Russian clubs, where Beauty and WTF have a play date (34 Photos)

  • Kelso

    Why does that one guy have a shirt that's in English if they're in Russia…?

  • Mark_Chris_Top5


    AHAH Beetle Juice meets Rod Stewart

  • fucked

    #30 that guy has the stomach of a hot girl

  • 3 fan

    #30 I assume would be the gay club?

  • Gallus

    #18 – Heaven forbid the girl should put him behind in his drinkig!

  • hot chivette

    there is NO beauty here..these sad excuses for females are all trashy trolls

  • Notme

    #31 That is what your Russian bride will look like one day after her 30 day warranty expires

  • SteveO

    #30 …What's happening here ?

  • Kyle

    #26 is actually really cute.

  • ocho

    #25 gorgeous

    • pep

      Completely agree. blew up the page.

  • bigcityreem

    I've never been turned on and weirded out at the same time…until this post.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #19 – sure, the clubs are fucked… but the women are still hot.

  • et3kk

    which one is the cheapest?

  • bob

    holy hell which club can i find the girls no33 at two of the most perfect backsides

  • Awesome_Jenkins

    #24 PLZ FIND HER!!! (The blonde with the black boots in the background, lookin like she's dancin)

  • nomad

    if all of this were to happen in one place it would be the most epic event in the history of ever!!!

  • thenomadadventures

    and the address to the bar where i can find all these gorgeous women is….??

    i'll fly to Russia to meet – #3 #4 #15 #29 #33

  • K-1

    #12: i think i need a check-up as well!

  • Jaymon

    #4: My slutty fantasy
    #19: My sexually amazing fantasy (you know she can move her ass with abs like that!!!)
    #29: My Russian Emmanuelle Chriqui fantasy

    Can't go wrong with any of them

  • FFS

    I'm wondering how 50% of these pictures being pretty girls smiling at the camera is indicative of how weird russian clubs are.

  • Marq

    I miss the Berlin Wall

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