Animals that don’t suck (50 Photos)

  • FarknChiveon

    #10 Day 21: Onion disguise remains effective.

  • Sam

    #6 was the first time I've laughed at a cat in over a year

  • Canucks_Rule

    #30 – surprised this stylish ikea monkey became so popular around the world.

  • LeO

    Greatest cat ever!
    This cat freakin rocks!

  • TXChiver

    #23 Dafuq is that?
    #24 oh, ok

  • Some Canadian

    That little guy just brightened up my day.

  • Lexie

    There isn't anything I wouldn't do for the chance to own a baby sloth.

  • B-to-the-H

    #10 – Gimme all the cash from the register and open up the safe, RIGHT MEOW!

  • B-to-the-H

    #27 – Day 85: I have gained the wine bottles' trust. They do not suspect I am not one of them.

  • Lui

    #14 this animal sucks

  • AllanA

    #7 after buying drugs from #6

  • Lboogie13

    #16 "You know what's happy about this birthday…nothing."

  • misschris

    #50 So cute, I love a 165 pound lap dog!

  • SweetDannyJ


  • sfb101

    #18 Sorry but this one does suck.
    #5 I thought sucked too, then I looked at the linoleum…

  • chron247

    #25 Still my fav. I would love to go down to Costa Rica and volunteer at the Sloth Conservation Park.

    • MNexpat

      Wish I could give your comment a million "thumbs up." I keep saving up for a trip, then something happens. I have a minor obsession, but would be afraid if I went I'd want to take them all home! 🙂

  • SidiousGunray


    She's at the 20, the 15, 10, 5…oh, down at the goal line!

  • Solitaire

    #12 good open field tackle. That cat has a real future in the NFL.

  • Curt12

    incase any one wanted to know #37 acctully drives cars

  • 1_eye

    #28 When I said I wanted more, I didn't mean the same pic again. Nice anyway.

  • Vance

    I cant even begin to count the amount of times Ive done this with my dog

  • Kiwi

    #37 is legit. In NZ there is a company teaching dogs to drive and they're actually driving cars by themselves (luckily on closed and monitored race tracks)

  • Filbur

    #3 and #8… I could use more of those

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