As is custom, here are some gorgeous FLBP candidates on a Monday (53 Photos)

  • John

    This is awesome! first on a Monday!

    • KAFman

      HOLY SHIT!
      No one said anything about kiss #40 under the mistle(TOE)….


    • Jb Van Camp

      ^Dbag and what about # 46?? Blue eyes, chivette, need to see MOAR!

      • Jb Van Camp


      • Arcia

        Calling someone a Dbag and saying MOAR in the same sentence. One must wonder, was the irony intentional?

  • IamAwesome

    GD it I love me some titties.

    • Crazy Cracka

      What the fuck is going on there's only two legit white girls

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #22 #52 Lucky dogs…

    • Nala

      Who is #22? That's my fav by far.

      • OmahaDude

        she looks shopped

    • force

      #22…that would definitely be a man's best friend. dog is nice too

    • Houdini112

      #22 I would walk on her leach to

  • tod

    #2 is showing nipple

    • Gordonfan24

      Lucy Pinder, she's got a great fuckin' rack!

    • Andy Valentine

      WOW. A real human nipple? On a woman? Man, it must be Christmas already…


    • whos.mike

      I knew I was seeing this right, thank god for 32" monitors, it is almost fullsize.

    • boobie hill

      my favorite nip slip

    • Bdrizzle

      You sir have helped me notice what I did not see before – thus making my day. Cheers mate!

  • ASH

    #2 Anyone else seeing this? NICE

    • 29er

      The moment you see this picture and think, the comment feed is going to be full of this.

    • Concerned Chiver

      There was a reason why I stopped looking at the FLBP posts at work. Looks like I won't be getting out of my chair for a good 15 minutes.

  • Anon

    #1 and #27 are awesome. Smoking bodies and great faces.

    • Giblets

      #1 needs to be found.

      Right now.


      • Mr. Pink

        Huh, they do have great faces… thanks for pointing that out, never would've noticed

      • ttyl hef

        am I the only one confused by the depth of this? Either she is 14 feet tall, the guy next to her is 2.5 feet tall or something else is going on?

        • Open minded

          After recognizing how damn hot she is, that was my second concern. Not that banging a 9 foot tall hottie wouldn't be rad, just a little overwhelming.

          • Bob

            But you could lick her split while standing up, win win if you ask me.

            • Open minded

              Or, hit it and suck boobies without kinking my neck…heaven.

  • @imixplastik

    #2 nipple huh…me gusta

    • Aggie_Chiver

      Wow, didnt even notice that the first time.

  • Casey Jones

    #3 #25 #41 MOAR PLEASE!!!

    • Hara

      Yeah, with those hips, #3 can git some. F*ck yea for hips girls!


    • sicko

      fucking gross, all 3 of them…

      • <MARKLAR>


    • RiceMunch

      Love the girls with curves!!

    • lucid_eye

      Great minds must think alike, those were my favorites but you forgot #40. I bet she has some amazing thighs. That sultry look on 41 though is enough to melt any man. (not the boys out there that cant appreciate a "real" woman)

  • ASH


    • grammar police

      *turkeys – no apostrophe needed. stay in school

      • Jimmy

        He meant the possessive form of turkey… duh.

        i wish that pic made the ***poing!!!*** noise that I hear in my head when I look at it.

      • ASH

        OK. Thanks dear for the insight. Because I come to FLBP post to be concerned about proper grammar ……….douche.

  • Joe

    OMG! I want so much MOAR of #3!!!

    • shadow kearsley

      look for kel-kitty or the curvy kitten. worth it!

    • Steve

      WOW!!! Jessica Rabbit in a bikini??

    • walter sobche

      you sir are correct. this defiantly needs to continue. it should be top priority.

      • David

        What a gorgeous PAWG…i need a go

  • sean

    #37… what I would do!! gotta love it

    • DogLover


    • Ryan

      She's from Atlanta. Used to work at hooters Kennesaw. Also a MILF.

    • I H8 People

      Find Her Please!

  • Anjin-San

    It sucks being cute but having a friend who is the hottest human being in history!

    • Guy

      Give me the cute one on the left everyday of the week. Bet she is twice as fun to be around.

      • Anjin-sAn

        I'm sorry, but you mispelled your nickname

        • Spell Check

          I'm sorry but you misspelled misspelled…and probably your nickname too.

      • Rick

        Who pretends to be able to tell personalities from photos?

    • I'm Awesome

      I want to B my L all over the right's T's

      • sandy astroglide

        Buttfuck your Lemurs all over the right's Taquitos?

  • ADP3

    #50 you are just perfect

    • this-guy

      Repost, as much as you want. COTW please?

    • OZchode


    • RickGrimesBitch

      Can we see some creativity perhaps? Weve had the bathroom underboob 30x (not thats its bad or nothin!), but lets get some diff poses beautiful!?!

      • Joe

        Thats because the Chive keeps reusing her pictures, for obvious reasons.

    • more

      Where are the rest of her pictures?

    • Carl

      My all time fav!

    • Projekt_J

      I need to get a better look at these warlocks. Amazing under boob

    • grrregg

      Wonderful, #50, How on earth did you know I wanted some underboob for Christmas?

    • PnB

      She has a very interesting shower curtain.

    • ADRIAN

      who is this pretty chiCk, ive seen her in alot of pics???? they need to find her ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mr.genius118

    Thankyou, KCCO!

  • RealZoo

    #9 #23 I volunteer to help these ladies with their FLBP. Giggity, giggity!!!

    • thumbs down

      did you really just say giggity outloud?

      • MyOtherRideIsYourMOM

        No. He typed it you cunt nugget…

  • slave, working 1ea.

    Ahhhh. Thanks, I needed that.

  • Cringer

    #2 Lucy Pinch Her?

    • RiceMunch

      Awesome you know who that is!!!

  • NZChiver

    I dont care if #27 isnt irish, but if she was it would add another reason for MOAR!! and FIND HER

    • Anjin-San

      I dare to say Italian…

      • Alex


  • buckwild666

    Mardi Gracias #14

    • Tramp F. Artesian

      Daddy loved titties and jazz…

  • Scott

    #37 #50 Hi. I love you.

  • Lindsay

    Most Chive chicks are stacked both natural and not.. yum FLBP one of my favs on The Chive…
    I wonder how long it took #14 to hid her nipples

    • Nate Cuellar

      as the photographer on this shoot… it was a tough job keeping those things hidden.

      • Matt

        You are one lucky photographer

  • Ray Jackson

    #30 less is more 🙂

  • Chris

    #43 someone won the genetic lottery….

    • addicted to sex

      genetic fake boobs…okay.

    • Judge

      She's gonna be huge after one kid.. Fat genes are obvious in those thighs

      • Kodos

        there are ways around that…

        • Oilfieldtrash76

          Looking at the size of that ass it's going to involve driving.

      • NateP

        who wants skinny thighs in a woman anyway??? she's gorgeous.

  • lebelge

    #50 everytime you show up I want you to put in your twitter so we can follow you doing it right! I am in love with that smile and the curves below it!

  • Cringer

    #50 I think it has been obviously established that this lady needs to be the Chivette of the Month? Or a separate gallery just for her so she can be further revered.

    • Jason

      YES!!!! COTW and COTM!!!

      • Nbl

        You can just see the areoles

    • Tom

      Yes those perky tits need their own gallery! We really need to find her!! Please help, chive…

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