Please help, "Bring home U.S. Marine Jon Hammer" (story)

“Jon Hammer, a former U.S. Marine, was going to surfing and bird hunting in Costa Rica when he was arrested at the border going into Mexico. He had already cleared his gun with U.S Customs officers (it was his Grandfather’s 100 year old antique shotgun) and was at the office in Mexico to register it there when he was arrested because it was 1 inch too short for their laws. All they had to do was tell him he could not bring it into Mexico and send him back with an escort to U.S. Custom’s side and he would still be free. U.S. Customs should have had Mexican regulations and stopped him there, but they cleared him to go through. He has been held for 5 months and treated inhumanely, under death threats and extortion attempts and his life is in danger.”

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  • Nescobaraloplop

    Boycott Mexico! Don't buy…. whatever crap they make there.

  • kota

    Love and prayers going out to you and your family. We're all hoping for a safe return home soon. ❤

  • daniel goldthwait

    Miami (AP) — A Marine veteran jailed in a dangerous area
    in Mexico for carrying a shotgun across the border was expected
    to be released Friday, officials and his lawyer said.
    An aide to a legal representative of the Mexican attorney
    general's office told U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson's staff about the
    pending release after Nelson's office got word from the mother
    of Jon Hammar, a press release said.

  • Michael

    I was not there. I don't know the law on that. There is one thing I know. If he tried to register the gun, and wasn't aproved, jail time is not the answer. Im pretty sure there are plenty of drug dealers with guns in mexico. Why waste time trying to make Jon Hammer suffer. There are bigger things to worry about in this world. Do something good and send him home. Handcuff to the bed, thats way to far. He is not a dog or any sort of pet. I hope the right thing gets done.

  • Chris

    Just heard that Jon might be coming home on Fox News. Let's hope so.

  • Felicia

    Obama should do something deserving of the man of the year he received. This would save face mr president. Bring one of our own home.

  • Good news

    it's free now.

  • Sarah

    He has been released!

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