theCHIVE throws a Christmas party (43 Photos)

There's a place in Venice Beach where the eggnog flows like wine and clothing is optional. Over the past two years theCHIVE's annual Christmas party has become rather infamous. Rather than some industry-fueled snob fest, it's more of an anything-goes Christmas Bacchus. We pride ourselves greatly in our ability to trash our own offices.

We flew The Megan's and Country Girl out for the party. We had a blast, girls. I'd like to thank all the Chivettes and Chivers who showed up with their holiday game faces on. We'd also like to thank Woven Digital for co-sponsoring the insanity and especially Capital Cities for playing the event.

Meaghan J’s Twitter Machine.

Megan W’s Twitter Machine.

Country Girl’s Facebook Page.

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  • Macro

    Ok then.

  • gettinIT

    #8 nice shirt. let me get that

    • wantomas

      Shirt? I'm more interested in that shawl around his neck.

      • Braxton135

        I have that shirt. Thanks Patrick.

  • ddd

    You simply have the job of my dreams…

    • SteelHorseCowboy

      Bastards………… :-/

      • BAC

        They are living proof that computer geeks now truly rule the world!!!

    • jjjjjjjj

      A lot of motorboating went on there.

  • Drebin

    Wow. I need a new job.

  • kevin

    Probably would have been cooler if I were there.

    • derp

      There's a reason you weren't invited…

  • AssClown

    #13 Bob, you look twelve years old.

    • Tyler Rauch

      two beers one hand

    • Bob

      Why thank you. My trick, guzzle diet Dr. Peppers until your stomach no longer properly functions and you lose your appetite completely. Friendly advice.

      • P90

        Are you or are you not the brother from Eurotrip?

    • bobsgay

      don't forget gay

  • 908s

    Completely un-fucking-fair. Where can i sign up?

  • VaderWRX

    #9 Nice ass and well played Chive

    • Gabe

      I like girl-on-girl.

  • Yann

    #29 Who IS on the left ?? FIND HER !!

    • J.R.Palmer

      dude, if she went to their party i think she's been found! how bout we just ask for MOAAARRRRRRRR!!!

    • JLW

      You misspelled middle

      • Just sayin'

        Damn right JLW! There is no left or right….

  • Frostback

    I hate you all. So very. very. much.

  • tv_paul

    I guess my invitation was lost in the mail….right ( sniff , weep)

  • StarboardEngine

    Hello new wallpaper.

    • Matt

      Moar of the "Santa" chick that the Country Girl found to play with. I'm glad Meagan and Meaghan got a chance to party with each other, as well (and that I got to see some of it).

  • wantomas

    #43 You motorboatin' daughter of a bitch!

    • j6251c

      So I have no idea who the lady in the purple dress is, but I would like her and her awesome cleavage to attend my Christmas party. Or just attend a make out session in a dressing room at the Target of her choice.

      • Matt

        She is the Meaghan J as mentioned above.

        • yikes

          she's going to be huge in about 4 years.

    • Matt

      Looks like that guy's photobomb face is freaking out his date/girl he was currently talking to.

  • RedHotChivette

    Haha looks like some real good times. How does this ginger get herself invited to shit like this? 🙂

    • techno_viking

      Ask #5.

      • j6251c

        Boobs. That is all.

        • RedHotChivette

          I have a great helping of those, still wasn't invited 😦

          • Ayeeee ;)

            Well then ms. ginger, I suggest you catch John's attention with your heaping helping of boobies and get to be chivette of the week. I'm sure you'll get invited from then on in. 🙂

            • RedHotChivette

              I'm not that dedicted to showing the Internet my body parts though, I wish I had more time and drive for that. well actually I wish people were invited to these kinds of things for their kick ass personalities but a girl can dream right? Haha blah blah blah from a jealous chivette

    • Oltimey

      get down on you knees…..look up….open your mouth…and start prayin.

  • Boobman

    #43 she was popular.

  • Yann

    #33 …What is " Katie Holmes " doing there ?

  • epic ass is epic

    #33 Not creepy at all

  • tv_paul

    #40 Was he singing "Feelings" or "One (is the loneliest number) ?

    • HatBomb

      Definitely the latter, well played.

    • P90

      'Mac the knife'

    • sweet

      "All By Myself"

      • Ayeeee ;)

        "Mr. Lonely"

  • baddbuzz

    It must suck to have your life John #30

    • Daniel Tosh

      I bet John has a small dick and only gets girls by showing off how much money he has.

    • brutalderp

      And more than a single fuck was given

  • StarboardEngine

    Go home Mac, you're drunk.

    • AndrewJ411

      Please stop with this go home you're drunk stuff, it's not funny.

  • Gridguru

    Hmmm… I guess MY invite must have got lost in the mail. Harrrrummmph!

  • camboslice

    #12 Why is there digital beer pong on the ceiling?

    • tv_paul

      Look out, they're going to start selling it next month for $399.

    • Toxicscrew

      Because on the stairs would be just silly.

  • tv_paul

    #11 Ho..Ho…Ho….my goodness, you lucky bastards!

    • RedHotChivette

      I want those undies!! They're great

      • baddbuzz

        When you get them submit pics pronto . .

  • Jason

    #8 Next year, you can bring your cat Mac.

    • jjjjjjjj

      he is carrying her off so she can "pay" for her plane ticket.

  • KeepinCalm

    #26 the far left and far right are two of the finest women ever to bless the chive

    • Kyle B

      The one in the middle is not bad looking either.

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