Day 34: Yep, these polar bears definitely don’t believe I’m one of them (15 Photos & Video)


  • iLikePie

    Maybe the Polar Bear just wanted to play!!

    • bones

      …with his guts.

    • Capt. Winkie

      no, he probably wanted to eat him. To a polar bear a human is a pink seal wearing clothes.

      • iLikePie

        Your Joke is bad and you should feel bad.

        • Scott

          This comment made my day.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Give it a Coke!

    • Guest

      My favorite video post the chive has done in past 2 years! I love watching nature shit

  • echogeo

    He just wants to say, "HERRO!"

    • hmm

      its not a panda…

  • Curtis

    I get scared when I see the stuffed polar bear at Cabela's…

  • Not a raper

    Just give her the damn Coke Can!!!

    • tim

      where is this coke can at. there's not any pics that show any kind of soda can.or any can period.

      • dude

        It's there you just have to look really hard.

  • buttsnstuff

    #6 Looks like he is just lonely and wants to be friends.

    • Aaron

      Should of been in the photobomb section

  • trl87

    That bear should quit playing with it's prey and just let it go. Humans are out of season anyway.

  • Actually

    Polar bears wont eat human flesh. they might kill you, but they are unable to digest us.

    • Really?

      That is officially the stupidest thing I have read. Human flesh is protein and can be digested by any carnivorous animal.

      • Actually

        try speaking too an actual Eskimo (who have lived in harmony with polar bears for ages). They'll give you actual facts that the greenpeace/global warming sympathizing lame-stream media try to subvert because it interferes with there scare tactic-agenda to remove all human populations from the Canadian ice cap region

        • coocoocuchoo

          Jesus Christ…

        • trl87

          Hahahahaha as a joke this would be funny. It's hilarious that you actually believe what you are saying.

          • Actually

            Its not that funny, theyre trying to remove the population so people will believe them that the ice cap is melting when in actual fact it is -24 degrees and snowing in the arctic right now (look up the weather network and check for yourself). How can ice melt at -24degrees??!!

            • Really?

              You are literally too stupid to insult.

              • HatBomb


        • North

          If you knew what you were talking about you would know that calling them Eskimos is offensive, and they are actually called Canadian Inuit. You're an idiot.

    • guest

      yer still dead.

    • ......

      are mentally challenged.

    • jim thorton

      Wrong again. Polar bears are one of the few animals on the planet that will actively hunt humans for food. Yum!
      Fun fact: Polar bears are awesome.

      • Corgskin

        i was waiting for someone to say this. spot on Jim, bloody spot on

    • Bainsy

      You're an idiot. Biologically speaking, human muscle tissue is not unique. Any carnivore can digest us if it likes. It's not like human flesh is impervious to the digestive juices and enzymes in the bear. Whoever you heard that from is making shit up or yanking your chain.

      • Actually

        Actually it is unique. Our ratio of Apical Meristem to Intercalary Meristem is higher then any other vertebrate meaning it cant be broken down by some creatures and they will actually die trying as there body over expends its energy reserves trying.

        • lucid_eye

          He is ACTUALLY a troll because "Apical Meristem to Intercalary Meristem" refers to plants not humans

        • irish male

          meristems are found in plants, not humans. oh god this guys is like the idiot gift that keeps on giving

      • IMVHO

        Sooo, that's to say that we're like celery to them? What happens if a retarded polar bear eats a retarded human eating celery, while both retarded animals follow your bullshit?

        "Our ratio of Apical Meristem to Intercalary Meristem is higher then [sic] any other vertebrate meaning [celery or celery-full humans] cant be broken down by some creatures…as there [sic] body over expends its energy reserves trying"?

        Holy shit, it's diet-inception, for bears!

        You'd think that the fat bears would just eat snow, amiright?

    • Canadian Farmer

      Yeah because being digested would be my biggest concern here.
      Oh did I give you heartburn? I guess we are even then.


    • irish male

      calling bullshit on that "fact" mate! from a anatomical zoologist here!

      • Actually

        well Im talking about wild polar bears, not the ones in zoos (whether theyre anotomic or not)

        • irish male

          yes here in London Zoo we got all our breeding bears from bear seeds. If you water them alot in the spring the bears can be harvested in the Autumn! There is no difference between a wild bear and a captive bear you muppet. Do you think their digestive systems change or something? And your spelling of anatomical just goes to show how much of a moron you are!

          • Actually

            SO how many humans have you fed to atomic zoo bears then??

            • irish male

              glad to see your enjoying your troll. call into the zoo anytime and i'll arrange for a free trip for you to the inside of our polar bear enclosure

            • ChivetteKellie

              Binky tried to eat a tourist in the Anchorage Zoo once.

    • Wrench

      Ugh… who cares what it does AFTER it kills you?

    • duckfart4U

      "Polar bears wont eat human flesh. they might kill you, but they are unable to digest us."
      I would like to see you put this theory to test. Get back to me and let me know how goes.

    • gregorije1

      polar bear is technically a legume

    • kidn

      well maybe all it needs is some fava beans and a nice chianti to go along with all that flesh.. that'll probably help with the digestion problem.

    • Cash

      dont breed.

    • smartguy

      Polar bears don't even eat meat, herbivor duhhhh.

  • sfb101

    #3, #5, NO!

  • sparky

    For some reason, I'm suddenly happy with my office job.

  • sam

    he just wanted the dudes coke

    • IMVHO

      Drop that stuff out there, and it's gone, man. Gone! Game over!

  • bored at work

    #4 Excuse me, would you like to hear the good news of our lord, Jesus Christ?

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I would have poked it in the nose real quick. I'm sure that there aren't to many people who can say they've done that.

    • Wannabang

      Badass boop

  • Davis

    Man, if their noses are that powerful I bet they have to smell animal farts and queefs ALL THE TIME.

    • IMVHO

      It gets lonely up there…

  • Terry Bauble

    #12 He thinks you're stuck. He just wants to set you free so you can play.

  • duckfart4U

    If I was the polar bear I would've just sat down next to him and waited. Gotta come out of that thing sometime….

  • heywood jablowme

    predators shouldn't eat humans. We're bad for their health, we're full of cholesterol.

  • OfficeBitch

    Hahaha! #6 is the perfect photo bomb!

  • Sarah

    it is crazy how cute the polar bear looks when it's not bearing it's teeth during this attack
    #4 #9 #12 #13

  • kcmo

    #13 looks like she's just trying to get her party-boy freak on!

  • Actually actually

    Actually a polar bear will eat the shit out of a human

    • Coldzilla

      Actually no shit?

    • Actually III

      Actually they will just chew you like gum and spit you out because they cant digest you (Actually, 2013)

    • IMVHO

      "Actually" is shit-outta-luck, then.

  • oliver

    I would have loved it if the bear had either buried him in snow and suffocated him or shoved him into the water.

  • Dirty Budha

    Maybe it's a bi-polar bear.

    • Haha


    • Emily

      Literally laughed out loud just now =P

    • Canucks_Rule


  • Coldzilla

    Scared out of WHAT mind?

  • Kevrhutch

    Sign me up!! I would love this!!!!

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