Please help, "Bring home U.S. Marine Jon Hammer" (story)

“Jon Hammer, a former U.S. Marine, was going to surfing and bird hunting in Costa Rica when he was arrested at the border going into Mexico. He had already cleared his gun with U.S Customs officers (it was his Grandfather’s 100 year old antique shotgun) and was at the office in Mexico to register it there when he was arrested because it was 1 inch too short for their laws. All they had to do was tell him he could not bring it into Mexico and send him back with an escort to U.S. Custom’s side and he would still be free. U.S. Customs should have had Mexican regulations and stopped him there, but they cleared him to go through. He has been held for 5 months and treated inhumanely, under death threats and extortion attempts and his life is in danger.”

Please take a minute to help bring Jon Hammer home
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  • Treva Liu

    It would be a very nice act for a good cause.

  • RetiredChief

    Our politicians are concerned with so many unworthy agendas. This should be one of their main focus. Bring our Devil Dog home!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Agreed and I got pissed this morning when I heard that a petition to have a boy's Easy Bake Oven got 44,000 signatures in a shorter span of time.

  • RetiredChief

    Too bad you have to have a FB account to sign the petition. They're going to lose a lot of signatures because of that.

    • MylesofStyles

      Agreed. They must be targeting signatures from duck faced teenage girls.

    • Dru S.

      I just signed it without a FB account, took five mins.

    • Tyler

      You don't need a facebook account. I created an account and login using my email address.

    • Justin

      Here is the link to sign the petition,it's throught the White House not FB………… .

  • papahem

    It's a simple phone call from the embassy to get him out. Don't you just love Congress's support of our troops…when they find it convenient and expedient to a reelection?! Get him & and home.

    • Mattman

      From what I've been able to find, it seems the Mexican government is so weak that they don't control the area where he's being imprisoned. Mexican gang lords and their corrupted officials run the show where our boy is being held. So apparently not so simple to get him released.

      • scotty6fingers

        Then send in Seal Team 6 and take out those fuc kers!!!!

        • 5eagles

          Seriously. Also there are how many Marine bases in the US desert with in a stone's throw from the US-Mexico border? 2? 3? Lets do this shit. Get John and hollow out some drug cartel strongholds while we're at it.

          P.S. petition signed.

          • jOb

            Yep, gotta love mother government and the ol "go back to your couch tax payer, there's nothing to see here!!" mentality.

          • Garzawest

            these guys have no morals i've seen it first hand unfortunately any push they get they'll attack where it hurts. no morals means kids women and elderly will be decapitated literally they've done it many times just because some reporters reported on them what do u think they'll do if u go throwing rocks in there back yard ? many innocent ppl would be put in danger if this ever happens

      • Guest

        I heard that about the cartel, too. But I don't buy it.

        What I would believe is the Mexican government playing hardball because of all the civilians that got killed when the Fast and Furious guns crossed the border without their knowledge or consent.

        Under the previous operation (Wide Receiver) the Mexican government knew about the program, knew exactly when and where the guns were crossing the border, and did their best to follow them. Some even had radio chips that could be tracked. But it was after they lost track of some south of the border, that the previous operation was cancelled because it was too dangerous.

        With Fast and Furious, no one even told the Mexican Government about it. Dozens of innocent civilians have been killed with those guns. Think they'd be a little upset about that?

        • Vet

          You would think that they would be more upset with the bajillion pounds of drugs passing through their country and the fact that they even have these "people" in their country that would even use them on their populace. I don't buy that they are playing hardball. If Trayvon Martin is the president's son, who is this guy???

  • Joe

    Lets see what our president can do for him. He has time for magazine photo shoots up not enough time for serious issues of soldiers lives. I hope someone can clear this up.

    • Guest

      When asked what the President was doing about it yesterday at a news conference, Jay Carney was completely unaware of the situation.

      This, despite Fox News being all over it, and members of congress calling the State Department and White House to see why this hasn't been dealt with.

    • Plurp

      Unfortunately, the president doesn't have the time. He is currently on the campaign trail blaming the republicans for the fiscal cliff and when he is done he has that 20 day, $4 Million Christmas vay cay in Hawaii. And anyway, Mr Hammer needs to learn that only the obama administration can send guns to Mexico, not law abiding citizens.

      Seriously, fuck our government and the current administration and especially that narcissistic ass in the white house. And may God be with Jon Hammer.

    • Collin

      Yeah they'll get to the bottom of it, just like Benghazi.

  • BSS

    I can't believe anyone in our government can't clean this mess up. Seems like a simple misunderstanding. Typical politicians can't take a few moments to actually do their jobs.

    • Groggy

      I don't get why the petition is even necessary. I signed it of course, but why is it even there? Get the guy home, period. What, if we don't reach 25,000 signatures…then what? If we do….then what?

      This is just ridiculous.

  • 0331

    Amazing, the Marine was arrested trying to adhere to the law.

  • Tom

    Let's bring this brother home. Being active duty Navy, there's nothing better than the rivalry we have with the Marines…but we're all in this together. One team, one fight.

    • techno_viking

      The Military should put together a Special Ops team and go fuck those Mexicans up and bring him home.

      • Vet

        Violence of action would straighten this right the fuck out.

  • Benjamin Joiner

    I've signed it. Posted in on my Facebook, which is almost explicitly fellow soldiers. We may be Army and not Marines, but we're brothers in the military. I truly hope this helps.

    Benjamin Joiner
    SPC, USA

    • txthorpe

      I signed and wrote my US Rep a letter for this young man.

  • Rickerlol

    Hmm…I herd this last night, his mother said, "he's coming home, but I will not be at ease until he's back on US soil"

  • Chri

    I know a couple well armed former marines, myself included, that would be happy to go bring him home…….

    • onChive

      I'll check out a UH-1Y for a cross country. I'll meet you at 29 stumps

      • jus

        Hooyah. I say if he's not home in two weeks. We recomment with contact info and go get him. Mother fuckers wanna come here illegally…

  • Rick3381

    He'll be released Friday per their attorney.

  • san

    Bring him home!!!

  • 11A Hunter

    The government he fights for won't help him, and the people he fights for don't care. How typical of America.

  • 11A Hunter

    *fought, he's a former Marine.

    • Paul

      There is no such thing as a 'former' Marine

  • Cablelayer

    This is ridiculous……

    Maybe Hillary can get over her Headache, and make a few phone calls..

    C'mon, get this patriot home for the Holidays……

  • some,people,r,stupid

    send in a special forces unit, they dont fuck around. he'll be home in no time.

  • jimctu

    hope they send him back soon.<img src="; width="1"/>

  • bravo

    why was he taking a gun to mexico to begin with? I feel bad dude is in prison, but he did break the law…..

    • robby

      The barrel was one inch short…not illegal to take a gun to mexico and us customs had cleared it….did u even read the story?

      • Garzawest

        i live 7 minutes away from reynosa mexico, and it's common sense that the last thing the corrupt zeta and sinaloa cartel lead government officials want in their country is someone with a weapon and someone with training to use that weapon, no matter what the law is ! the zeta cartel is the law their and in border cities here as well

      • bravo

        Yeah I read it. US laws and Mexico laws are obviously very different. Another government has little or no obligation to honor the laws and regulations of another country. Hell, try using the excuse "but officer, its a .09 not a .08. It's like one hundredth of a percent. C'mon man…."
        If he broke the law, he broke the law. If he didn't thats another story. Still my question is why did he see a need to take a gun to Costa Rica on a surfing trip? Especially when the gun was "little more than a BB gun."

        • ODA 5th

          He was also bird hunting… Details are not your strong point are they? There are many ways to measure barrel length that will give differnt measurements, from the receiver, from the bolt, from the chamber ect… Obviously no one would knowingly try to leagly register an illegal arm. He should have been denied entry not arrested by a very corrupt government that enforces no laws against heavily armed (by our goverment) drug organizations!

    • Anonymus

      hunting guns are not illegal

    • george

      Mexicans crossing the border illegally is illegal why dont we just chain them up. They are breaking the law

  • robby

    Once a marine always a Marine!

  • Big Daddy

    BRING HAMMER HOME, no more bullshit Mr. President do your "F"ing job! Get it done!

  • thatguy188

    This is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. WTF is this place called Mexico? It's just absolute common sense that if someone tries to register it, he isn't trying to hide it. Politely stating the fact this weapon is illegal would have been more than sufficient for this gentlemen to turn around.

  • Anonymus

    WTF… he needs a human rights visitor, cause in Mexico handcufs are against law.

    • Vet

      I bet if he was a gay black man the ACLU would be ALL OVER THIS.

  • danielbarber

    How is it that man can fight for this country make it home and we leave him there to rot. It make me sick. bring that man home hes earned his freedom alot more then most of the shit heads in this country!
    Thank you to all the troops for the wonderful freedoms i enjoy every day.

  • sneakytaliban

    lol you Americans and your guns

    • Yann

      You Sir, can go fuck yourself with your comment.

      Thank you.

    • Rank

      And Mexicans having their country run by criminals, while not allowed gun themselves.

      Lol, Mexicans and their illegal immigration. I'd say lock em up if it wasn't a waste of money.

      We just need a bigger wall.

    • kelton

      Mrs. Sneakytaliban go fuckyourself with your comment.

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