This is Zoe’s story (21 Photos)

  • @Bernie_Zurdo

    I´ve just donated, maybe small or big contribution but it feels great!!
    That pic just made my week! She´s beautiful!
    KCCO Zoe, from a Mexico City loyal chiver! B)

  • @ThePhilPauls

    Troll elsewhere

  • Heather

    Zoe you rock!!!

  • Good For You

    Why does everyone feel a need to comment and tell people how much they cried, give empty platitudes, and assuage their conscience by announcing their donations? If you wanna throw your money down money holes, good for you, no need to tell the world about it. Now bring on the DAR so I have something interesting and worthwhile to look at while I wait for 5 o'clock.

    • The Good Lawyer

      It's called a SOUL. Look it up.

  • Adam

    My cousin was born with this condition. It's been a long, hard road for her, but she is almost 15 now and still going strong. She's had surgery after surgery, and will likely continue treatments far into the future. She was always a bright, inquisitive and fun-loving child and she is on her way to becoming a remarkable young woman. Though she of course has difficulty getting around, she is not chair-bound and enjoys quite a few outdoor activities. And she is smart. Incredibly smart.

    I just want people – Zoe's family especially – to know that Zoe's future is not predetermined. There is happiness and fun and fulfillment in store, just you wait.


  • Splorch

    It takes a lot, but you actually disgust me. Seriously, how dare you post something like this on a post for a child facing all that Zoe is facing. You sicken me.

  • Krissy

    Thank you Chive!! I lost a cousin to this disease when he was just a baby, Jesse would have been 23 years old. Looking at Zoe reminds me of him. Zoe's parents are amazing. I don't have much but I'll donate whatever I can.

  • Mike D

    Id give anything to help her

  • Steve

    Donated. Thanks for doing this Chive, and Happy Festivus Zoe! You're gonna need a bigger tree.

  • Danny

    Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) – also known as brittle bone disease – is a genetic …. Shriners Hospitals for Children® is leading OI treatment with the use of pamidronate infusions.


    • ...

      Pamidronate is only helpful for short term use and often results in further bone density decreases in the long run

  • ewdeziel

    I may not have much, but I will always give to those who I can help, so Im glad I could give what I did. KCCO!

  • Easy

    We are like 75% there, let's knock this out on day one and show everyone how chive charities and the chivers gets down. KCCO Zoe!

  • hondo

    whew…thumbing down assholes it hard work; but i'm doing my part. chive on zoe

  • Shannon

    This is unbelievable and makes me so so so happy !!!!

  • Tom Wright

    When will abortion for genetic shortcoming crime mandatory?

    • The Good Lawyer

      Not soon enough to get rid of a troll like you. Get a life and stop filling the world with hate. Come to Cleveland, OH to commit a crime so I can put you with some people who would just love your company.

  • moose_nutz

    Cried like a baby at my desk. Love this little girl. I hope she gets all the treatment that is available.

  • Randy

    The new motto of the Chive should be "Oh… poo!"

  • naluukti

    a) This is why I love the Chive
    b) Am I the only one who thinks John and Erin should totally get married?! I mean…look what happens when they team up on stuff!

    • heyyou

      Is that you??

  • lrt

    Chive, my priorities may be out of whack, I know, but I hope you bring that little girl to Super Toys R Us and let her have her pick!! I donated $100. Please do that for me.

  • Ryan Flaherty

    Donating now! Grow up to be a big and strong Chivette Zoe!! KCCO!

  • Bob

    I for one am not concerned about making the $100k mark today. I am however looking forward to see how we demolish that $100k Goal and wave to it as we pass it by.

  • James


    FREE health care!!

  • MicFisty

    I know hope is a rare commodity when things like this happen. However, I know of at least one woman that lived a very long and happy life that was just like little Zoe there. They called her the miracle lady in my home town and I know she lived into her 80's and passed away sometime in the late 1990's. So given that she was born almost a century ago and there have been a few medical and technological advances in that time period I'm sure Zoe will have an even better shot at an even happier life! KCCO indeed!

  • emmylou

    oh my goodness she is so freaking cute!!!

  • Tom

    John, can you post times with the updates? It would be nice to see the trending and possibly increase the surges of donations.

    Also KCCO Zoe.

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