Merry Christmas Everybody!! (123 Photos)

For those who care to have a nostalgic soundtrack playing while viewing the Christmas gallery, enjoy THE SNOWMAN – I’M WALKING IN THE AIR. This was always haunting and beautiful to me.

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  • cornbean87

    chive suck dingleberries today. wheres te new galleries?

  • martin

    Leaving the keys next to the cage doesn't help you. #114

  • The_Hellequin

    #13 #25 In the name of Christmas spirit…MOAR please!!

  • Statan

    #15 I'll see you in two days, lit up SD Ireland cement mixer! Burlington, VT – The Seattle / Boulder of the East Coast.

  • Tim

    #39 – LOVE the little back dimples

  • James Dunaway




  • Guest

    Hey you guys need bail money or something? Where are you? We need our daily fix…

  • BAMF

    Holy shit. You really are taking a whole week off? Fuck.

    • Guest

      Damn, I guess I gotta do some work this week!


    i've got 99 problems but #99 aint one

  • Gettyour Assestowork

    Why don't you people at the Chive "pre-make" a couple of posts so that you don't have this holiday lull. What the fuck do you think people do when they are home for Christmas with their family and they are bored. They go on the bitch ass internet you tools! I noticed you did this last year and it was also very uncool. You have a business here not a hobby!

  • dingleberries


  • Yeffro

    Need Moar Chive!

  • knaimoli

    Longest 2 days now without the Chive at work 😦

  • crazydog

    This site is like EdTV; we're all going thru withdrawals LOL. You guys bring the funny week in, week out so I'll say seasons greetings!

  • Guest

    We need MOAR. We are not Keeping Calm and Chivin' On!
    (Enjoy your time off, but you'd better bring it double-time when you get back : )

  • @SoCalChiver

    #13 #25 #39 #58 #77 Merry Christmas indeed!

  • sterling

    #49 thats not legit at all… santa drinks coca-cola! bastards

  • Dr. Poop

    #87 You know you're a badass when you pose with an M16A2, a full size, stripped M249 and a Ma-Deuce straight off of someone else's turret. Nice try, get back to the MWR Pogues.

  • BDick

    #71 send in some pics of your daughters/chivettes humps. Bandanna girl please!!

  • wakanetwork

    #65 Beautiful!

  • coffeetoffee

    This post just makes me envious of American's houses, ours in the UK are like garden sheds compared to some on this post. The couple in #26 look very young to afford a house like that? What do you do for a living?!!

  • chrisreever

    Is that Skrillex on the left?

  • Leigh

    #40 this is sooo my brother-in-law!

  • CincyGuy

    #58 VERY nice!

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