There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (112 Photos)

It's been an eventful week here at theCHIVE. It was nice to get back to basics (a.k.a. Jack Daniel's) last night and put together the Sexy Chivers gallery. Without the Chivettes, this website really wouldn't be half of what it is today. Here's to you, girls.

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes, submit here.

Stay tuned for the Friday DAR!

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  • _louldefrance_

    #43 tu es magnifique!!!

  • Da niel

    Moar #48 # 64 !!!

  • modem Oner

    Oh and #75 us one if my favs that smile!

  • tentacles64

    Not sure if a sexy gun shot does it for me today…

  • hutchva

    Even covered up… #103 is sexy

  • bottleofjack

    #17 #106 hawt in black and white

  • Spicy

    so many hot chivettes

  • jimmy92977

    Grayson. I just agree… Phillip`s artlclee is really cool, on saturday I got a top of the range Ford Mustang from having made $8519 this past month and more than ten-grand last munth. without a doubt it is the nicest-job Ive ever had. I started this 5 months ago and practically straight away got me at least $74 p/h. I use this here great link,, http://ace60.cℴm

  • skunkboy

    Thanks again #78 … so hott!

  • chris

    #58, marry me.

    -BC Chiver

  • dan

    Cute and sexy!

  • dan


  • KSizzle

    All of em are pretty, #75 and #89 are my favorite!

  • Frank

    #25 you're smoking

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 #6 #84 – some very sexy chivettes.

    #30 – christina applegate lookalike.

    • CCCM

      thank youuu!

      love number 30.

  • Will Baker

    Soooooo #44 where in South Florida does she live?!?! Find her!! #44

  • Hostile 17


    To shit ?

  • Brain Police

    Want to do a 69 with #69

  • Brain Police

    What's up with the arms on #105…??????

  • May

    #30 absolutely gorgeous!

    • CCCM

      thank you so muucho!

  • Green_85

    #9 WOW!!! Would love to talk with her!

  • @TheGreenMalice

    #50 has me all shook up!

  • Redlover

    #100 sexy red head! i want MOAR

  • JudeCT

    PLEASE give #17 her own post or make her COTW. Ive seen her on here a ton and every picture she is cute as hell!

  • Chad

    #10 makes me believe in love at first sight

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