Friday Dopamine Dump (36 Photos)

  • Frank

    So Cory Feldman wants to play Han Solo's son?

    • @Trollfric

      Um… what?

  • Deon


  • Adz

    Fuck you Mondays

    • Jack Wagon

      Hey now, take it easy, if it weren't for Mondays there would be no FLBP!

  • whocares


    Gotchu bro!

  • DrunkOldMan

    #6 The shirt makes a valid point.

    • ass lover

      fucking LOL big time

    • Jim Kelly

      art mann show!


      that shirt just screams class

    • BigHeadEd

      The printer left off the words "pictures of"

  • pa'ver

    #28 i'll have a side of that please

    • jason

      Specifically the back side

    • Ithinkyou'repretty

      Fuck a side, I'd gladly take that as the main course and dessert.

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #1 YES, it's what i really want in a friday.

    • Husky Hiram

      you like a guy with a little meat on his bones, huh?

  • Kelowna Chiver

    #25 Mac's father??

    • Strayacunt

      Mac before the operation


      birth mom.. he was adopted.

  • BamaChivette

    I wanna go wherever #9 is…

    • TheVanityScore

      grab some beer, some weed, and this place can be totally kick ass.

      • GatOner

        …And I've got a shroom guy. Could be interesting.

    • hendonemo

      They do something like this in Izmir, Turkey at one of the hotels. It's amazing in person

    • Guest

      Shanghai – A Magic Forest

      You're welcome.

  • Nat3dawg

    Can't stop looking at #28

  • gameoverjc

    #5 I like me some Wild.

    #28 and some backside.

    • gross

      she used to be a he

      • Welldamn

        well, now this gets awkward. No homo on my erection I have had from (it?) her.

    • FONZIE

      Wilde looks awesome with her hair down, but with her hair up, she has the jawline of a man.

  • Tillman61

    #15 Releases more than just dopamine. #25 does not release dopamine.

    • Bosco

      Averages out, then?

    • Yuppp

      Damn I miss Cabo…

  • crustybubblechunks

    #19 We're talkin' some fuckin' muscle -Wooderson (Dazed and Confused)

    • Vop

      He's hitng him with his left hand while the santa knuckles are on his right hand.

    • Caleb


  • cooktiludrop

    #8 Honey, have you noticed there hasn't been any squirrels or birds in the yard lately? Uh, Honey???

  • Everclear


    Even though it's December, I'd jump in.

    • djstout17

      God, who wouldn't? Stunning.

    • HotDamn

      I wonder if it's hard for her to perform some tasks. Those cannons must get in the way, and I'd gladly alleviate her back pain by taking her motor boatin.

    • MikeOverHere

      Thank you for getting this on the first page of comments! She is my favorite today. Please, moar!

  • jai

    #4 can't get enough olivia wilde. please do a whole olivia wilde only post!

    • jai

      fail. i can't count #5 olivia wilde but i like macs too

      • TheDoctor

        That's OK. Apple stock is failing too.

  • Whoopi_G

    #5 Olivia Wilde, and Olivia Munn should make a movie together and make out.

    • G_Had

      Or make out and then make a movie about it 😀

    • newsflash

      she used to be a he

    • Firefighter23

      I don't know there is a video of Joel from Roosterteeth making out with himself already so I think your idea would crash the internet.

  • @JohnJofre


    Mercedes Terrell…yes please

    • Rahm Emanuel

      John you are a gentleman. We salute you and thank you for that bit of information.

    • Kato

      May we also request for another post of the other Bellator ring girl, Jade Bryce? No one will be disappointed. I swear.

  • cooktiludrop

    #25. Aw come on Dad, can't we send out normal christmas cards just this once?

  • nyclipper72

    #28 you are impressive, that is all.

  • dull

    Where's the after pic when he gets it in the nuts?

    • jun

      Ha. That's a good friend of mine and I remember the day he posted that picture on facebook. Classic.

  • Honey boo boo

    #25 lol
    #35 looks good on this lovely Thursday


    #27 no fuckin way henry the blow hole awsome

    • Ian

      *face palm*


      bar none one of the funniest gifs ive ever seen

  • 29er

    #32 RUN AWAY!!!!

    • So_english

      no no no no… CHAAAARGE ! ! XD and get slaughtered by the said bunnys ^^

      • The Bishop

        Thou shall count to three!

  • Dan

    #33 has better curves than a majority of women.

    • Busternut

      I'd hate to see your porn collection.

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