• jim kelly

    first one!

    • sfb101

      To reply to a post like this with your comment proves that you need your Penis removed.

    • SUPer4Life

      Hey Jim…pitty we can't swap your good bone structure with this awesome little girl's….THAT would be a first I'd vote up!!

  • BigCountryKY

    Cute Kid! KCCO

  • Riley

    wow. i have a lumberyard in my eye i think

  • sfb101

    KCCO Zoe, help is on the way!

  • Elise

    this is amazing

  • trent

    we need more good caring parents in society like these people!

  • Jeff

    would have loved to listen to this but that damn coffee creamer add keeps playing over and over again

  • KCCO_k311y

    "dave on wheels" can suck it. these are the kinds of people/situations that theChive can really help out and make a difference. KCCO Zoe !!

    • Miss ya buddy!

      RIP Dave on Wheels 😦

  • Joe

    What is the deal with the stupid hp commercial over and over. Can't even hear the damn video of the little girl. This needs to be fixed.

  • SLy_C

    Damn you Chive, damn you for making me feel things!

  • Edge

    Faced with the option of terminating the pregnancy, she KCCO. Now that is a Chivette!

  • Jk lol

    Is that Erin? Swallowing all Jon's cum seems to have begun to make her a chubby chick.

    • JFK lol

      Also tell the co-creator of Prometheus that his movie sucks and I want my $15 back.

      • El_Hefe

        Lost made up for it…. at least the seasons 1-3

      • MohawkJon

        You saw Prometheus in theaters?
        I can't even say anything bad about your first post.
        You've already done more damage to yourself than I could ever do.

    • Dana

      seriously? this is a heartbreaking story and you're thinking about blowjobs and degrading a nice girl? i hope you don't own a t-shirt bc i'd hate to buy a drink for a chiver and have that person end up to be you.

      • SUPer4Life

        Right on Dana!! I'm sitting here with man tears…These heartless bastards need to keep calm and grow up!!

  • TKO

    Haters, please leave. You are not welcome here.

  • HiItsMe

    Damn this onion choping ninjas…

  • LcplAllan

    Chive you're going to make me go broke, and you make me look like a blubbering idiot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.thomas.52090008 Nathan Thomas

    What a beautiful little girl 🙂 I hope with the help Chive has given and the spreading of OI awareness we can help and see this girl grow up to have a wonderful and fulfilling life. KCCO everybody

  • shoelessjoe

    The Chive makes me want to be a better person. How many websites can you say that about. KCCO Zoe. Donation processed.

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