• 908s

    HAHA WTF? that shit was funny, and sexy.

  • babaganush

    Do you even lift

  • Chiver

    She had a better outfit when she sang the same song in Community

    • Deep Dish

      She sang a totally different song on Community.

    • Jeremy

      Deep Dish is right. Though both songs are super sexy Christmas songs!

  • Cgyachilles

    I am in love with Allison Brie. So sexy especially those big blue eyes

    • Harry Balzac

      I got a North Pole in my pants and i wanna see lil Alison do her dance …

  • GatOner

    I love her. That is all.

  • Pablo3520

    Oh my!!!!!! (Read in George Tekai voice)

    • dirtysteve

      Wouldn't be his kind of thing though…

      • sixdeadelves

        this is every bodies kind of thing

        • Guest

          Nah her tits are too small

          • sixdeadelves

            your brain is too small

  • fleeticvs

    is it possible for your ballsto drop twice in your life?

  • tv_paul

    She is so hot, I just wonder if she knows how hot she really is?

  • Jayne

    I'll be in my bunk

    • longshot421

      Ahhhh, that's awesome. That's EXACTLY what I was going to say.

      Damn she is fine. Sexiest lady on TV by a long way.

    • Brother Maynard

      I have no comment that could possibility top that. Well done sir.

  • Nigel

    What is this from?

  • Atom819

    omg that is so hot

  • duckfart4U

    ummm. Yes. North. Pole. Definitely going. Yes.

  • sfb101

    Always a Holiday favorite!

  • Mr. Mackle

    Just what I need. Yet another reason to love Allison Brie. Thanks

  • Takingbackcider

    Awesome! Altho Jeebus didn't seem too impressed…

  • Canucks_Rule

    it's wet…

    • Buddy

      Um… *SQUIRT!*

  • McBaconator

    I told my supervisor that I would give him $50 if he would sit in the site manager's lap and sing this. So far, I still have $50.

  • PnB

    She may be the sexiest woman alive.

  • bernulli

    In all honesty, wife left me today but suddenly feel better after watching this. Thank you Mac!

  • huskerzfan4life

    and to think, Santa only Cums Once a Year!!!

  • Sean


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  • mike

    Great! Now i have a boner and its time to leave work. Smh

  • billy

    Every time the camera went away from Alison, I wanted to punch a baby.

  • ChiveMaster

    Good lord. My north pole isn't going south for awhile…

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