Spreading holiday cheer is best done through FLBP (60 Photos)

  • TheMoose03

    Sometimes I wonder why there are never any women like this where I live. So I can, you know, ogle them in person.

    • chisurburbschiver

      So glad u didn't go with "First!"

      • TheDoctor

        What, no women live in your parent's basement?

      • albloss

        I don't understand this fascination with the word "first". Who cares.

  • SuperiorTo8

    #12 Brought to you by the letters DD

    • G to the i to the o

      You win sir, bow down to you. All i was thinking was "hmmm i wonder if they share a bed?"

    • carl

      i just shit myself and i don't even care.

  • Vic


    • Drool @ Pinky

      Miss Cincinnati Bowtie 2012.

      • Scuba_Steve33

        #5 … Save image as…

  • Wet_tosti

    #16 Nice ornaments!

    • ChivetteHeather


  • Aurelius

    II'll take one of each, please.

    • nate33uc

      #37 has been making me weak at knees for weeks…COTW please, or at least, MOAR!

  • adam

    boobs are the best!!!
    from an Aussie chiver.

    • SOhioChiver

      #46 Close Enough!

    • AUSChiver

      Hah! So I'm not the only one

  • Jean K. Jean

    #43 Just the right amount of crazy.

    • woahh

      Check out the guy behind her trying to sneakily take a picture of that butt

      • 1_eye

        Looks a little like Gus Fring checking out her ass.

        • Kato

          When Gus Fring checks your ass, you better let him.

    • Tomx569

      Just enough to keep a guy interested.

  • Duncan

    FLBP makes my day

  • Frank

    Does anyone know the name of #59?

    • http://twitter.com/imixplastik @imixplastik

      sara jean underwood..?

      • Frank

        Thank you. I couldn't remember her name.

        • Drunkendave

          Welcome to the Internet Frankie.

          • maboze1x

            Well, everyone is not an american….

            • Jawbone

              Her name is "Attention Whore", right?

              • maboze1x

                That's her! 🙂

              • Courtesy Flush

                You wouldn't be saying that if she was paying attention to you. But since that will never happen I guess that's why you call her a Whore.

      • yoga bear
    • Mason

      who is the one on the right?

      • Matt

        Her name is Emma Glover; she is British.

    • chad

      The one in the middle is Sara Jean Underwood. Playboy model.

    • TheVanityScore

      dang so much fail lol

    • Seth

      Sarah Jean Underwood….Enjoy!

  • Andy Valentine

    #16 Nice baubles

  • http://twitter.com/imixplastik @imixplastik

    I stayed at #1 for about 10 minutes.. MOAR!

    • maboze1x

      Shay Maria?

      • DanielEvans2007

        I'm pretty sure it's her.

    • SMA

      Kinda looks like Crissy Moran

      • Guest

        Not Crissy Moran.

    • Sherlock

      I was finished in 2…

      • o__o

        you mean you came in 2 min

    • bobbyb

      I think it's adrienn levai or her dj name dj baby la

    • Kato

      I'd stay for her too, just so you know.

  • Mark Sanchez

    #29, most definitely not in my warm up routine…

    • ChiverLance

      Be nice if she was.

  • pimpninjaa

    #4 Rosie Jones…mmmmm #51 I like girls because squishy

    • Clint

      Caught myself staring with my mouth open at #3 and then realized that #4 is my iPhone wallpaper.

      • Want300


        My Future Wife…

        • wade

          Rosie is spactacular

    • wade

      RJ is hot. Hotter. The. Hottest. Ever

    • wade

      havnt seen anyone sexier than Rosie and probably never will


    #51 is a goddess

    • golfn9

      Agree !

    • Salma lover

      hotter than sofia vergara

      • DanielEvans2007

        Hey now! Let's not get too crazy!

    • Patrick

      #51 is the ever gorgeous Salma Hayek! yum!

  • RealZoo

    #34 #51 …is all I want for Christmas!

  • NZChiver

    #53 = Tessa from Cosmid, enjoy lads….and ladies if you are so inclined that way!

    • Nice

      Tessa Fowler. One of the best racks on the planet.

    • BoobsRUs

      Looking her up ruined the picture in my head of the girl next door. But seeing those knockers pop out and the tongue ring when she licked her nipple made up for it I guess.

  • freezer boy

    #4. Niiiiice!

    • Want300

      Rosie Jones… Do a Tumblr search for her. Great photos… NFSW

    • wade

      The most beautiful. Woman. I have. Ever. Set eyes. On wade

  • jim

    #26 why would u ruin good tits w an incredibly shitty tat. #trailerpark

    • Yep

      tats do not belong anywhere near a woman's chest

    • Car Ramrod

      Still would.

    • chivester

      chock full o' crazy

    • DanielEvans2007

      I didn't even notice the tatt at first. I like girls tattoos but you're right, not around their cheat

    • zackgonick

      Doesn't matter.. she might be the prettiest girl out of the entire 60.

  • jim

    #58 is the hottest woman alive. Merry Christmas.

    • Sully

      So how do you really feel about this woman, Jim? Do you really feel the need to tell us so many times? I hope no one identifies her or 'Ol Jim is gonna be on the news.

  • jim

    #58. A woman cannot physically be hotter than #58. #perfection. Holy shit thus woman is amazing – should be worshipped until the end of time.

    • Marco Polo

      My best friend got with this girl actually. her model name is Jax. not as attractive in real life

  • Swarley

    #56 #57 #59

    • Lucas_Schmidt

      #57 Larissa Riquelme

    • LukeSkywalker

      #56 is Barbara Mori, I believe.

      • Tijuanero

        Arianny Celeste, UFC Ring Card Girl with no butt

  • can


  • FarmBoy

    #14 #37 Please find!

  • orion

    i still watching #1

    • knows it all

      Shay Marie

  • jim

    #58. There are no words to adequately describe how incredibly hot you are. Chive 58 should be the lead off girl posted for flbp every single Monday. #inlove.

    • JP13

      You need to calm down a little James…….hot? of course… but act like you've been there before (which I know you haven't, but still)

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