theCHIVE throws a Christmas party (43 Photos)

There's a place in Venice Beach where the eggnog flows like wine and clothing is optional. Over the past two years theCHIVE's annual Christmas party has become rather infamous. Rather than some industry-fueled snob fest, it's more of an anything-goes Christmas Bacchus. We pride ourselves greatly in our ability to trash our own offices.

We flew The Megan's and Country Girl out for the party. We had a blast, girls. I'd like to thank all the Chivettes and Chivers who showed up with their holiday game faces on. We'd also like to thank Woven Digital for co-sponsoring the insanity and especially Capital Cities for playing the event.

Meaghan J’s Twitter Machine.

Megan W’s Twitter Machine.

Country Girl’s Facebook Page.

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  • Kevrhutch

    I had a dream that started this way

  • waltgator

    #43 would never leave those boobs!

  • Alberta Chiver

    #9 amazing…wish i was there!!

  • Fal13n

    Sweet lord picture #9!!

    Country girl is my hero for so many reasons!

  • Frosterson


    I would love to see a Mac photobomb thread

  • A.J.

    I feel as if you men and women at the chive have the best jobs EVER!!! seriously though.. ever. thank you for all you do. my woman just broke up with me days before Christmas. I just remember to KCCO and take it day by day. thanks again.

  • ChiverMedic

    Meaghan J… She looks like so much fun to be in the same room with

    epic breasts are epic

  • scuba_steve

    #30 What do I have to do to get that blazer? You should put KCCO on it somewhere, it'd sell out before the shirts!

  • jl86

    #28 He smiles. I dont know how I feel about this.

  • Brian C.

    Looking at these photos makes me sad that I don't know any other Chivers/Chivettes, jealous that I don't get invited to parties like this, all while simultaneously realizing I'm not cool enough to have friends like these. Sigh…

  • zach0622

    Goddamn guys, we get it. You live our fantasy. Stop posting shit that depresses me and find more 'oh shit' and 'mind the gap' stuff. FUCK.

  • Bhodi

    #15 I know Alex is an editor at TheBerry, but she needs her own post here!

  • Pete

    I wanna motorboat those puppies too! you lucky bastards 😉 Chive On

  • Soup

    #36 Party animal with the closed beer.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    #22 The most interesting man in the world.

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