Bad girls bend at the waist (50 Photos)

  • Brad Longfellow

    #43…. I'm so turned on right now!

    • nola

      Not me! It looks more like she is trying to shit in her own mouth.

    • WooHoo

      Do you like nipple too? #18

      • Jack Wagon

        I was thinking she can lick my balls while I fuck her up against that car door

    • Michael

      I'm trying to figure out how she'd get out of that pose without falliung over.

    • biggles

      more like, you can cum, point it downwards, and she can swallow it, all without moving. Awesome!

  • Joe

    #43 if bad girls bend at the waist that girl must me the devil.

    • Ken

      With that level of flex, she could watch the action!

  • Ben


    • BenWasntFirst

      First rate Doucher.

  • TheYesMan25

    #11 #21 #40 so much beauty so much win so much gratitude!

    • Lucas_Schmidt

      yeah, #21 is really gorgeous.

      • Want300

        #21 MOAR!!!

      • Rholio

        She's from one of the Russian mail order bride posts.

    • stiffy

      #11 Is that michelle jenneke???

  • TheYesMan25

    #50 just waiting for it!

    • EZEE


      I thinki caught lip slip…

      • CosmicMonkey

        I concur!!!


      the perfect view.

  • ZOSO77


    • dipshit


    • guest


  • Gimme

    Smack dat azz!

  • TheYesMan25

    #47 oh YES!!!

    • zzz

      strippers… always with the double panties

  • timmay

    What the hell is up with the video advertising that you can't shut off? C'mon, I know you need to make money but this is ridiculous and enough to keep me away if you keep this up.

    • Edwin

      I had one for Ford yesterday that I couldn't turn off, just kept repeating itself every 15 seconds. So annoying I didn't finish looking at the post.

    • Ba Durr

      okay…bye. If you're to ignorant to know how to turn that stuff off then sorry 'boutya.

      • tomy


        don't call someone ignorant while having horrible grammar…

    • Falthor

      just three words that will solve your problem.

      Firefox, Chrome, and Adblockplus…

    • LT1T

      you should just leave. If you're too stupid to install an ad-blocker, you don't belong here.

    • Wonderboy

      Wow. Are you all fake chivers? The chive is about help, support, fun, and women. Instead of insulting him and saying how smart you guys are, why don't you help him? Maybe timmay isn't the one that needs to go.

      • anotherchiver

        Well said

      • Lovethechive

        Thank you!

    • mr.genius118

      yea, agree with fellow chiver comrades. understand that this is no place for likes of you.

  • xjrich

    omg #1 #7 #8 i feel like i should be paying you chive!

    • Tyler

      Don't give them crazy ideas!

  • tron

    #38 pretty sure that girl is a pornstar of some level

    • waterboy

      they all are. some just get paid.

    • What_Tha

      Or at least she should be.

  • Javier

    #34 I must have a name!!

    • Mike


      • Mike On Wheels

        Tits MaGee

        • hootie bootie

          Tittens McMotorboatin

      • Mike

        Seriously. Is that not octomom?

        • 1911

          Jenna Bentley?

          • bubba

            Its definitely Jenna Bentley

            • Gunsite

              Correct. You can see her tattoo

        • Mike

          Ok after having actually looked up pics of octomom I realize I'm mistaken. My bad.

    • DJ Davis

      Looks like Alanah Rae BCWW

    • Maybe

      Isn't it Javier?

    • SierraGolf

      Jordan Carver maybe…

  • Do0zer

    #19 I swear these sexy business outfits get me every time. So hot.

    • longshot421

      Agreed. Hot.

    • Jesse
      • Falthor

        Was going to point out that was scarlett… I don't think I've seen a bad pic of her.

  • Steve

    #22 #44 I would Defs let either of them hot-carl me

    • justChive

      Great… now I'm at work wondering what a hot-carl is.

  • maf



    • Bob


      • SMH

        Not Shopped!

        • KBCool

          just a great angle

        • Unfkngblvbl

          Look at the tile wall.

    • Ed Corney

      It's a dead heat in the zeppelin race.

  • ryan

    #49 holy hell…thank you.

    • Fred


    • fabio


  • trick

    #2 ride em cowboy #43 ———— lost my train of thought dammmmnnnnnn

  • Boss hawg outlaw

    #2 oh dear lord

  • Grdesigner

    Photoshop FAIL! Check out the big chunks missing from #8s back……and #35 has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen

    • Bendy

      What's missing? Just because you're used to girls with more back to grab onto, doesn't mean she had anything 'shopped.

  • dagleja3

    #35 – That look!!

    • Kato

      Whoever took this pic knows that he's gonna get his dick sucked.

  • bz1

    #6, #13, #25, #49 Sexy ladies!!! MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shlongtime


  • burner burner 123


    • zackgonick

      Best legs I've seen in a while! #6 and #36 are my 2 favorites.

  • Tim

    #3 #6 #49 thank you

    • IrishChive

      #3 I reckon its Alexis Texas. I'v seen her a few times….for science!

      • Notknowing

        I'd like to put my junk in that trunk.

        • mike

          #3 no u dont shes a pig

  • wisconsinchiver


    • Swinden

      Yet another reason to be a Packer fan

    • Mak

      What a fat clam… Wow

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