Unwrap your Hump Day gifts a little early (47 Photos)

  • Vemelak

    what Kelly replied I am amazed that some people able to make $4500 in 1 month on the internet. did you look
    at this at goo.gl/pbpqJ

  • clint

    not sure why everyone assumes that the people who comment negatively are fat. nobody turns on the chive for "hump day"to see half a hump. these guys just wanna see some real asses considering thats what the whole weekly section is for.

  • daneille

    does anyone know any names of these girls?

  • Gardiner

    come on chive… #30 made the list? Even my dog complained.

  • bagabwa

    # 17.36 and 47 i will lick ur asses for a whole year,!keep posting more fotos of ur beautiful bums

  • inkdaddy90

    FIND #12

  • nick

    the fuck chive? most of these chicks have noassatall disease, can we get a little cultural diversity of women who actually HAVE ASS!! please!

  • Scoop

    #2 Perfection

  • sirrantsalot

    #40 I'm just a huge fan

  • afghan commando

    #17 almost didn't keep looking. Perfect


    Hotdamn! Such a pitty #33 is poor quality 😦

  • Da_Father

    #42 has some ovaries posting that middle pic of her non-ass. Gotta respect that

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