Hoisting an escalator to the 101st floor of 1 WTC is no small feat (10 HQ Photos)

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  • BigRed

    Go home, escalator.. You're drunk!

    • Boomer Sooner

      Holy shit.. could that be any more played out.

    • blah

      lame dude

  • NYChiver

    Was at the 9/11 memorial earlier this month. It was very humbling to say the least.

  • cokerjr

    In almost passed out twice just looking at the pictures!

    • http://4chan.org/b gnocco

      vertigo sucks

    • Silverstone

      I found 4, 5, and 6 especially thrilling!

  • Mike


    • Dr Hole

      All so fat people don't have to climb a flight of stairs… fuck yeah!

      • Guest

        I'm pretty sure that saying is no longer cool… I mean ever cool. Quit embarrassing our country. This is why people hate us

        • iskra9




    • Spelling Police

      I see what you did there.

  • uh oh

    When seeing those photos, can't help but think of the hundreds of victims that fell to their deaths. Rebuilding the Trade Towers is almost like saying, "Come see if you can get us again."
    I think we'll find this is a huge mistake.

    • IrishInNJ

      What a crap outlook on life.

    • nope

      You're only getting thumbs downs because so many Americans don't ever want to deal with crisis or think that we are vulnerable. They sweep crises under the rug so they can feel all warm and fuzzy in their little heads…until another CT shooting or another 9/11 happens….then they spend a few days dealing with the issues and then quickly sweep them back under the rug.
      If we lived in a proactive society we'd be much better off.
      Lazy America has turned into a reactive society.
      Proaction could have prevented 9/11, the banking crisis, the housing crisis, and so much more.
      When are we going to learn?
      Most Americans seem more concerned about what is going on in Tom Cruise's life than they do about the real issues facing our world.
      Priorities are all messed up these days.

      • IrishInNJ

        By proactive you seem to mean we shouldn't have rebuilt the World Trade Center…that's what he specifically said. We should sit in our houses fearing another attack like 9/11?

        9/11 and Newtown are two vastly different situations. Get a clue.

        • nope

          I understand your point of view and I think I misinterpreted what he was saying (to an extent).

          • Guest

            @nope You are right. Don't worry about all the down thumbs. People prefer to live in a bubble. It's more comfortable. Especially in the United States where the rest of the earth typically hates us

      • Umad?

        What do you want us to do, mourn for the rest of our lives for everything bad that happens? That day will never be forgotten, but we have to keep moving forward. Building that structure resembles not only progress but it shows that we can move on and keep building. Showing them that we are defeated by their acts and not rebuilding only proves that they have won. Building this new wtc is the right thing. So stfu and gtfo lolz

        • uh oh

          I was just stating my opinion.
          No need to say mean things like stfu and gtfo.
          I am listening to your points of view, as well, but I am doing so respectively.
          I can be persuaded by reason and by intelligent dialogue. My opinions aren't set in stone, unlike most Americans who won't budge from their point of view — no matter what information they are given.
          God bless America and our freedoms — including the freedom of speech.
          When did America become a place where we can't even have a civilized conversation?
          What this country needs is more dialogue.

          • trick

            Well said uh oh

            • KeepinCalm

              I'll second that 'well said' and completely agree with the 'more dialogue'

          • Derek

            I agree with the rational take on dialogue. That being said, it's the internet, expecting either rationality or actual dialogue was a mistake.

          • Umad

            I threw that in there to break the seriousness, tis an article about escalators on the chive. Get off your high horse

      • frzui

        very well said. it's pretty ridiculous that almost noone is talking about the school shooting anymore. it's only a question of time until the next one happens and it starts all over again like it has been the past years.

      • Bean

        Proactive eh? As in wasting time commenting on a blog about escalators?

    • Bob franklin keith

      We aint scurred of no body

      • Anonymous

        I completely agree with "umad", even though he ruined his well thought out rebuttal with "gtfo, stfu and lolz", rebuilding and showing the rest of the world that you may give us a black eye, but we will heal and come back stronger. Showing our unity and flying our flag proudly is better than any bomb dropped on anyone.

    • anonymous

      Too bad 9/11 is one big conspiracy.

    • T-money

      I don't really think that we're saying that, "come and get us." I know that it's a symbol saying that we will not be scared by terrorist. However, I do feel like we've become a very weak nation. Afraid of offending everyone. Just saying

  • http://www.gleny.com kekermahoney

    titty sprinkles

  • Darrell

    "… is one of 11 escalators and 74 elevators being installed on the project which will include the fastest elevators in the western hemisphere. "


    • iskra9

      Ermmm … I know you always have to be the World's Greatest, the World's Biggest .. etc etc … ad Nauseam … but could someone please explain to me just exactly where the Western Hemisphere is??

  • SVSumm

    wild. Good shit right there.

  • sfb101

    No, not for me. I'll take the stairs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mtbiker124 Nick Parsons

      Race ya to the top?!

  • rickross

    i dont get my an escalator is needed at the top of the building

    • Silverstone

      I don't get my you can't spell.

  • Vassquatch

    …And she's buying a a stairway to heaven.

  • IrishInNJ

    I am proud to say I work on the construction of this building.

    • UhHuh

      That's awesome to be able to say. I'm a little jealous, not gonna lie.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you.

      • Sioux man

        Really really jealous

      • Just Sayin'

        I'm not, fuck those heights!

    • theKid

      well done brother… see if you can scratch a little kcco somewhere in there!

      • IrishInNJ

        10-4 I'll take a picture of it soon and submit.

  • Baxpin

    This made my hands sweat.

  • Mark_Chris_Top5

    god bless america

    • Matze

      You mean German Engineering 😉

  • Jen

    i see some of those guys dont have a harness on. i would NEVER take my harness off. craziness!

    • Macro

      You only need to be tied off when working within a certain range of the edge

      • Jen

        yup, id still never take it off.

  • name

    imagine being a builder for that building. thatd be badass

  • Chuck Schick

    Why didn't the escalator take the elevator ?

  • Wally W.

    The spire at the top, that makes it reach 1,776 ft.?
    Made in Quebec, Canada.

  • greg

    Thyssen Krupp used to make bombs and submarines for Nazi Germany. Take the stairs.

    • Dick

      Gotta bring home the bacon.

    • Kodos

      didn't their bombs work?

  • Joe

    I work for thyssenkrupp in LA. Its an evil corporation that will rape your grandmother

    • Kodos

      your Grandmother was wearing suggestive clothing

    • Andrew

      Yeah! Didnt even get a christmas card, damn germans!


    #8 Wow awesome truss system to support that kind of weight while being lifted

    • ryan

      the truss is permanent, all escalators are built in them. in a factory, then shipped in 1 or 2 pieces.

  • Derek

    Sooo, it's a typical corporation? When profit motive is the only motive an entity is driven by, things are guaranteed to get shady at some time or another.

  • Alden

    Now just slap some thermite tainted paint and some explosives in there and it will look like brand new

  • buckeyechiver

    hmm wonder what boy scout tied that knot? it held better than anything i would have tied

    • dreez

      Lol, what knot? Those cables are clamped.

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