Animals that don’t suck (61 Photos)

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #24 What? Fuckin campers pissed me off

    • James

      Did him a favor. Must XBOX!

    • Vet

      You know…the whole "campers" whining thing is really annoying. It's called "Modern Warfare" not "spastic run around like you're invincible and shoot everyone's faces off". If they didn't want people to sit and wait, they wouldn't have added any sort of sniper rifles. Learn some fucking warfare tactics!

      • Vet

        also, #53

      • wordscramble

        Vet, A simple "thumbs up" just doesn't do this statement justice bro.

      • snottydragon

        Uh its a video game dude not REAL its meant to be fun not bore the fuck outta everyone!

      • George

        You will find this guy chilling in a corner surrounded by bouncing betties and shock chargers.
        But honestly shotguns and noob tubes piss me off more.

        • Filbur

          Wow, so how is that whole exchanging any shot at sex for playing with video games thing going?

  • hobbersr


  • RealZoo

    #17 "I'm on top of the world"
    #28 You're doing it wrong…
    #43 "Splish, splash I was takin' a bath"…

    • placenta_smoothie

      your trying too hard

      • leonidas

        you're not trying hard enough

  • Tiber_Septim

    #7 awww mom look at that face how could you possibly stay upset. that is the sweetest puppy

    • Mmmotorboatin

      Pretty sure dog shaming has run its course… Please move on!

  • N8orius

    first world cat problems, fuck stairs.

  • vince

    why am i getting flooded by some game add on here now!?

    • MylesofStyles

      It's a sign that your heart is full of pure evil.

    • Craigery

      Because you touch yourself.

    • fucked

      because you can't spell ad

  • augiedoggie

    What? No grumpy cat meme today?

  • KAFman

    Is it okay to think #6 is fantastic?

    • SeirraJohn117

      Dat gluteus maximus

      • Jen

        dat jail bait!

    • CaptainInsano

      Dogs are like… "She can fetch my stick"

  • rickacha

    #13 Daheck?

    • Bubba



      Mrs. Parker?…..Sara Jessica?

      • Dwight

        Renee Zellweger…

    • rej


  • Matticus

    #11 #25 Ein! 😀

    • that guy

      Cowboy Bebop ftw!

    • Hannah Fontenot

      You forgot #39

  • Gav

    #16 Bunny hop, so cool!

    • Holden McGroin

      I thought he was running in to tell him the pot of decaf was ready.

      • @coralmonster

        I watched this gif so many times.

  • Andrew

    #43 This one sucks!

  • LuvsHorror

    #27 and #43 look like babies in the process of turning into werewolves.

  • MattKL

    #3 I gave those kitties hundreds. Kitties love hundreds.

    • Where's Dildo

      First you get the cash. Then you get the puss.

  • justabill

    #54 looks like he just farted and is hoping no one noticed.

    • Horus

      Freakin adorable.

      I had a guinea pig who didn't like to be seen so she moved her igloo around and popped it up over food so she can eat in solitude of her own home. Felt like I had title with fur.

  • Jason

    At least #50 is drinking the good stuff

  • DavidZH

    Seen #47 as a GIF too. Makes it a lot funnier…
    And #16 made me roll of the chair laughing.

  • nbree

    #32 "I thought you were never ever coming home ever, so I panicked."

  • M&M

    #61 Should read: I over feed my dog & don't exercise it properly so its overweight and i'm ashamed

  • benny b

    Lies! #24 and #32 totally suck!

    • James

      hahaha the ps3 controller, that sucks, but i'd get over quickly. The wall though, wow.

  • G_Had

    #13 Glory hole?

  • Jackie Treehorn

    #25 paint me like one of your French girls

  • ImpressMe

    #1 Thats what you get for looking at 4chan ….. now you have to bleach your eyes….

  • dieseldoc25

    #21 WIN! That's tough to beat and totally freakin awesome!

    • aaa

      completely genuine smile! love it.

  • Yowza

    #24 #32 Now. Take my ass outside. You remember outside right?

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