These people take sand castles a bit more seriously (36 Photos)

  • Kki

    Wish I could make even normal sand castle

    • Mr.Ha

      Thanks for sharing your insightful thought. Good job winning the race to 1st by bypassing the whole clever thing.

      • Dawz

        Someone has some sand in their vagina ^

      • Derp


  • Pat

    Seriously? C'mon #28

  • Brad

    Those are unreal. Awesome work!

  • Nick M

    #13 That awkward moment when you realize thats his foot!!

    • YEMX

      At first it was, good for you Buddah, but then it was oh that is just your foot.

  • JbS

    Sand castle sand smastle… That's wat I always say

  • @spudrik79

    #15 SJP hittin' the hay

  • Guest

    Now THAT is some real art.

  • Carl

    I bet they have crabs!

  • Joe

    #4 moar

  • Jay jay

    #13 foot wiener

  • Canucks_Rule

    #13 – damn it, everyone beat me to the foot wiener joke.

  • Pat

    #15 Where are they getting all those horse heads!?

  • Hrdwood

    #10 Would this be considered Pirate Booty?

  • Deevotion

    My sand castles just look like strategically placed piles of sand surrounded by a short lived moat.

  • Steven

    I can't even draw as well as these, let alone sculpt out of sand!

  • Sherman

    Where in the name of God can I see these???

    • Jb Van Camp

      Sand castle competition. Annually in Ft. Myers FL

  • Ish_287

    #3 We have such sights to show you!

    • John Standring

      the bottom one is noosa main beach QLD Australia 😀

  • Captain

    ………there is a man walking a camel in the bsckground of .#9

    • Maz

      President Stretch Armstrong

      • lazyJAKE

        This is so creepy. It's hands are bigger than it's head.

  • Dave

    #9 sucks

  • Lindsay

    Frickin amazing….

  • ggg

    #29 Arrogant Bastard

  • misschris

    #29 Incredible! And the weather couldn't have worked out better for this one

  • K-1

    #25: Holy cow!

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