Russian clubs, where Beauty and WTF have a play date (34 Photos)

  • Guest

    Who cares who's first?

  • mmmotorboat

    #33 in red. Nearly perfect caboose.

    • mmmotorboat

      Why all the haters? No one likes the tiny hiney anymore?

    • aaron

      there's a better one RIGHT NEXT TO HER

      • Open minded


    • Vet

      "Caboose"? Grandma, get off the internet.

  • Sherlock

    I hope she is under my tree Christmas morning #3

    • Jen

      how did they all get to be so fucking hot? i need to be russian in my next life.

      • BudHa

        russian women light my fire

  • echogeo

    She has darker roots than Alex Haley.

    • Killa

      That was so funny. Now I have to clean coffee off my computer

      • Crazy_Jake

        At least it was just the computer… I wasnt so lucky.. BIG MESS HERE..

    • Brian

      I am so going to use that one.

    • wtf

      you are old. take your old ass comments to the aarp page.

      • FTW

        your mom says high…

      • educate

        That or he reads a lot.

  • Bick Nolte

    There's black people in Russia? #20

    • :DDD

      Yes, one.

      • Hara

        There he is!

    • imdowngetme

      is he still alive though?

    • tv_paul

      Sure , they even named a drink after him…Black Russian.

      • JAFitC

        Well played, sir.

    • aryzewic

      They thought he was Jay-Z. Hence the picture.

    • fucked


    • B.M.F

      I was about to write the same thing

    • bigcityreem

      He's holding up one finger to indicate that "yes, I am the one and only black man of Russia." Carry on.

  • echogeo

    The fugly twins are here.

  • Undergrad

    Note to self: must go clubbing in Russia

    • @skoalbucs


  • Brett Hall

    #8 and #26 need to be imported

    • @LosSaysSwag

      That second chick looks 12… are you looking to adopt?

    • moose

      I'm with you, no. 3 also!
      Merry Christmas

    • Craigery

      Why? Every day on The Chive we see hundreds of American and Canadian girls that are WAY hotter.

  • erikhart

    #19 can get as weird as she wants!

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #12 Yeah, in this situation this is probably the right place to put your stethoscope.

    • @Sealer

      maybe they have great partys, but the medical education seems to be pretty bad!

    • MikeOverHere

      You were looking at his crotch? Man. Hey, Lucas! Justin Bieber called. He wants his gay back.

  • echogeo

    And you wonder why so many Russian women become mail order brides.

    • its_BACON

      I haven't laughed that hard in awhile, well done!!

    • wtf


      • FTW

        scream it louder. no one can tell you are jealous.

  • carnut

    Russia- Jersey Shore but with better accents

  • :DDD

    the only black person in Russia

  • CowboyChiver

    #14 Winner of the Mike Meyers look-a-like contest…

    • Wrench

      Looks nothing like Mike Meyers…. Try Paul Reubens in "Blow".

      • Hangout_wangout

        Looks nothing like Paul Rudd, try Mitch Hedberg.

    • leapyear

      Looks nothing like Mitch Hedberg….Try Tattoo!"Da plane"

      • Jack Burton

        Try the russian version of Captain and Teneal.

    • YeahDude

      Looks like Charlie Sheen.

  • SVSumm

    #21 Not the first time?

  • thatguy188

    Next vacation: Russia.


    #4 is just slutty sexy!! and makes me happy.



  • morebeer

    Based on these photos I need to go to Russia, the hot girl to ugly dude ratio looks promising.
    However there may be a lot of fails on the vicky mendoza diagonal

    • @Sealer

      but you have to remember that all these ugly dudes probably own a gas pipeline. And apparently that makes very sexy -_-

  • NebraskaGuy

    #26 Now she's just cute as hell!

    • Courtesy Flush

      Her name is 0565. I wonder if that's how you order them.

  • Jcore3

    #14 The next russian bond villain!

  • shoestring

    #15 #19 #26

  • North


    Oh wow!

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    #11 – I see Corky's doing well

    • raven


  • Mark_Chris_Top5

    #11 #13


    • Bill Clinton

      #13 – can i get that in supersize?

  • Craig

    #5 Jolene Blalock??

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