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  • Eat It !!!

    FIRST !!! Finally

    • DjDiddles

      Still, after millions if people claiming this dumb title. Millions of thumbs down and dislikes, idiots stamp "first" like they get a prize. Congrats. Cool story, bro.

      • TomatoTipper

        They were "first" and that's something no one can ever take away from them because it stays in their heart.

    • bcbigbuds

      awsome dude good for you. i hope i get first one day so all the wah wah loosers can give me shit for it

      • kryptonian

        You will be the only loser if you do, cause people who say doing the FIRST thing on threads, are first to admit they losers. So congratulations future loser if you do get First. You will be a FIRST LOSER! 😀

    • Kiki

      All 1st's get a thumbs up! Good for them, I made first this week and it felt great! I am a man and it feels like a competitive thing, so congrats to all of those who beat the others. It is not like they are being a jerk off. Jerk-offs deserve the thumbs down, optimistic Chivers get the thumbs up…haters gonna hate, Chivers gonna Chive! KCCO my ninjas!

      • MylesofStyles

        Sure you're a man "Kiki".

        • Needlegun13

          Agreed… Skeptical Needlegun is skeptical of this "KiKi."

      • Brain Police

        Based on your reasoning, Kiki, I gave you a thumbs-down. Don't bitch, it was your idea…

    • WOW_GAY


  • johnnystyle25

    #11 That's a great butt.

    • TheJoeGreene

      Only if you have absolutely no standards.

      • @saadzaf

        and you have absolutely no pussy to bang!

      • realio

        A great butt actually has a bubble, a hump or luscious feature, e.g., Brazilian chicks. This butt does not.

        Not terrible, but amazing?

        "we pass for what we are." – Emerson

        • Lame

          Dumb ass^

          • realio

            Fuck you, rookie. You guys wouldn't know to do with a woman.

        • AndySaximus

          Jesus, freaking perfectionists.

    • zevon


      • This giggity

        Giggity this…

    • MonkeyMadness

      But what?

      • YesSir

        What what, in the butt.

    • austie


  • Nate


  • Tiber_Septim

    #60 perfect start to the chive charities

    • donalbaine

      I don't know her, but after seeing her smile, i love her with all my heart. Chive on little wee one, chive on.

      • guest

        I love her too!

        • MikeOverHere

          You wonder though if the parents' lives would be easier if she was one of the Newtown 20.

      • John

        After a day like Yesterday
        I needed to see that smiling face
        Thanks Chive

  • Tiber_Septim

    #14 you're drunk bear, go home

    • Joe

      Hahahaa lol omg. First time I heard that.

  • M.D.

    I want to grow up to be a storm trooper.

    • Don113

      But Ewok attacks aren't covered…

  • Jayavc

    #6 wonder if they talked about air…

    • Sir_Beefalo

      I don't know. The air is like his brain, which seems to not exist. So birds and planes were falling out of the sky.

    • The Guy

      Looks like Van Damme is happy to see this Chiver… (yes i looked but now you will too)

      • Brain Police

        You are correct, sir!

    • betty

      why do they both have boners?

      • Brain Police

        Do you?

  • Jayavc

    #36 not sure which is funnier, the bomber or the dude ready to squirt tears because it is leg day

  • Pontisan

    I think I see something falling out in #16!

    • TheJoeGreene

      It's probably a combination of dignity and silicone.

      • ay jay

        i would

      • brad

        Nope, its Lucy pinder and she's all natural.

    • Beatit

      Clean up in aisle my pants

    • Frank

      Why you change picture?

    • Steve

      Nice photo shop around your boob and arm area. Fake whore

      • Bob Ross

        Or that's a [round] shadow cast by her [round] boob from a modeling light angled in front and to the left of her. Thank you for being an overly cynical ass to this gorgeous women.

  • alex

    #56 Says the man who never took a genetics class before. . . .

    • nunchuckas

      Speaking as someone who has done both, I would take this over finals any day

      • Greg

        Then go sign up buds.

        • TheJoeGreene

          Maybe you couldn't read the part where he's done BOTH.

          • AnyoneForCoffee

            The go sign up *for the frontline instead of a REMF admin job* buds.

    • therealstake

      pick up a rifle and get face to face with the enemy.
      then we'll talk about how hard it is to be in your little climate controlled class.

      • TheJoeGreene

        The cocksuckers who murder brown people for no reason other than someone in a matching outfit told them to have no room to talk. Fuck the camouflaged jackoffs.

        • BRy

          Bet you wouldn't say that to a soldiers face. Go find a combat infantryman or Marine infantryman and see how long your teeth stay in your face you ignorant fuck!

          • TheJoeGreene

            I'd do it in a heartbeat. Fuck them. There was a time when our military were the best people that fought legitimate threats and didn't mindlessly follow orders during illegal wars. Now, it's just the bottom 10% committing the most heinous war crimes imaginable. Fuck them.

            I'll show respect to those who dealt with things like WW2, not the assholes who willingly participated in the completely illegal overthrow of the Iraqi government for completely bullshit reasons.

            • therealstake

              Tell ya what. go to your local watering hole. look for the group of either 2 or 4 guys that seem to carry themselves slightly different than the rest and inform them of your thoughts. let me know how that works out for you.

              • therealstake

                Nah, you know what? On 2nd thought, just go to any public place and say that out loud. we're everywhere.

                • TheJoeGreene

                  And you'll likely murder me like you do civilians throughout the Middle East in illegal military activities. Fuck you murderer.

                  • DoubleNickelJP

                    Muhhamed jihad dirka dirka

                    • Brain Police

                      sin loi, victor charlie

            • tryharder

              you jackass, never blame the troops. Always blame the people in charge.

              as an eye for an eye is the middle eastern way, I would blame the entire Bush family for starting an endless hatred for this country. Bush Senior and all. redirect your insults at the entire Bush family. They all know it anyways. Its not the troops fault the military isn't honorable you prick. If they stand down you know how much shit they'll take? That contract they signed has forced them to fight.

              Its the military complex that has committed the most heinous war crimes imaginable, not the troops. Every country needs a military, so you can't blame the troops. You can blame what they have to sign up for, and the repercussions of breaking the contract all you want. There is too much weight, good and bad, on their shoulders when they sign up. Granted I know a lot of people I'd call idiots and say fuck you to that join the military, but damn it man regardless of whatever is going on the ultimate goal is to protect the country and they do care.

              So all this hate, put it towards the superiors. always blame the leaders dumbass, it's their fault if they lead us the wrong way. For blaming the troops I say go fuck yourself, and I doubt their WW2 grandparents would give a shit about your condolences

      • therealstake

        did in november of 01 after 9/11. left for bct jan 4th 02.

        • Anonymous

          hey joe greene… you're welcome for your right to talk all kinds of shit about us "camouflaged jackoffs" though we may not have been the ones who obtained that right for you in the first place, you probably wouldn't be able to say it in such a public manner if we didn't decide to volunteer to protect it now. also, as far killing people because their "outfit" doesn't match ours, I would fight for a marine in a heart beat and his UNIFORM is different than mine. so basically what I'm saying is lick the sweaty side of my sack.

          • Really?

            You sign up to wear the uniform, for what? To look down on the people you protect? Both chose different careers that support society in different ways. That air of entitlement most "military men/women" carry is what most hate about them, we didn't ask you to lay your life down for us, you CHOSE it. I'll respect you by making the most of my life and supporting society and our country the best I can. Will I say thank you for your condescending attitude, blindly following orders and fighting wars we have no business fighting? NO

            Bottomline: You chose your line of work, a true hero doesn't do what they do for recognition, praise, or to be better than others.

            And yes I've said this to WWI/II vets and my great grandfather that fought, guess what… they agreed and weren't defensive. They laid down their lives so I/we could live better lives not for praise/recognition, and that is how I choose to show them respect.

            All I see here is a bunch of guys who joined the fight to feel better about themselves and now think they are better than the rest of us and more entitled. There are no bars without bartenders, no schools without teachers, no country without a leader, no hospitals without doctors or nurses. But you're the most important right?

            • Anonymous

              This comment thing is kind of fucked up the way you can just but in so it looks like our responses to being attacked by joegreene are just us jumping on the band wagon to throw in our 2 cents.

              But to an extent you're right, the argument of who needs who more society or military is an endless and winless aregument without one the other is doomed/pointless. However we do walk around like we are better because in a way, we are. The fact that we are willing to sign our life away and put our life in harms way with intentions to do nothing but keep you safe. We serve you day in and day out and go wherever we are told to go.

              Cops, fire fighters and EMTs all deserve just as much thanks as we do.

        • Tiber_Septim

          thank you for your service. brainless twits like joegreene are a dime a dozen and have no clue what war is really all about. he didn't lose family in the towers. God Bless you and the other service men and women

          • Anonymous

            you talk of mindless, illegal wars and committing murder but what you dont realize is that the people we are fighting over there are killing innocent people and forcing others to bomb other groups of innocent people by threat of killing their familes. and when you're out there you arent fighting for your country or even theirs, you are fighting to keep the guys on your left and right alive. you dont understand because your life has probably always been filled with "me me me" or "I I I" but never "we". also, since our nation's birth we have only been at peace for 22 total years. so we may not be fighting for your rights in afghanistan and you may hate us now but when they eventually bring the fight to our door step you'll be on your knees begging us to help you. and the funny thing is, we will. so go a head and be the keyboard gangster you are because you have the right to be, but just know that I'm still happy to serve my country even if you are ungreatful.

            • 123

              And when were those 22 years? Please give me a source for that information.

              • Anonymous

                On the commanders chanel of the armed forces network. And that's 22 total years, not consecutive

            • Really?

              I never asked you in the first place, so don't expect me to beg. LOL

              Death is death and I'm going to die with or without your help. For the record, if you were about "we" it's those bankers and scientists and doctors that have engineered all that equipment you use and all the factory workers and miners that help ensure you have your fuel and munitions, so without the general population of workers you'd be up shits creek too. You chose a career, try remembering that. WE didn't choose it for you.

              • jared

                I am one of those people contributing to society without serving in the military – and I disagree with you on every point. Thank you to our military for what you sacrifice – we all have a voice that can have an affect on the decisions our leaders make – I suggest you focus your energies there rather than attacking soldiers on a good natured web site. I think they've earned some entitlement – especially to the services you've mentioned above.

                • Really?

                  Not attacking soldiers, but I'm more inclined to say… Thank you to EVERYONE that contributes to making our lives and society a better place. Including you Jared, one without the other is nothing.

                  • Really?

                    I haven't spoke with a vet to date that felt more entitled than the rest of the country he protected. But I guess the reality for them was a little more clear, their wives and families took up labor jobs with the rest of the country to make sure they had what they needed. Most lived in other countries and were fighting for something very real and near to them. Now we are so many and we all have jobs that have become integral in the lives we live, so it seems like we aren't doing our part I guess. But if we weren't here keeping the country moving forward while troops are protecting that country, what would they have to come home to? What would they do for replacement gear? Fuel? We're are all necessary to each other, our vets were more in touch with this fact. Our "soldiers" today act like the spoiled entitled kid that our school systems are turning out. I participated!!!! GIMME PRIZE! No disrespect meant to our soldiers but please remember you chose what you do, we choose what we do. Without you I couldn't choose to do what I want, and without me/us you wouldn't have the means to do what you do. RESPECT goes both ways.

                  • jared

                    You're welcome – thank you. I'm glad neither of us has to take a gun to work tomorrow – thanks to our men and women in uniform. One of my best friends is from Latvia – ask his parents what happens to a country with a weak military during a major conflict. They have an appreciation of their safety in this country I'm afraid you and I may never fully understand. The stories they tell are horrifying – and 75+ they still cry when telling them.

                    Can't say I agree with all of the decisions our leaders make – but I'm not going to blame the nice guy who helped me at the cell phone store last week. Army infantry – shot in the shoulder – served another year – his humvee was hit by an IED – medically discharged for two fused vertebrae in his back. I'm giving him my brand new KCCO – he deserves it.

      • Koko ok

        You are probably a C student.

        • therealstake

          In math, yes. but as far as hard sciences and poly sciences, no sir, i received a full scholarship because of my grey matter from memphis. i simply chose to defend my country and little sissies like you instead. 3 tours. 1 iraq and 2 afgan. 11B.
          AAA0- anyone anytime anywhere, bar none. pathfinders lead the way!

          • Bic

            Please kindly explain how killing rebels in the middle east is defending our country.

            And don't come out with the classic "because 9/11", that happened to us because we invaded someone else's country. All you're doing in Iraq and Afgan is taking capitalism and rubbing it in the faces of people that haven't adopted it.

            And I agree with "Really?" on this, when service men and women say that they are laying down there lives for us, they make it sound like they didn't have a choice, like they have to be there, and that if we "Civilians" don't worship them then we are terrible people!

    • Jamie

      Fuck you !! All your parents have done is give you everything …so you can go to a good college, these men and women put ther shit on the line every fucking day so you and your douchey friends can play beer pong and fuck hot chicks. I love your parents !!

    • grabusch

      Every once in a while I have to listen to people like TheJoeGreene and for half a heart beat I regret serving my country to give outspoken ignorant shits like him the right to spew regurgitated bullshit he/she hears on the news. But then I remember that I'm a United States Marine following mindless orders to be a bad ass! 'Merica mother fuckers!

      • Tiber_Septim

        for every person like joegreene there are many thousands who do know and do appreciate what the men and women do to protect our country. They were and are the "Silent Majority" Never forget that and just because you may not hear them all, they are there.

        • fubar

          Are we not protected at this point?

          • Tiber_Septim

            Hey fubar, It may be difficult for you to think in other terms so I will make it easy for you, does one condom protect you for the rest of your life?

            • fubar

              it could protect me from stds if I don't keep sticking my dick in things.

            • genius

              do condescending questions help mask the other terms you can't explain yourself

    • Juju Bee

      Hmm…war has bullets flying at your face, you stupid fuck. How can that ever be compared to one of your faggy little finals? You dumb cunt.

      • Reason

        ^ And this is what's wrong with society.

      • Really?

        This and the up votes are part of the reason the "military men/women" are perceived the way they are.

        And to all those that did up vote this, are you that out of touch? Bullets never fly in classrooms or city streets right? The message and votes do nothing more than shed a disrespectful light on the military and ignorantly make light of the senseless killing that goes on in our country regularly.

        • Anonymous

          Wow you hace a serious problem with us walking around with our chest out and chin held high huh? Like I said up top, you're right without one the other is doomed/pointless. But what you should realize is that we are a vast minority in this country constantly under attack by bleeding hearts who are angry at the entire military because of one guy. I personally had to squeeze through a protest to sign up. Did you have to do that for your job? Doctors get fancy cars and trophy wives but they catch lawsuits, teachers get the satisfaction thay they are molding young minds but don't get paid much, military gets to wear the uniform and be proud of what we do but half the nation hates us and we have an 82% divorce rate. Yet we still choose to join. That deserves respect.

          • Anonymous

            Absolutely right! It does deserve respect. I personally have always shown support and tremendous gratitude, even deference, for those that wear the uniform and put their lives on the line defending this country. That being said, I work over 60 hours a week at an ambulance service, and I am also taking almost full time units in college (which equates to about 100 hours a week in one place or the other). So, yeah, finals week was hard, and while I would never in a million years even entertain the notion of belittling anyone serving this country in the military, it appears that the feeling isn't mutual toward those of us trying to better ourselves and our situations in the great nation that you service men and women have worked so hard to defend.

            • Anonymous

              You are absolutely right. Tjere should be more appreciation tje other way around. And there actually is. Whenever I am thanked for my service I always down play what I do as much as possible. the only time I act entitled is whenever my service is insulted by some fucktard who is blaming me for the horrible things that another person has done. and I'd like to tjank you for what you do. I'm working 50 hours a week and only taking 2 classes.

    • ricerocket

      if he's over there kicking ass, im pretty sure if he was in taking genetics he would kick its ass too. 😀

    • College student

      I'm with you buddy. School can be hard as hell. I appreciate what our armed forces do and all but all my dumb ass friends joined the military. Ill take boot camp over a semester of graduate classes anyday.

  • db3300

    #9 Mmmmm. Asparabacon.

    • Nate

      Oh how I want

      • chargers suck

        not ron swanson approved.


      Exclusive images <3:*<3:*<3 V I S I T <3:*<3:*<3 The Chive Fun

  • jordan

    #45 Bitches love Koala Bears.

    • Turrebo

      404 Bear not found. Just a koala.

  • 2d5

    prayers going out to CT
    might I suggest an chive charity movement?

    • Ben

      and where would the money go? To parents with deceased children? Not very helpful at this point. It's a huge tragedy, but I think money in this case isn't going to help anything. Better left for cases where it can actually make a difference and change the outcome of someones life.

      • Hunter

        They still have funerals to pay for and possibly other children to put through school, wouldn't hurt.

      • TheJoeGreene

        Wow, you're the perfect example of what a herd of cocksucking shitholes the Chive has devolved into. Go fuck yourself.

        • therealstake

          as much as i think theChives awesomeness would be appreciated in CT, i think its going to be getting so much national attention from everywhere from every big group that theChives power could be better focused at the smaller, not so recognized needs. the ones that can fall through the cracks at the big organizations. The ones we dont hear about. 

          i support theChive Charities either way 


          • Yerp


        • ScottishYankee

          And yet you're here with the "herd"
          You must be the shepherd

        • ImpressMe

          It seems the Chive has a fresh crop of trolls these last couple of weeks…. they are easy to spot…whiney little bitches the lot of them…. makes them feel like 'somebody' to post something obnoxious and see if they can get responses….pathetic children…losers….treat them accordingly fellow Chivers…..they aren't worth our time.

        • Yerp

          Wow Joe, relax.

  • gclark

    Full blown nipple at #16 someone alert the censorship police.

    • Stef

      beyond surprised that you and I are the only ones who noticed hahaha

      • Yeahhh

        Everyone noticed the first 3 times they posted it.

    • Snuggs

      Shhhhhhh no telling!

    • Censorship Police

      We will let it slide. *zips pants*

    • gs425

      That's only half blown nipple

  • Hunter

    #3 psshh of course she sucks at driving, she's a woman

    • MajorJ

      Yes that was the joke

      • TheJoeGreene

        Well, this is the asshat who just argued AGAINST a Chive charity for the families of the victims in CT. It shouldn't be surprising that this joke was too difficult for him.

        • Hunter

          Whoa dude, if you read my comment correctly I argued for the charity!

        • Lame

          I'm beginning to think Joe is a little bit of a D-bag.

  • Jack

    I understand that during times of crisis there is a need for a comic outlet, someplace to let off steam. But your supposedly forward thinking website decided to have ten new threads of inanity and none to help the victims of the second worst school shooting in the US? Oh and by second worst, I mean the first was at a university and the second was a bunch of kindergartners. But please, by all means, recycled photos from the internet are more important.

    • TheJoeGreene

      It's too bad that The Chive has turned into little more than cocksucking hipster doofus frat boys/bros that do nothing but collect other people's work and design shitty t-shirts. This place used to be worth visiting.

      • HOJUX

        Frat Boys are not hipster, in fact the most hipster thing about this thread is that you pretty much just said "I used to come to the Chive before it was cool."

      • John

        SandyHook is on Everyone's radar

        I love Zoe's smile. It helps today

        So does the Chive

    • HOJUX

      After all the good the Chive does you try and call them out on this? What are they supposed to do? This site is about pics on the internet, maybe people are here because they want a break from all of the horrible news.

      • TheJoeGreene

        Except they've been shoving their own charities right down everyone's throats for months now.

        • HOJUX

          The difference being they have promoted charities where money can make a difference. Money won't do anything for this tragedy. Also, they promote things that you would probably never have heard of without them bringing it to your attention… everyone knows what happened today, we don't need the Chive to tell us.

        • Paula_

          That's only true if you yourself came forward, opened your mouth and swallowed, asshat!

          – the one you love to hate

          • Yuppp

            Wow, I just found myself giving Paula a thumbs up. That was weird…

            • GeorgiaRosa

              no not weird, it's natural..Paula is so cool I can't help but to give thumbs up..

    • Steph

      Jack please tell us what we need to do? Fucking hypocrite

    • donnoh

      Hey idiot….if you don't like it, don't visit the website. Nobody forced you to visit The Chive! The Chive isn't a news reporting website, it is what it is. A place to get a laugh & get a break from the day. You also talk about helping, The Chive has done more good & helped out a lot of people just in the last year. What have you done, besides giving your holier than thou attitude????

    • Jack's a douche

      How long did you spend looking at this site and then bitching about it? Wish we were all as awesome as you, you stupid fuck. Go back to your "friends" and feed them some more shit about how good a person you are and leave us alone.

    • DickFister

      I get it, Jack. You're pissed. We're all pissed about what happened to those people. Especially the kids. I read the reports all day. My friends, family and co-workers watched and read the reports. Every time the death toll climbed another piece of me died. Every time they announced another child died, my wife cried. Hell, we have grandchildren that age. (Yeah, that's me. The dude in the graying hair with the hipster glasses and fraternity sweater. Douche nozzle.) But what more would you have us do, other than say a prayer? This is one of the wealthiest communities in the country. They don't need our money. What they need is our support and prayers. What the world needs is fewer assholes like the ass clown who did the shooting and dick smacks like yourself and JoeGreene. To the families of those affected by the ungodly act, we as a nation and a world community express our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers. We hope, with time, you can somehow Chive On. God bless.

      • ImpressMe

        Meanwhile Jack has done nothing to help….he just sits on the internet and bitches at everyone else about what they should be doing. The Chive has brought so many people together and done so much good over this last year, a true community effort to help those who need it most but may be overlooked by bigger charities…… If Jack and joegreen think that this family here has not shed tears, prayed, and hurt for those families in Connecticut then they are just ignorant. To say that the Chive has shoved its charity work down your throat while at the same time bitching about them not doing anything about an event that occured less than 24 hours ago…just shows the level of stupidity and immaturity of the posters. God bless everyone in that town… and all those who were lost….

    • Jefferson

      Fuck you asshole. This is an escape. Don't ask what the chive is doing. Ask what u r doing

    • Wrench

      He'll never reply. He just wanted to cause an argument. If he was so worried about it he wouldn't have taken the time to visit the chive.

    • Ken

      nice one jack……you dont just throw money at something. you do reseaech first to see where the need is the greatest. and since they only have one employee at the charity, it mat take a while

    • Crazy_Jake

      Yet you are here at chive…

  • Tankus

    I laughed way too much at #51… damn hipsters! XD

  • tjo55555

    #11 #48 Humps of the Week

  • Mighty

    #46 quick who's gay…….. Nah I'm just joking you all are

    • Cornholio

      I miss Sandusky Summer Camp.

    • That Guy

      I thought they were pointing at who farted.

    • halfsmoke

      Wont be the last time theyre all in this position.

  • Ray

    Can someone explain #8 ?

    • Gina Marie

      Looks like she's pooping

      • taylor

        OOOHHHH I didnt get it either

    • just saying

      pretty weak

    • Alex

      Need moar post of girls on toilets!!

  • GatOner

    #56 Freedom isn't free, folks. Thank a vet.

    • TheJoeGreene

      Fuck that. What these assholes are doing has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with murdering brown people just because someone in a matching outfit told them to. Fuck these mindless shitstains and everything they've done to help ruin a once great nation.

      • Freedom isn't Free

        Being disrespectful the guys who fight for our country is unacceptable . You must forget what happened to this great country on 9-11. If it's so bad Joe why don't you move. I hear real estate is cheap in Kandahar. BTW You really are failing at life.

        • Anonymous

          Good call he should probably get out of this great country cause there's no room for his crap here!! I'm sure his brown people will be plenty accepting of him!!

        • Really?

          What happened on 9-11? Someone got pissed off 'cause 'Merica backed their war and supplied them weapons and then pulled out to let them die? So the dog bit the teasing hand. Many innocents paid for that yet instead of respecting them, we point fingers and wage wars in their name.

      • PumpkinNuts

        A nation made great by spineless trolls no doubt?

      • Danica SmashYA

        please Chive, kick this non Chiver off! He obviously does not get the KCCO mentality

      • Wisti

        Coming from someone who is allowed to say that without worry of repercussions because of our amazing vets who will fight to make sure we do not lose the freedom to be morons with freedom of speech.

      • Truth

        Hey meanjoe, when you finally jump off the deep end, please just off yourself. Or even better, find the source of your anger and fix it. And for the love of God, don't take your misguided anger out on innocents.

      • 'Merica

        What these "assholes" are doing is helping stabilize a government that has failed. The few stories you here of soldiers desecrating bodies are a very small percentage of what actually goes on. Most missions that go on over there are defending innocents from radicals, destroying weapons that could be used to hurt civilians and coalition forces, and destroying narcotics. Overall the mission is to win the minds and hearts of the locals.
        And i guess the once great nation you speak of is now gone? Last time I checked 'Merica still exists. It's "shit stains" such as yourself that make this country weaker. You sound like a true patriot.

      • Dontfearthecreaper

        Why do you keep calling them brown people"? Stop being an ignorant jackass and call them what they are, Iraqis or Afghans. If you haven't noticed, there are plenty of other "brown people" in the world, but we're not killing them now, are we? Also, why don't you educate yourself on the war in Afghanistan and the Taliban regime, you can start with this article about the 18 year old woman whose nose and ears were ordered cut off by a Taliban leader because she fled her arranged marriage and abusive in-laws <a href="” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”> then tell me if you think the Taliban should've remained in power, or the ruthless Iraqi dictator who murdered hundreds to remain in power, let his sons torture anyone they pleased, and used nerve gas on his own people? The world ain't full of flowers, rainbows, and people who wanna give out free hugs. Grow the fuck up

    • Bill

      They chose to go..

    • sam

      it takes folks like you and me. if you dont pitch in your $1.05, who will?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #39 – must find canadian chivette.

    • CanadianKid93

      I agree, Canadian Chivers are in a league of their own

    • BoredGuy

      Alright alright, we are making a little bit of progress..

  • Alex

    I still don't get number eight…

    • whoami

      It looks like she's taking a shit

  • Huge


    A few nipples on Chive lately… I like it.

    • EggSauceTed

      If you can see it's nipples, your eyes are better than mine. I couldn't even tell it was a bitch.

      • majorfathead

        Egg you made me snort coffee completely out of my nose! You Sir win the internets!

  • Huge

    Shit! I mean 16… 16!


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