That mirror was a good purchase (46 Photos)

  • FuBaR

    Personally i think we should stop with the posting and concentrate on the Shooting in Newtown….18 children killed….what is this world coming to…..

    • Kato

      While I agree with you FuBar, I don't think theChive is the website for that. Although it would be a nice gesture to commemorate the victims of the shooting inside the elementary school.

    • Johnny Tran

      yet you are still on the chive.

    • doug

      i agree this is a horrific event. the poor families

    • savagecabbage

      That's what the tuurrists want.

    • J-Walk

      I think your heart is in the right place but the Chive is where I go to get away from all this crazy bullshit. Please Chive, be an oasis in this strange and sad day. FuBaR, I respect the hell out of your opinion. Chive Charities, let us know if we can help.

      • Hara

        Exactly. This is where we escape that stuff and remember that the world is mostly cool.

    • Kodos

      prepare to defend yourselves, citizens

      • Jack Wagon

        And we just had a shooting in the mall here in Portland Oregon. Fucking psycho's will have fun burning in hell

      • j6251c

        What in the hell has happened to this country in the last few years? I fear for the world my kids will inherit.

    • dutch

      the real tragedy is that #25 isn't locked up in my basement

      • fucked


      • TJones

        now we know where to look when she goes missing

    • Canucks_Rule

      i pretty much stayed away from the chive once all the news started coming out about the shootings. but i've had enough of all the tragedy for today, and the chive is a nice distraction.

    • Justsay OyVey

      Like J-Walk and Kato said; This is a place of refuge, a virtual evacuation center. Where we can escape the insanity of our world. I also agree that theChive should do a post on both shootings (the school and the mall).


    #2 Made my Day

    • JMAKK

      Winner of ALL Friday posts…

    • Just a Guy

      It took me a long time to get past this one.

    • nate33uc

      #34 – please don't make that your last
      #44 – quit hiding that smile. #weakattheknees

    • techno_viking

      Looks like the locker room of the Rhino in Vegas. A place where dreams come true…

    • Heath Shuler

      i wonder what strip club she works at, because that looks like a strip club locker room to me

      • Splaytan

        Yep. She knows what she's got and she wants to be paid for it. Good on her.

    • Verd

      Not the Rhino but her name is Cherie – Vegas for sure, but not a stripper.

  • pixelogre

    #6 #14 #44 gorgeous

    • Bon Rurgandy?

      nailed it

    • B-to-the-H

      I agree 100%, especially #6. She needs to be found.

      • Kelowna Chiver

        That Pantera shirt has me sold on #6 MOAR!!!!

    • linkx

      you my dear sir have awesome taste!

    • BrandeeJo

      Totally agree with you! 🙂

  • fucked

    #37 you like mistletoe?

    • Kato

      More like Mrs. Toe.

    • maboze1x

      Damn, she's fine!

  • Troop67

    #40 just WoW beautiful!

  • aaron

    My Prayers are with the Family's in Connecticut this afternoon. People are sick!

    • sfb101

      Mine as well, It's a horrible thing. Just some people are sick, not all of us…

    • Kato

      People are not sick Aaron. Those who do horrendous crimes are not people, they're beasts. And the fact that the U.S. gun control law is shit results to unbearable consequences like this.

      • aaron

        You are correct Kato. Thanks!

      • DDD

        Dont start a gun control bullshit argument….

        • JSJ

          There's no argument

      • Justsay OyVey

        Kato I agree and disagree with you. The gun control laws are only part of the problem. Those who want a gun to protect their families have a headache getting a gun while those with ill intent get untraceable guns from less then reputable dealers (less then reputable dealers read as criminals)

    • why?

      I understand the gesture, but can we all stop praying to the god that continues to let things like these happen?

      • Catholic

        Hey. Shut your fucking mouth.

    • Robbert

      Americans are sick…

  • Chack

    there's something about #37 that really turns me on… can't quite figure it out…

    • Brian

      She has a vagina….yup, that's it.

      • Chack

        must be that…cool phone of hers

    • maboze1x

      Maybe because she's super hot?

      • baddbuzz

        With a super smile . .

  • jholmes

    #21 ummm rash much?

    • Chack

      haha sweet rash

    • Shane

      yeah that shit is bad




        But to clarify, I'd still hit it.

    • poopman

      i think she has bedbugs, or chicken pox, or something. either way, kind of strange to send in a photo like that.

      • Eric

        Yea, had to be something up.. maybe we missed the caption about, "had the mumps, but my humps helped me KCCO.."

    • Mr Belvedere

      should have been the closing photo…

      • Huh?


    • Aaaaaronnnnn

      definitely psoriasis

      • Joe

        Absolutely psoriasis. I'm a nurse and spent six months working in dermatology. I'd bet money on psoriasis.

        One word, chick: Stelara

        • WYH?!?!

          Yea. 6m in Derm, and you're expert? Not likely. Over stated confidence like this is why you no longer are in Derm. This is not psoriasis. Moreover, stelara is for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, which this is not. Have fun wipping up on medsurg.

    • absure2

      could be an reaction to certain drugs (antibiotics) experienced this with family members. if this is the case she should reframe from using that medication

  • TheYesMan25

    #43 hello perfect

  • rock21

    People come here to escape the world, Fubar…if you don't get that and how pretty women can change your attitude then you're either gay, or stupid. Either way, try CNBC or CNN !

    • aaron

      18 Children are dead you dumb fuck. Have some respect.

    • UhHuh

      You are an asshole, you don't belong here.

  • sfb101

    #14 #25 Oh Yea!
    #19 We need to your face before we can make such decisions.

    • Gracie Vizcarra

      Do you work out

  • savagecabbage

    #6 she's a Pantera fan… I must have you. But seriously you are craaaazy hot

    • Sean

      Super, super, crazy hot!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOAR!

      • Hayn21

        WOW. where can i get a heineken phone case?!?!??

    • FunKiller

      Let's not forget about #11……..I say got damn!!

      • You're welcome

        Sabrina Nellie

    • savagecabbage

      Screw fake tits, one dimensional mirror bitch, this girl needs her own gallery because seriously one of the hottest women i have ever seen…. and she's a Pantera fan…. and has a heineken phone case… and i just spit ballin here but would say she likes Jack Daniels

  • Brian

    #21 has a sweet case of bed bugs on her legs. I bang her and then catch myself on fire.

    • Tim

      or which case you must burn the entire F'n house down.

  • Mike Hunt

    #42 This is pretty well the finest moment of my day. The complete package.

  • tigerraider

    #26 keep them coming.

    • theWizz

      overrated bad boob job

      • umm

        and what evidence do you have to support this?

    • DjDiddles

      I think i love this girl. Amazing

    • savagecabbage

      Hmm who is she? haven't seen her here before

      • LATechGradStudent

        she is the LATech girl…we must discover her name

        • DjDiddles

          I will give you a Nobel find her prize if you do!

      • Just Me

        I see what you did there.

        • LATechGradStudent

          you must be the "LATech girl"

    • Captm

      NOT HOT

    • IDGAF

      Hey it's psycho chick in another room!! Let me guess…she caught her ex-boyfriend having sex with another chick (who he probably ran off with) and decided to get a pair of "man mades" to get back at him.

    • kris

      Does she have a backside? Seen many of the front and would love to see the back as well.

      • Jimmy

        Notice how much less hot she is when half her tits aren't showing.

      • Need Moar

        She does, indeed! On Happy Humpsday! She is the 29th one down! Enjoy!

    • IceStationKilo

      MOAR! Ignore the haters and keep em coming, KCCO!

      • Yeah?

        Do you always give yourself a thumbs up?

    • GoodNuf

      I want to know who she is providing her services to in order to keep getting posted.

  • MrCoffee

    #7 is cute

    • Hugh G. Rection

      Gotta respect the Bill! Keep chivin!

    • ABCdario

      One of the bests GAP in months, justo take a look closely.

      • Josiah

        Truth 🙂

    • absure2


    • Reba

      Thanks Guys!

  • GeeGonkey!

    #26 Hey different room but more clothes???? let's work on the last part

    • @SoCalChiver

      No under boob this time 😦

  • Nick

    These women are beautiful!

  • Twaun007

    #8 #11 #46 Let me get!

    • Open minded

      I kinked my neck staring at #11…

      • Thisguy

        Brina from MFC.

    • thatguy188

      #11 😉

  • Hoosier

    Mirror mirror on the wall show me the biggest squirter of them all..

  • crustybubblechunks

    #44 Awesome abs

    • jjjjjjjj

      #44 made me forget what i was doing.

    • NHChiver

      Awesome everything!

  • Tillman61

    #17 #19 More than worthy – awesome! Thanks!

  • terry

    theres sum buirfuls in this trad

  • steve

    #18 beautimus…may i have some moar please ?

  • Carl

    #8 Holy shit!!

    • ass lover

      damn!! this bitch is hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • because_boobs

      3.25 of the best breasts I've ever seen!


    • Rahm Emanuel

      Porno Chick, since I can't recall her name she is a porno chick not a porn start

    • Timbo

      Daniella Lanio. You're welcome 😉

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