Unwrap your Hump Day gifts a little early (47 Photos)

  • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ teslawasrobbed

    #6 It's difficult to keep calm when your buttcheek is giving me the death stare.

    • nope

      the lack of comments for #26 makes me think something is wrong with my tastes. i think shes the best on here!

      • nope


      • its_forge

        Mouthwatering. I kept scrolling back up, it was like I was unable to go past it at all.

      • grumpy

        She's pretty good, yeah.

    • chisurburbschiver

      I'm surprised #12 wasn't mentioned much. Long live number 12! She's the winner in my eyes 🙂

  • Old Maid

    #28 Very cute!

    • nate33uc


    • David

      Definitely my fav

      MOAR of #28

    • Thunderdome

      First time I've ever posted here, my jaw dropped when I saw that ass and I made an audible "oohhhhhh."

      So effin' HOT…

    • Darren

      My fav , right down to the pose a earthy suit and accessories, love it!!!

  • Da Nig Nagga

    Need more thick asses.. Don't like looking at skinny dude butt

    • Da Nig Nagga

      #4 dat shit be poppin

    • Carl

      Go get yours eyes checked!

    • Da Nig nagga

      #47 eww


        GO TO YOUR LOCAL WALMART… I' m Sure you will find some… stop using Ebonics to type…

    • Carl

      If you want fat asses, go wait in line at a McDonalds

      • Da Nig nagga

        Bra, don be Hattib cause ya little dick can't hit a healthy ass doggy style… Only fits in hen ya hit da Boney ass, huh? Difference between obese and healthy thick, ya dig

        • Guest

          You think you sound cool talking like that but in reality you sound like a moron. If you want people to listen to your opinion… try using your grown up words.

        • Courtesy Flush

          You talk funny.

    • Da Nig Nagga

      #32 where da fun in dat? Dude swag

      • Mitten State Fireman

        Da fact dat you said "dude swag" makes me wanna punch ya in ya face, seen? Seriously though, you need a grammar lesson, and an ass whooping. Bring on the negative likes, but damn.

    • Da Nig nagga

      #8 second from da left.. She a big fine women, won't ya back dat ass up. Why don't dese girls make da cut ?? It's hump day, show some humps.

      • Geezer

        I don't understand much of what you are trying to say, my big black heart attack, but I think its something like you want the big ass like what should be hitched up and plowing the fields. Am I right my brotha?

    • people who annoy me

      Don't you know a good ass is all about shape not size?

    • Yader

      Right on man!!! Free the booty …

    • tyron

      check out brazilian shemales dude. plenty of fat asses on those.

    • T-Dawg

      From one black man to all the others: Quit coming to a site that caters to white men and complaining about the lack of real ass in these threads. Its well known that white men like their women to look like children. Funny the same race that tends to molest and fuck children is the same race that tends to gun them down in schools. Unfortunately the news will never report on the predominant race profile for pedophiles, serial killers and mass murderers. Instead we'll all pretend that packs of ar-15s are roaming the streets on their own killing everything in their path. Don't take my word for it, go look it up but why waste you're time you already know im right 🙂 Let the hate and the grammar correcting begin

      • Drunkendave

        On the behalf of everybody else…
        Go fuck yourself

      • They Be Naggin

        How did predictive type get thechive.com when you were obviously typing in thewatermelon.com?

      • They Be Naggin

        How did predictive type fuck that up? You're on thechive not thewatermelon.

      • TheWatermelon

        I mean you do have a point about this site catering to white males…… if it were to cater to black men they wouldn't be able to have posts such as "Work Happens" and "Chivettes Bored at Work"

        • T-Dawg

          Very cute but im still a little disappointed, I know you can do better. Don't get me wrong "the watermelon" was a stroke of genius but you don't even believe your message, dig deeper gentlemen i believe in you. 1 thumbs up for your name!

    • T-Dawg

      Omg drunkendave you didnt even try to hurt my feelings!! Please I know that at least one if your ivory brother or sisters has it in them to tell me to go back to africa. Someone should at least point out that minority crimes are more prevalent while caucasian crimes are more significant. Jesus christ ladies and gents I've left myself open for attack on more than one level, let your ignorance and anger fuel my accuracy ..

      • Ben

        Calm down

      • Nignoggery

        Yep. Sucks that your black.

        • Nognoggery


          • Nignogmahogany

            Black people that are angry smell like tootsie rolls. Churn that chocolate tootsie confection, black man.

            • Jiggabookerfuffle

              Hey Tee dog you sound like someone who has munched on plenty of black poontang. I'm white with a weiner that hits just at the bell curve of normalcy and have always wondered: is their stink still pink like the rest?

              • T-Dawg

                Lol very clever gentlemen

    • billybillybilly

      didn't think it was possible to have a 'bad' hump day…could possibly be the worst i've seen.

  • Jay_yk

    #9 amazing!!!

    • MDSerles

      Hope to see some more!

    • Guest

      Check out the Toilet on that one…

    • KzooChiver

      Must Find That Bathroom…

    • mike

      yeah went to school with her she is hot

    • jonny k

      wmu is full of hotties like this one!

    • tony

      She is bad @$$

  • First guy


  • Brian


    Gawd I miss summer. Nice tan lines.

  • BSmike

    #25 FTW

    • Mrtoevs

      that thing is good, I want to be friends with it!

    • Underbaker

      A nice entry, but I cast my vote for #37 just want to smack that thing.

    • y not

      Perfect @$$ and beautiful complection.

  • C Money

    #14 Mmmm…

    • Dude

      Hey know who you are

      • C Money

        #2 might I add. Mmmmmm part deux.

    • Dude

      Hey cmoney know who you are now i realy hate you more

      • C Money

        Hey Dude, KCCO. You really don't know who I am. Btw, correct your grammar, I not you understand. Unless you are 8 years old, then it is a little more acceptable.

    • y not

      Very sexy

  • Knuckle sandwich

    #3 very nice!!!

    • Hondo

      I agree, since it is the Christmas season i believe we deserve MOAR of #3

    • Knuckle sandwhich


    • Dylan

      I was happy with the top photo, then quickly realized it was Hump Day, so a hump shot was coming next. I was not disappointed.

      To put it another way: First I was like:), then I was like:p

    • Machew

      Dynamite face and atomic behind! Hope to be seeing MOAR soon.

      • epic ass is epic

        pow, epic

    • DaBurg

      Her name is Renee Bull!

  • 1_eye

    More #4 and #28 please.

    • Macro

      I submitted #4! Glad to see dat ass made up for all to enjoy.

      • JCalgary

        My goodness! Front and back 10/10's

    • Macro

      P.S. Here's the front: http://i45.tinypic.com/5l9tte.jpg

      • Pfizzle

        Dear lord. Is this a random set of pics, a friend, or possibly yourself?

        I want to stand up and clap for her…geez.

      • AKATheBod

        ive never posted on here but by god, that is the best body ive ever seen.

  • Brandon

    I'm loving #6 and #25. Is #40 the girl who always shows her boobs in the bathroom mirror?

    • FBGM

      She finally changed it up.

    • DjDiddles

      Yes, i believe that is the girl. Amazing!

    • dudewheresmycar

      dude i was gonna ask the same thing. i think it is her. i think she deserves a round of applause for switching it up a bit haha

      • Just sayin'

        What a great hump on her too! Why did she hold out so long…..

    • Kyle

      #40 MOAR my favorite…. FIND HER

    • Brandon

      Ok, just wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining that. I think she looks as good from the back as she does from the front.

    • EastTN-RT

      Yes #40 is her & all these chumps on here keep commenting on her ugly pics! I see better at my hospital!

    • y not

      Very attractive would love to see more pics.

  • Mike

    Love me some hump day

  • First


  • dedubs

    Would sell my first born child for moar of #31.

    • tv_paul

      Maybe we can make a deal, signed Rumpelstiltskin

    • absure2

      sweet lady

  • iYQYQr

    #4 #14 #17 #44 NEED I SAY MORE!

  • BigSchem

    #2 and #3 = permanent lock jaw

    • Hobknober

      Who is #2

      • Phil

        Now that's what you call a nice turd-cutter!

  • Mark_Chris_Top5

    Mark and Chris' Top5:

    #1, #4, #14, #35, #43

    • Want300

      #43 is super fine. MOAR

      • Hey NOW

        Melanie Inglesia??

  • Dano

    Good one today, boys. Thank you.



  • http://www.facebook.com/cesar.castro.9212 Cesar Castro


    • Jack Wagon

      Are you related to the great whale (aka) kristen? She is as gay and retarded as you

  • Chi Chiver

    #3 chivette of the week material…. please find

    • Sweet Ass

      In this sea of extraordinary asses, this one ass is truly remarkable.


    • BAW509


    • DaBurg

      That's Renee Bull. FB her!

  • John

    #9 is as cute as can be!

    • txbncntr

      without question

    • Cowboy1354

      Absolutely, my favorite picture in this post.

  • JLeh29

    Moar of #4!!! And #28 please

  • tylerlaird

    Check out these babes building gingerbreads houses in their undies…

  • Bigmac

    #38 needs to eat a cheeseburger!

    • FBGM

      You mean a Big Mac.

      • KW6969


    • KW6969

      or a McRib

    • Pretty_ink

      Good lord get some muscle, it's not impossible to do

      • Ash

        That's rough. It's always expected to hear from these guys that feel like through some false sense of entitlement they are able to trash talk girls that send in photos. But from another female? Must be nice having a perfect body, let's see some of your submitted pictures.

        • gclark

          Cute girl, nice ass, but the ribs do make her look a bit skinny, that is all. The guy made a joke about it, maybe harsh yes…. but it was a joke with a serious undertone. The girl is posing and all her ribs are showing…..

          Anyways Id still tap it.

        • Calm Down...

          The joke may have been in bad taste, but the girl's beautiful. No one here is denying that. Just saying she needs get some more padding around her bones.

        • Jack Wagon

          Oh shit! Someone just got called out!

        • Pretty_ink

          I made DAR in August, thanks. Nice to see I'm getting snipped at for saying get some muscle versus the burger jokes.

          • R-Dub


    • Lev

      She's definitely cute, but I have to agree.

    • sam

      still would. or if you like 'still wood'.

    • Brandon

      VERY pretty, great hump, but the ribs are a little too exposed for my tastes.

    • its_forge

      When I am elected president of the universe anyone saying "cheeseburger" to any pic of a woman anywhere over size zero will automatically be removed from the internet permanently.

    • webster

      So does that mean that it is now OK for me to comment on pictures of thick girls "Eat a salad"..where is this double standard coming from???

    • Adam

      lol or a Bigmac

    • Moto

      Rockin body! Nice hump..

    • Jhanna0239

      Sooooo hot, forget these comments. Maybe she runs cross country or something. Healthy bodies don't have one look, but many.

      • Maggie

        Thank you 🙂 I do run cross country! Nice to have a fan!

    • busterz

      I think shes totally hot. perfect doesnt need to do anything

  • nouu

    #23 not a hot ass. only submit if you have a hot ass.

    • I agree

      Time to do some lunges honey.

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      I'd bet it looks pretty nice bent over in front of you…


      • Stop

        Enough with the "CKTAM"

    • Rory Calhoun

      Says the fatass critiquing girls he could never date while counting down the seconds at his desk job

    • sydney

      aren't u the dude that only likes asses when u can c a big dick hanging between the cheeks?

    • its_forge

      Let's see you put a pic of YOUR butt up here homey. She's a very pretty girl.

    • Crotchshot51


    • Chiver

      STILL waitin on that threesome….just sayin…not busy right now….got dinner for afterwards…call my wife.

      • DennnyCrane

        You know how I know you're gay?

    • FTW

      Was wondering who'd be the first douchebag… Congrats!

    • Tiffany

      I've seen #23 naked. I'd do her. Lol and according to my husband a couple comments up, so would he. "Nouu" and "I agree" , why don't you put down your cheeseburgers, get your fat asses out of your computer chair, and go jog so maybe one day you will be lucky enough to get a girl as hot as her. Douchebags. I love you 23!!! Call me later. 🙂

      • absure2

        Yes she is a pretty lady and has a hot body. different camera angles makes all the difference. Love to spend the day with her and camera.

    • SVSumm

      Shit, id take it in a sec

    • Joe

      Dafuq is wrong with you?!?!

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