The amazing Zoe update and the Chive Charities Fund (11 HQ Photos)

Yesterday was a watershed moment in theCHIVE's history. It marked a day when years of work to bring all of our charity in-house came to fruition. After officially launching Chive Charities, it took the Chivers only 6 hours to eclipse the single largest financial goal we've ever set. We could not have pulled all this off without y'all. You proved to the world that the flash-mob charity model is here to stay and, most importantly, you forever changed the course of a little girl's life for the better.

Zoe and her family were at theCHIVE offices all day. We all sat around the TV watching as the totals came in - kinda' like election day only without all the bullshit. The Lush family was more or less in shock for the first couple hours but it gave way to the most genuine excitement I've ever seen. And finally, gratitude. Zoe's family has asked me to thank the Chivers from the bottom of their hearts. It's been a long hard road for them, and finally now you've brought a light to a dark corner.

Even though Zoe's campaign is closed, hundreds of Chivers have emailed us asking to donate to Zoe. If you'd like to send them anything personally. Here is the address:

Curtis, Chelsea, and Zoe Lush
21342 Compass Ln.
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Because we have brought everything in-house, we must account for every expenditure that we make. We itemize Zoe's specific needs and set the financial goal based on that. The IRS guidelines force us to be more rigid with our campaigns and that's ok. The days of soaring past our goals are over but our days of helping more people have just begun. Enter the Chive Charities Fund.

There is an important component to yesterday's Chive Charities inaugural launch that I want to make everybody aware of. As many of you know, I receive dozens of emails everyday from Chivers who seek out theCHIVE for help. I still read all of these stories personally. What I've noticed is that many Chivers need a small amount to make a big difference.

For example: Let's say there is a Chivette mother of three. Her apartment burned down recently and she's back home living with her mom. She emails me and just needs help getting back on her feet, $5,000 would do the trick. She doesn't want any more than that.

Now if I launched a major campaign on theCHIVE homepage asking the Chivers to donate to this woman, you'd build her a mansion in the Hamptons, and probably a boathouse out back. It's the amazing flaw inherent in theCHIVER's prodigious capacity for giving, you won't stop until the machine breaks.

The Chive Fund exists to support people in need of smaller generosities than the headline campaigns, help underfunded campaigns meet their goals, and build support that allows Chive Charities to operate (currently 1 awesome employee). Leo and I will never receive a paycheck from Chive Charities.

By becoming a Charity Chiver at one of our 4 levels or making a one-time donation to the Chive Fund, you are helping champion the underdogs. There are a number of cool perks you receive for becoming a member, not least of which is getting your hands on those awesome Chive Charity shirts we're all wearing in these photos as well as first-look at all the 'impossible shirts'.

Or you can simply make a one-time donation.

Chive Charities will be our lasting legacy. I will now be able to read these emails from worthy individuals who just need a little help and offer more than a few kind words of support. With your help I can now offer real help. We'll be sure to bring you the stories of the Chivers you help with The Fund on theCHIVE.

Lastly, I can't thank you enough for what you've done yesterday. Not only did you help Zoe, but across the globe now, we've helped achieve a greater understanding of a misunderstood disorder. Only good things can come from that. The world is slowly getting 10% happier.

Donate to the Chive Charities Fund RIGHT HERE.

Now please enjoy a gallery of yesterday's events...

Zoe is not mentally disabled. She was, on some level, aware of the gravity of the situation. She clapped when we hit each $10,000 level and signed goodbye to all of us when she left.

Thanks again, Chivers.

Donate to the Chive Charities Fund RIGHT HERE.

  • Derpin

    You know how to bring a tear to every eye. Chive on!

  • Rayne

    Even with all the other worthy causes, I'm glad I chose this one to finally donate to. Just remember Chivers, you don't have to give a lot for it to mean a lot. Every little bit DOES count, and this event obviously shows that.

  • HSKRChiver88

    Proud to be a Chiver! Yall do amazing work! Good luck Zoe and God bless!

  • Emmett Evans

    Faith in Humanity Definitely Restored!

  • TheCeeJay

    Long time Chiver first time commenter. I'm happy to finally find a charity I can get behind 100% with my dollars and know it's going to a good cause. I'm now proud to be a member of "The Fund".

    I never would have imagined when I first stumbled upon the Chive for the first time that this silly picture site would have turned into what we see today.

    +1 for the internet today and +1 for all the guys and gals at The Chive for making this happen. Bravo.

  • bcanddc

    I love the fact that The Chive is a bunch of nice people doing good things without all the "corporate" buttoned down BULLSHIT!

    You actually can get work done, do good things, be good people and make a difference while having a beer at work!

    Keep up the good work and I'm clicking to donate next. 🙂

  • Dynomite Steve

    Simply beautiful chive! We all ❤ what you provide and contribute to such wonderful people….. God bless and KCCO! As usual you guys never cease to amaze me and am proud to spread the word and support.

  • jobvindex

    Onions, onions everywhere! The spark of God is in your souls

  • tora

    I do what little I can, donating $10 here, $20 there even though I am saddled with over !00k in back taxes thanks to the poor economy back in 2008, being out of work for 18 months and having to use my 401k to survive, paying for it now, thanks IRS. GO Chive Charitites

  • theKid

    #5 I do love that a bunch of you guys have beers in hand while this was going on. Caring and Chiving the right way. kcco for life

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – awesome work chive.

  • jesse

    Restoring my faith in humanity. I love breaking machines! Lets keep it up guys. KCCO Zoe!

  • Jordana

    So absolutely blown away by adorable Zoe! KCCO Zoe! Can't wait to hear more updates from this amazing family!

    Others have said it already but you guys have really built a community of strangers who never fail to have a high five or a Chive On! for others they meet. I think your doing an amazing thing by starting Chive Charities and helping people like Zoe. It makes me proud to say I'm a long time Chivette.

    Chive on from Canada!

  • Ray Chapen

    I am teacher at a tech, school. After I read this yesterday i assigned all my students a personal favor to me. Go to The Chive and check it out. Even if they dont donate I do believe it will make them better people just for seeing it all. Thank you Chive for everything you do. I cry every time I read these stories. Not from sadness but the wonderful people of the Chive. I am SO proud to be a Chiver.

  • Aad

    #6 I was there in spirit. I could not be prouder.

  • Jaimie

    Never been more proud to be a Chivette. It's amazing what this site has turned into. This community is a wonderful thing. Zoe is the CUTEST lil nugget I have ever seen and I'm sending all my love to her and her family. GOOD LUCK ZOE! Way to go Chivers :D!

  • Ash


    She already has the "is!?!" look!

  • Rick

    Damn dust in here is killin me!!!

  • Pavo

    Love you baby Zoe and my flushes. – uncle pavo

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