I like girls because squishy (50 Photos)

  • Cabroooosk


    • ShouldBworking

      why do people do this?

      • duh

        Why do people continue to respond to these posts?

      • kryptonian

        Cause they the FIRST to stick their bums out hoping to be bum raped! That's what all the trolls who do the FIRST thing are after.

    • bäm_lee

      ..to get raped

  • MOAR

    #49 This is quickly becoming my favorite post.

    • Mn dude

      Hands down I agree. Fantastic.

    • dutch

      yep, it bookends the week. FLBP on monday and then Friday Morning Back Problems to cap it off. FMBP.

    • McFart

      Those are some sausage fingers tho

      • homo


    • That Guy

      Seconded. You nailed it today Chive. Please make this and "Happy Dresses" weekly posts. I must go now and discretely pleasure myself under my desk.

    • Levian

      I like everything this post has got going on

    • bdg

      I love squishy!!!!! More of #4 to verify the awesomeness!!!!!
      #23 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jmdmn

    #5 #15 #21 #22 Gotta love squishy!

    • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

      #22 looks like alotta fun!

      • lucid_eye

        The nose ring ruins it for me

        • alliseeisboobies

          #22 FTW!! What nose ring?

    • MacRM

      not so much of a reply as it is an agreement. please for the love of god chive please find #22 she is the most beautiful women i have ever seen….please be single and close to Ohio…. im in Love

  • Bretters17


    • nate33uc

      #27 i dont think this chick has nipples

      • Squishy

        sure she does, nicole montero nsfw

  • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

    #50 aaaaaand BOOM goes the dynamite!

    • penguin slayer

      who is she!!!

      • Kristen

        Ms. Slutty McSlutterson

        • JKC

          cant believe her parents would name her that with that as a last name..poor kid

        • http://www.facebook.com/mtbiker124 Nick Parsons

          Hi Kristen, I missed you.

    • Shelf

      Her boobs are top notch.

      • Jack Wagon

        Fuck. I was hoping that cunt Kristen had died in a ditch somewhere and was just a rotten 900 pound whale corps right now. Fuck.

        • http://twitter.com/Tim_Coverdale @Tim_Coverdale


  • Chino cochino

    I like girls bekus #15 #20 #25 #40 and #46
    Who are thou

    • Jack Wagon

      Why does #20 look like a cardboard cutout that has been photoshopped in to the pic?

      • Jack Wagon

        Oh ya and #36 I love your curves…

        • pudge

          smokin hott love a thick girl

          • Notknowing

            She's the perfect squishy girl. Need moar pix from her. (drool,drool)

      • KiwiLad

        Racheal Burr

    • ChurchoftheFonz

      #15 is Lucy Pinder. Was that a real question?

    • seriouslycomeon


  • TheYesMan25

    for some reason all I can think about is a motorboat….

    • Notknowing

      …and all that squishy to use it on.

  • hititrightyea

    ffrom what pron is #40

    • hititrightyea


    • my head hurts


    • ImpressMe

      google bailey jay and domino presley

      • gclark

        I did this…. and I hate you now.

      • tdog

        Another tranny lover

    • Murph1908

      I don't find this in any way attractive.

  • sensuous aardvark

    T&A All day oh and #4

    • Radam

      I love her!

      • I'm #4

        Thanks Radam. Would you like me to suck your cock, or do you want to just go straight to the anal?

        • gs425

          What's your gag reflex like?

  • ToadisGOD

    Early work boners.

    • Mike Hunt

      Nothing beats a work boner

  • Roeheyleo

    My dick brought me here :$

  • BSmike

    Could have been first but then #40 happened

  • Anonymous

    #10 the first time i went to a vollyball game i made the mistake of wearing gym shorts

    • Teddy Roxspin

      We need a whole Volleyball post. Ermahgerd dat asS!

    • greenbkny

      is that jessica granquist? or something like that???

  • Drewfus

    #20 I will fly those friendly skies any day.

    • longshot421

      Anyone know where this is from? Very hot.

      • Throbbing bob

        It is Rachel Burr an australian model

        • longshot421


  • bob

    12 is an escort in Liverpool… Scousebabe888 on twitter.

    • #1paulafan

      Thank you for that find her! Now if I could just locate Paula my life would be complete!

    • urinal puck


  • TheYesMan25

    #33 for the love of God stop holding that up!

    • Domo


      showed my GF cuz it looks EXACTLY like her…creeped her out because she thought I was submitting secret shots of her on CHIVE…("why would I show u then?")…i'll see if she'll let me submit one to let chivers decide.

      Read more at http://thechive.com/2012/12/14/i-like-girls-becau

  • Mancini

    First love squishy

  • Jeff

    #24 absolutely stunning! FIND HER!

    • Strike

      All I know is she works at twin peaks in Addison,tx and those are awesomer in person!

      • Jeff

        She's a good reason to visit Texas!

      • pudge

        whats going on between her legs on her left side?

        • Asnydes

          It looks like her leg caught on the leather seat and squishy-ed when she sat down.

      • Bob Fungus

        She looks a lot like Playboy model Carlye Denise. I'm pretty sure she's from TX

    • Anon

      She looks wet..

    • skeet

      idk what youre looking at dude she is a 5 at best

    • ChristophersonofGray

      I need TP for my bunghole!

  • loonytik

    #40 How did you get those black eyes? Well…..

    • Notknowing

      …it was squishy time.

  • TheYesMan25

    #28 you definitely deserve the daily YES!!!

  • ttyl hef

    #50 I like where this is going…anyone have the rest?

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Something tells me that's firm.

    • Red

      You think?

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Queen of the Squishies.

    • guest

      I never thought there would be a model who would overtake Seymore and Crawford as my favorites. Well Upton did!

    • Notknowing

      Agreed. She is fantastic.

  • obionecanblomi

    Ill take the squishy girls over the gap girls all day long!

    • guest

      Squishy girls over fit girls any day, all day !!!!

    • jasonreiss


    • Notknowing

      Squishy is my favorite SQUISHAAY!

  • TheYesMan25

    "motorboat sound"

    • Kristen

      You're fucking retarded.

      • TheYesMan25

        well that's rude…

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