Relax with some girls in lingerie (31 Photos)

  • Chason Aura


    • Loki

      Probably the only thing you have ever accomplished in your whole entire life. Now shit and fall backwards you peanut.

      • Chason Aura

        ^Definitely the only thing I have ever accomplished EVER.

        • Loki

          In that case congratulations, I'm proud of you. Never forget that you are special and who knows what you can do now? You may one day get a first comment on the DAR, follow tour dreams champ.

          • Chason Aura

            Lol just enjoy the beautiful ladies on the chive and watch some football. No need to be a sarcastic dickhead. I'm just thankful I have to opportunity be alive and on the chive today.

            • Loki

              I'd believe you but your first comment suggests that you don't enjoy the chive at all, instead it appears that you sit on your computer eagerly awaiting a new thread to pop up so you can be the fastest ball bag to scroll down to the comments and type out first.

              • Chason Aura

                Well I'm sorry I gave you the wrong impression. There's a "first" for everything…. Just happened to be me today.

                • Yo Momma

                  Damn such hostility…

    • your ex

      yes, to cum in 10sec

    • Dave

      Congrats on failing the gay test

  • Jayyk

    #5!!!! So hot

    • savagecabbage

      permanent erection

    • bdg

      #23 MORE!!!!!!!! Beautiful hands!!!

    • Anon

      Why cuz you can't see her face?

  • Logic

    I see ya #4 & #15 mmmmhhmmmmm

    • NoodlumNad

      Girl in the middle of #4 must be found!

      • Ouboet

        Left: Sheridan Fisher, Middle: Becky Lamb, Right: Lauren K. Vickers.


        They all use their twitter machines properly.

  • gfour

    #14 Great dimples

    • Lucas_Schmidt

      We must find this cuteness.

      • Chiver_Sammy

        Must Find her #14 ….. We want MOAR….

    • Rex Crotch

      You know you are ghey when the first thing you notice on a hot piece of ass in lingerie is her dimples. Just sayin'.

      • gfour

        i thought it was already widely known that this chick is hot and has a nice rack

    • Chack

      and by dimples you mean tits?

  • m.c.

    holy. shit.

  • Zak

    #10 I bit my tongue when I saw this beauty

    • chase


    • Smack76

      A prefect 10, and playful too.

  • c squared

    # 26 can cure any erectile disfunction

    • SOhioChiver

      Here let me get that for you… #26
      So many beautiful Chivettes!
      Awesome Job Chive, usually this titled post has a bunch of worn out internet pictures of models but you really stepped up to the plate this time!

  • Abe Froman

    #23 Hands Up!


      Those look heavy..let me hold those for ya!

  • Ppidx

    #17 #23
    Who are they ????

    • Google

      Hillary Fisher and Rosie Roff.

      • Ppidx

        Thank you so much

  • BertoPop

    #10 and #27
    Moar and Moar please!

    • Yum Yum Roll

      #10 is just too damn hot for words.

    • enjoy

      #27…. Bailey Jay youre welcome

  • Jayavc

    #24 Made me drool a little

    • Chip Chipperson

      Bree Olsen has that kind of effect.

    • mdubs

      I think I broke something when looking at this picture.

  • You know it

    #5 Don't care what her face looks like. That body is amazing!

    • SOhioChiver

      I would like to…(insert anything dirty-minded here).


    The Chive and the NFL on a Sunday…what could be better!

    • mynameis

      Your mom!

  • Hrdwood

    #22 Was trying to get my Christmas cards finished today… then I got distracted.

  • KayMan

    #6 has a wonderful derriere…in other words…DAT ASS!!!

    • SOhioChiver

      nice from beginning KC…
      to ending CO…

  • reggie1610

    #17&#25: Naughty vixens. The twins are conjested and now I feel like emptying my ample pipe.

  • jojobean

    Every time a girl poses for a lingerie shot God cures a person with cancer…so girls, do your part

    • jason

      what a sad thing to say u tit

  • Vince

    #14 my gawwddd

  • jojobean

    I love #23
    Every time a girl poses for a lingerie shot God cures a person with cancer

    • Jawbone

      Yeah, we got that the first time you posted it, genius.

    • awhellno

      funny though that the first comment has no thumbs up; but the second, with the pic of #23 in it, currently has 12

  • Sir Tits Alot

    #5 MOAR!

  • N2MotoX

    #19 Yes, please!

  • Morten

    #3 is absolutely stunning

  • mikey

    #1 It's a TRAAAAP!!!

    • Mr Magoo

      The porn star Charmane Star?

  • sean

    #6-#9 more please

  • n8tivet3ch

    #11 my kind of short haired beauty.

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