Animals that don’t suck (48 Photos)

  • Tiber_Septim

    #2 those dogs are in for a very quick and painful lesson

    • lost in time

      what a manly sport.

      • Bill G

        F off PETA princess.

  • medicmarch

    Let's see more of the paramedic chivette!!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #42 You gotta be KIDding me

    • Paula'sWannabeLover

      That was baaaaad.

    • louistulley

      Ewe crack me up

  • passwordistaco

    #12 Not much hurts more, my heart bleeds for you man.

    • Silverstone

      I've been there and feel your pain. It's never easy. My sympathies to you, and my prayers to the soul of your lost friend!

      • Mike H.

        Well Said. This picture brought a tear to my eye instantly. One hard good bye!

    • Dirk Diggler

      My wife and I had to put our 14 y/o German Short Haired Pointer down yesterday, I was doing ok till I saw the pic, lost it again. Needless to say, I feel your pain brotha

      • tv_paul

        Sorry for your loss. On 12/27 our 13-year-old cocker died in my 10-year-old son's arms on the way to the vet. An hour earlier she was seemed fine. Losing a pet is a terrible thing at any age.

    • Fish

      In 1989 I had to put down my pet Sheltie. I still miss him and think about him from time to time. It's never easy losing such a close pal. You have my Sympathy, Bro. Keep Calm and Chive On.

    • swan ronson

      3 years ago had to put mine down a week after new years, worst day of my life

    • Telephone Man

      I lost my "other" kitty about three weeks before Christmas. His friend had to be put down about a year and a half earlier. I cried all through the burials under the spruce tree. My condolences.

    • joe

      "The price of a good dog is a broken heart at the end." ~ Rudyard Kipling.

    • TheVanityScore

      my dog is reaching about 14 years old and im not looking forward to this day. sorry for your loss dude. KCCO

    • OhioChiver

      For sure KCCO fellow Chiver. No one ever said good friends can't have tails. =/

    • Tillman61

      Well put. I'm sure sorry for that man's loss – and all those who wrote in. I hope the thought of how you rescued her and gave her an awesome life brings you some comfort. KCCO

    • Chris

      I am so sorry, bud.

    • Tucsonscott

      #12 On the day before christmas i had to put down myh rescue cat i ahd for 14 years. Hardest day of my life. WHen i was home she wouldnt stray more than 4 feet from me. Always purring, always happy to be with me. As i with her. She was my comfort during bad times. I wish i could have spent more time with her. I wish i had taken more pictures of her. I wish she didnt have to go, I wish……,.

      They say the tears will go away in time. They say the pain will go away in time. The memories will never go away. She is in my heart and in my mind and in my soul. As i am sure your friend is.

      KCCO brother, i surely know your pain

    • jamie

      #12 Sorry Bro!! The loss of my Dobie of 13 years was crushing! I know EXACTLY what you are going though! It gets better!

  • Brad

    I hope #4 is named Ron Swanson?

    • Jane

      Why would you take a photo of this and make a joke. Sick sense of humor..

  • Brad

    Make that #17 being named Ron Swanson……stupid mobile site differing from desktop.

  • Eric

    Ok enough of the pictures about dogs being put down and dying. This is supposed to be a happy post

  • Otter

    #12 and #41

    You're not alone. I lost my friend in July after being together 13 years. I miss him every day.

    • Jawbone

      Douchebros. The giant fake earrings and backwards hats probably killed the dogs.

    • Jane

      I am soo sorry for your loss , I have been there .. Please rescue another one. Not to take her place but to heal your heart.. And give another one a chance..

  • SixPigeons

    #16 To the owner of this cat – why the hell do you put your cat's food beside the littler box? Would you want to eat your dinner beside the toilet?

    • Anonymous

      ever been extremely drunk?? sometimes it's not a bad idea.

      • Fish

        So, the cat's drunk?

    • dirtysteve

      Super-efficient cat cares not.

      • Jawbone

        I'm sure the cat, that licks it's own ass, is truly offended. Fucking moron.

        • SixPigeons

          I'm sure that you wipe your own ass as well, but you wouldn't want to be forced to do it while you are eating, would you?
          Cats are clean animals. They instinctively defecate away from their eating/sleeping areas and then bury it… because they know it is dirty! So yes, being forced to eat and shit in the same place would offend a cat's natural instincts.

  • majorfathead

    #20 Hovercat 2.0?

  • unstablegirl

    #14 The batch you take to work.

  • @Bhess

    I would flip out if one of my cats did that. They know the kitchen counter is off limits and have the good taste to not jump on it when I'm around. Of course there's that every great once in a while jump on the counter when I'm home but again they have the good taste to get that "Holy Shit I forgot you were home, I'm getting down right now!" look.

  • TexasAggie

    #6 "Mom tastes good"

  • jimbob

    #46 oh hai

  • @StueyDay

    #12 and #41 Been there a couple of times. My heart goes out to you guys.

  • VC98

    #12 one of the most difficult decisions one has to make…RIP to your fury best friend.

  • Alpha_Dog

    Thoughts & sympathies to you my good man. I had to do that last year too, and know the feeling. Remember your furkid fondly and smile in their honor. KCCO.

  • VC98

    #24 My 105 lbs American Bulldog swears his a lap dog too

  • justinmacumber

    #43 – "Headshot! Pwned, newb!"

  • Legion

    #36 For a cat, peeing on something is like a human planting a flag. He doesn't feel shamed, he just called dibs on the hamster.

    • Walkin

      These are mine fucking hamster!

  • Chris

    #4 The implication here is the saddest thing I've ever seen and may have ruined my day. Booo!

    • Guest

      I agree Chive. You've ruined our day. Boo. =(

    • Alumni72

      Get a grip – can't you see the dog is on a leash? He's just playing in the snow!

      • JonnieBean

        Or the lil guy was left tied out…The memory of this picture has haunted me all day. I have convinced myself that dog is frozen to death…it has ice on it's cold dead eyes…

        • Jawbone

          That's because you're a fucking idiot.

        • SherlockToTheRescue

          But there is no ice on the leash. I vote it was playing in the snow.

  • 617Chiver

    I know the feeling of #12 and #41, and it's gut wrenching, but the next puppy sweeps you off your feet even faster with it's awesomeness. Hang in there and KCCO guys!

  • freddy boy

    #12 Wow, I'm so sorry, bro.

  • skyydogg01

    #14, the very reason I hate cats!!!

  • tv_paul

    #2 Hey no fair going up a pole, that's cheetahin'!

    • sfb101

      It's a Pole Cat!

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