User submits: hot girl friends part 3 (66 Photos)

  • whyme1973

    All of you women are amazing! Thank you for your support to our servicemen. Having women like you waiting for them and supporting them is a big part of what keeps them going.

  • libussa

    so #39 is ok, but you have to censor #28 ?
    I'm confused…

  • orion


  • Spc.Barker

    #1 Back Blast area Clear!

  • SGT_Fati

    #12. Where'd you get those dog tag silencers?

    • NcouthYouth

      They're called Boobs.

      • SGT_Fati

        Learn something new every day.

    • AwesomeO

      is that what you really ask?

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #12 #14 Took me for a while.

  • Twunny

    #20. Don't know her name, but here's a bunch more of her.

  • JAG

    Fire H.R. #28

  • jimctu
  • tv_paul

    There are many beautiful wives & GF posted here but this one is the most special of all #24

    • Marine Dad

      I agree. It's very hard to watch my grandson kiss the phone as his daddy talks to him, my son deploys at Christmas. God bless ALL military and thier families!

      • Ray Chapen

        This is special. Awesome mom that would make those dolls. It has to be hard for them. My dad came home from Vietnam with one arm missing. We got most of him back.

  • Jean

    Theses girls have no dignity ! Shame !

    • Ray Chapen

      Get over yourself. These girls are beautiful and are willing to share. You must be fat or ugly. If not just an ugly personality. Its a shame that you cant appreciate beauty with out seeing shame. I personally want to thank all the Chivettes that post for the men of the US military, Thank you for your support. Jean lose some weight and post a picture. Maybe you are beautiful too and just dont know it yet. KCCO

    • thorsky

      Jen – please go play in traffic. Thank you…………..

      • thorsky

        Whoops………Jean – but who really gives a shit about your name!

  • razorhead

    58 is wife material.

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Holy crap you chivers struck gold

  • Neurotic


    Easy – Fun – Quick

  • Jezza67

    #59 Fark USS Missouri. How many guns do you want?

  • TommyB

    #56 Please get that girl a SAMICH!

  • Sean

    My girlfriend's husband fights for our freedom.

    • SGT_Fati

      I'm going to laugh at you when you're the victim of a double homicide.

  • jumbo

    with the divorce rate of military, I'm sure these girls aren't helping. They can send the pictures to the appropriate receiver themselves. Let's not use your military boyfriend as a reason to take half naked mirror shots, the chive offers tons of other outlets for that.

  • Yak Surfer

    #28 Poor bastard. I'm sure you missed her.

  • Old Soldier

    3/4 of these ladies are banging someone else while he's away, seen it a thousand times

    • TMOTS

      Indeed. Which of course makes them NOT ladies… Sad but true.


    • KS11

      Couldn't be more true. I couldn't sleep all night because some milso next door was banging her boyfriend while her husband is serving our country in Afghanistan. And this boyfriend is different from the one she was making noise with last week.

      In fact, I don't think I've met a married broad who didn't cozy up to the boots while the husbands were deployed.

    • Navybrat07

      There is no need to post this on here. Do you think there is any value to your comment. Unless you are trying to demoralize soldiers like myself please just keep it to yourself. We try to keep faith in our significant other however people like you are what make that faith waiver which does nothing but cause self torment.

  • Mark_Chris_Top5

    Mark and Chris' Top5:

    #17, #20, #28, #55, #61

  • LBF 4 ever

    thanks for the great pics in this post and thanks for the service of our great military

    USN 1987 – 1991

  • josh mccaffery

    I'm fighting men need to stop dating busted women..

  • rikooprate

    I heart #56

  • Sapper33

    #8 There are military men in Alberta too…

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