Christmas lights make December worth it (36 HQ Photos)

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    How much spare time do you have? I couldn't find the time to go to the potty yesterday, so I had to shat in my pants.

  • LeO

    Looks badass! Makes me wanna take shrooms

    • Tom

      Me too

    • tjbennett69

      If you saw anyone of those houses on shrooms, you'd instantly think your at the North Pole as one of Santa's Elf's

  • Jim

    #27 Rochester Road, Rochester Michigan!!!!

    • Heather

      Thats taken from right outside my apt!

  • Kurt

    #20 Reppin Bal'mer MD Hon

    • Justin

      Mr. Boh and the Utz girl getting some love, Hon.

      • bewbz

        stop it with the "hon" thing… your city is horrible and you all should be embarrassed.

    • Jack

      Go, Bawlmer! The Miracle on 34th Street in Hampden!

  • RedBeard72

    Clark Griswold would be proud.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #11 #15 #26

    So beautiful … wish I had that kind of time and money to do this!

    Merry Christmas to ALL!!

    • All

      Fuck you.

  • no no no nope

    Merica! Where we are so poor that we celebrate it by giving gifts and making horrible idles to the fact that we are "poor"…

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Someone wasn't hugged enough as a kid, or maybe you saw a bunch of Santas training your mom. Either way, Merry Christmas and quit being a bitch.

      • hpph00

        SmokeyTheBear has the real Christmas spirit!

    • Alumni72

      And where others proudly display their inability to spell the word 'idol'.

      • Mr_fn_T

        Ohhh…that's what he meant! Thanks…i was trying to figure out a way to make it make sense. Thought he might've been trying for "ideals". Sentence still doesn't really make sense, but at least now I know what he was going for

    • WileEOne

      Well… someone's got a case of Holiday Humbuggery…. (is that a word?)

      • Underbaker


  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Where is #12? That looks awesome..

    • Eric

      Hollywood Studios

    • TheBAMFinater

      Hollywood studios at Walt Disney World

    • primal123

      Hollywood Studios Disney world 5 is as well

  • Steven

    #34 Pigeon Forge TN???? th old mill?

    • Rick

      Clifton Mills, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

      • bigE

        Yes sir clifton mill.

    • blake

      no its lava

  • SmokeyTheBear

    All of the Grinches need to go back into hiding.

    Murray Christmas everyone!!!

    • Kristen

      Fuck off, retard.

      • Guest

        Nice choice of insult^ You fuck off, moron.

      • Blair

        @Kristen – Go back into your cave nasty troll

    • dreez

      Meh. Most of these are over-the-top decadent, think of the kids! Being wasteful is not festive.

  • Miller0700

    Their electricity bill is going to be quite impressive.

  • OhioChiver

    #20 It must be a wonderfully neighborly place to live.

    • NattyBhoh

      34th street in Baltimore, MD. The street does it every year and is a major attraction.

      • Justin

        It's the Land of Pleasant Living, Hon!

  • MattKL

    No pictures of one with a beat-up old RV next to it? Fail.

    Although #15 is pretty nice. Peaceful.

  • Marc


    • dreez


  • halfsmoke

    #33 Would be awesome anytime of the year. Merry Christmas!

  • towmandon

    #33 is nubble light in york maine. Awesome place year round

    • Rose

      I was just about to say this looks like Maine

    • Olliver Twisted-Smith

      Now I'm even more homesick for New England.

  • John

    the power company loves this

  • Cassandra Boulanger

    ? Comments keep getting deleted

  • GeorgiaRosa

    #25 #32 #34 #36 Gorgeous!

  • xray

    What's with the cow in 25?

    • m.c.

      That's no cow… That's a space station.

    • Happy Holidays!


  • K-1

    #16, #25 and #36: Fantastic photos!

  • ohdeergawd


  • Matt

    I'm pretty sure #27 is downtown Rochester, Michigan. They do that every year. KCCO, Rochester, from a Chiver in neighboring Lake Orion!! This is how we do it in The Mitten!

    • Mike

      Yessir, KCCO from Troy MI

    • Heather

      That picture is taken from right outside my apt! KCCO from above a shop in downtown rochester!

  • Leroy Veritas

    I'd punch every one of these asshats in the throat if I lived next to them. There would be a daily call to the police for disturbing the peace and a lawsuit for general douchebaggery.

    Here's an idea for these idiots that are driving their power bills through the roof: Do something useful with your life and that extra money instead of the self-aggrandizing bullshit that all of this is.

    • Steve

      Like posting on the internet?

      • Santa

        Ass-twat go back to India

    • doze

      you sir…… are a wanker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      Get bent bro.

    • alex

      its just christmas lights…relax

    • Gratz

      We got a hipster

    • Greg

      Leeeeeroooooooy Jenkiiiiiiinnnnns.

    • Gallus

      Bah, Humbug! Go back under your rock.

    • Kyle

      Ah, the liberal. Thinking they know what everyone else should do with their money. You sir, are an asshat.

  • Amanda Resendiz


    • Erich

      Hell yeah! The wife and I were down there a few weeks back.

    • Underbaker

      The good ole River Walk, the true tourist attraction of San Antonio.

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