I have so many questions (30 Photos)

  • Mr.waffles

    Well fuck..

    • it happens

      got to be first and now you're ashamed of it??

      • Mr.waffles

        Well maybe I am!

  • CanadaChivette

    #20 guy obviously grew up in the city…

    • AlbertaFTW

      beat me to it.

      • CanadaChivette

        Damn rights Alberta FTW :)!

        • Trav1121

          Hell Yeah! RD, AB here! We rule Canada!

          • Twinbed

            me too 😮

      • CanadaChivette

        *** Referencing your name- not the fact that I beat you to it! Haha

      • juan


    • Jbs

      I live in northern Alberta. People get shot for dumb questions like that

      • chucklesclown

        I don't know if anyone gets shot over it here, but that's a pretty common site in southern Illinois too.

      • Sbj

        People don't get shot in Canada…

      • truth

        Northern Alberta is the new Detroit?

    • Jbs

      I live in northern Alberta, people get shot for stupid question like that

      • aosdinas

        people get shot for writing the same thing twice

        people get shot for writing… oh never mind

      • MylesofStyles

        I live in northern Alberta, my parents are cousins, and my wife is my sister.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cody.cooper.545 Cody Cooper

      I see those size tires every day. I build them.

      • What_Tha

        Tiring work i bet

        • OMG


    • Todd

      Those are for earth mover equipment.

      • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

        AKA your mother's Rascal Scooter……..

        • chucklesclown

          Nicely done.

        • TheVanityScore


        • brad


    • http://twitter.com/HealeyM_E @HealeyM_E

      what she said ^^^

    • Peterj

      Cat 797 welcome to the oil sands baby!

    • Optimus Prime

      They are for me! I got a flat killing some deceptagons a few days ago.

  • Just Sayin'

    #1 feels great, you should try it some time.

    • Notknowing

      Having opposable thumbs, apparently, is way better than being chased by dogs.

    • thedon

      still would…

  • bigscreen


    • derp

      It's spelled "F O U R T H"

  • bcbigbuds


  • CowboyChiver

    #30 Looks like someone got some sand in her……

    • Logs

      and someone else has FLBP

      • Billbo


    • B4 I FU RU 18

      Sandy Corn, went to HS with her. True story bro.

      • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick


      • Atom819

        what's her FB

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      OH IDIOTS!! Answer the question!!1!

      Boobs or Butts?

      – the one who chooses boobs

      • goatpunch

        Don't tell me how to live my life

        • paul

          Too late

      • smokee robinson

        i feel the real question is.. what do you feel like today.

      • moose_nutz

        Boobs…mos def.

      • Professor Squeegee

        Yes, is the answer. Duh!

      • ChaseTheWalker

        Not sure what the question is, but the answer is beer. The answer is always beer!

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          No asshat, BACON!!1!
          Bacon or boobs. I prefer boobs. Or bacon first, then boobs.

          – the one you love to hate

          • ChaseTheWalker

            Bacon on boobs!

    • Deep Dish


    • DJ Tanner

      yes, put those in there…

    • TheCanadianGuy

      Both if you're doing it right.

    • Radam

      #30 TITS!!!

  • lilian

    #3 is that a butt on that man's stomach

    • nukinfuts

      Frontbutt is for lovers….

    • admiralperry

      is that a man/woman?
      why are there oompa loompas?

      this picture raises the most questions

    • Chazz

      Or a woman that looks like a man, dressed like a woman, with oompa loompas and easter bunnies worried about him/her? But what is most unusual of all is the normal man with the black suit.

      • the credible hulk

        FUPA lupa FUPA dee doo…

  • DarksideDrew

    #30 TnA for days

  • Wittry

    Where the hell does it go???

    • Claude

      mind blown

    • Austinite

      The world may never know

    • eddy

      #19 Somebody is trying to figure it out

  • Hrdwood

    #29 After I photoshop some santa hats on, I've got my new Christmas card for this year…

    • Mr. Milk

      That pile of wood cannot be comfortable.

    • Notknowing

      And I thought it was Hony Boo Boo's extended family.

  • ... and?...
    • CoalMiner

      More likely a cat 797 or a komatsu 930e

    • james

      797 B 🙂

      • Dan

        They have a lot of 797F kicking around now too… but they aren't for the 797 930E or the Liehbear version of it.

        • carmasterr


    • Daniel Plante

      Cat 797F runs on the largest tires in the world: Michelin 59/80R63 XDR 4.028 m (13.22 ft) tall, 5,300 kg (11,680 lb).

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #5 My Childhood!!

  • ... and?...

    #30 – why not Both?

  • Boobman

    #30 i like both!

  • rAs

    #23 The only question I have is "Will you marry me?"

  • sfb101

    #23 'Mercia or Homer's wonderland, not sure…

  • Murph

    #30, Yeah, these girls look good, but the one in the back right looks like she is DTF. I'd go with her.

    • Wittry

      She totally looks Down To Fish.

      • Murph

        Finally someone gets me.

  • ukulelemike

    #22 needs to be a balloon at the next Macy's parade!

    #23 no explanation needed: I'm there!

  • üäö


  • ThunderKCCO

    well, I suppose someone has to: #9 Go home train, you are drunk!!

    • Mick Taylor

      On Sunday, January 25, 1948 at approximately 8:45AM, this Santa Fe diesel locomotive, pulling the combined Super Chief and El Capitan from Chiago, was involved in this incredible accident. The lead locomotive, number 19, not responding to its braking system, crashed through the "end-of-track" bumper, across a raodway, climbed the curbing, and crashed through a concrete wall, hanging over Aliso Street approximately 20 feet below.

  • https://www.facebook.com/beckford58 Ryan Beckford

    #20 is for a cat haul truck. Probably a 793

    • ratedgg13

      even a 797 – though do they use different tire sizes?

    • Daniel Plante

      Cat 797F has 13.22 ft tall tires, largest in the world.

  • jjj

    #14 if an isolated tribe ever saw this picture they would think hole shit we must never explore.

    • sure

      Yes, seeing a color photograph on a phone, tablet, computer, or even paper, I'm sure that would be their first thought….

    • 2 in the pink

      Great shoes for anal

  • http://twitter.com/LFGD1978 @LFGD1978

    #30 I think I'll need a little more context

  • Danno

    #30 Is she asking me if I'd shove those boobs in her butt? Yes, yes I would.

    • http://twitter.com/lukeskynski @lukeskynski

      lol nicely done, this cracked me up

  • Frank Costanza

    #13- Cleveland

    • SaltyDog

      Or through my ex-wife's living room window…

    • bridget

      WHO TOLD YOU??? Our secret's been revealed…

    • moose_nutz

      I live and Cleveland and I can assure you Frank, you are correct.

    • NikkeD

      It goes to quadling country. Even if you haven't read the books, it takes less time to google it than make a meme

    • ShakeyTheMoil

      I read your comment and laughed….I live in Cincinnati and thought I would make a derogatory comment about Cleveland, when lo and behold the phone wrings and caller ID says Cleveland, OHIO o.0

      I shall not make a derogatory comment sir!

    • What_Tha

      I thought you could only get to Cleveland via steam train?

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