Hot Right Now: Park your high horse and enjoy some lowbrow humor (43 Photos)

Original concept art of famous film characters (19 Photos)

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  • Opredeim

    #16 And they changed their minds because…?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #13 – dunno what to make of this thread.

  • cassidy

    so, your telling me Yoda was originally a underpants gnome?

  • _Bryan_

    Is it me or does #15 look like the human-like alien in Prometheus.

  • dan

    "concept art" for movies based on comic book characters is a bit redundant, dont you think?

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    […] These are pretty fun to look through, Original concept art of famous film characters. […]

  • That European Guy

    #2 Buzzy is cute :3

  • Weekly Watercooler: New Year Edition – Four Kitchens

    […] * Netflix: purveyor of entertainment… and open source? Yes, Netflix recently open sourced a script that cleans up unused AWS cloud resources. * Adaptable books: The Web Book Boilerplate allows you to write books for every platform! * Breakpoints panel: a module that adds checkboxes to breakpoints specified in a module’s UI. We haven’t played with it, but we’re intrigued! * Finally, a Jurassic Park game that doesn’t suck: If you like games, dinosaurs and cool hacks as much as we do, you might also like this fan made Jurassic Park video game, built on the Half Life engine. Clever girl! * First drafts: Have you ever wondered what some famous film characters could have looked like, had filmmakers decided to go with their first draft? Well, wonder no further! Yoda could have been a gnome. […]

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