

      I'm looking for a new cook at my restaurant. You appear to have just what I'm looking forr.

    • BenCruz00

      This looks like the start to a really low budget porn.. haha

  • kenk85

    I say MOAR to all of them but if i have to pick a few.. you all look sexy though #1 #13 #30

  • TheYesMan25

    Burns day : the weekly holiday. Representing this week….#45 well deserved

  • tv_paul

    #12 Post it glue can cause a serious burn reactions to nipples, you should remove them immediately for health reasons of course.

    • TommyKnockers

      remove them for your own safety and then resubmit…plz

  • Chivertx

    #42 I need MOAR

    • fartman


  • bigpapi

    To my wife if she is reading this. I'm divorcing you for #1

  • Steve

    #45 Do Less

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #30 Well, work doesn't suck as bad anymore. Thanks Gorgeous.

  • Phchiver

    #49 well hello there 🙂

    • hawk202

      The shirt may say SoftBody BUT the nipplies say RockHard!!!! Seriously, you could cut glass with those things….I'm open to a private demonstration!

  • ALChiver

    #55 RTR!

    • Machew

      I think it is time we see this Hawaiian Chivette's face as long as she has been teasing us.

      • shirt nonsense

        ive got bigger tits than her GO IRISH

        • so what

          good for you, but small boobs are gorgeous too!

        • rusty


  • tv_paul

    #28 She's pulling a Clark Kent/Superman here. And now I too am faster than a speeding bullet.

  • sfb101

    #1 #7 Oh Yea!
    #18 You'll get me 20, probably worth it…
    #33 Pierced and tated yea baby!
    #37 Going to put my eyes out!

  • Jangles

    #59 Damn. Nothing like the smell of burned bras in the morning

  • ChivetteSluts

    Chivettes are such filthy whores… I love it.

    • tdog

      Psst, hey dumbass, if you keep calling them whores, they will stop posting here. Now why don't you just shut the fuck up.

      • tdogisgay

        Attentions whores will never stop posting because their whores, you POS loser

        • phunyguy

          "their whores" what? You forgot to finish your thought. Maybe you meant their whores want them to post? Meaning WE are their whores, because we would have sex with every single one of them? Maybe you should learn the difference between They're, There, and Their, before you end up looking like a jackass. (Too late)

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