Home theaters so cool even your wildest dreams can’t compete with them (35 Photos)


    first ya buddaaaaay

  • epic ass is epic

    Needs more hump

  • StarboardEngine

    Wow. That's Vulkan amazing.

    • r00s7a

      Nerd, party of one?

      • krypto092108

        Actually, that would be other nerds.

    • Nope

      I see what you did there.

  • Brew

    #35 need

  • 29er

    #33 for creativity
    #17 for comfortability

  • PDiddily420

    That's a sweet (Bat)Man cave!


    • L337L355

      That it is, I especially like the Tumbler behind the bookcase. : )

  • Unfkngblvbl

    All of these are very faptastic.

  • Tokey the Bear

    #33 looks like a mags worth of seats…

    • T-Bags

      Bad taste, bro

  • QA

    Hey Chive. I've noticed some jacked uppedness on the site for about the last week. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Not complaining .. but we all expect nothing but the best. KCCO

  • 1911

    #22 is my favorite. I like the huge screen, open room and of course the bar.

  • Michael

    Dear god, which to choose…

  • Dev23

    #33 Badass

  • JustaGuy

    While I can understand that many folks want to recreate that "movie theater" experience at home, I have to say I've never been a fan of this movie theater type seating that almost every one of these uses. I prefer a far more casual relaxed arrangement to hang out with family and friends like:

    Why line everyone up in separate seats like a bunch of strangers at the movies!? 🙂

    • Adam

      I am finishing building a theater with a 123" and I thought the exact same thing. So mine has a ginormous sectional dead center of the screen. Also when you price it out, in the end you save a lot more money for a more family/comfort setting (multiple couches or sectionals) vs. a bunch of leather chairs…

    • dogcandy

      Never mind…
      Great idea

    • dogcandy

      Still beats the human centipede style seating

  • SmokeyTheBear


  • sfb101

    I like #1, but not on my pay schedule…:@

    • Alex

      absolutely none of them could ever be on my pay schedule 😛

  • Alex

    I wouldn't have a themed home theater in my house, it would feel strange watching any other movie in there, but I have to admit that they are awesome!

  • tv_paul

    Great, I had to cut back to just basic cable and these guys have personal AMC stadium seating theaters.

    • Paul Watson

      o.0 Who is "Greta"??

      • tv_paul

        I guess I fixed this just a few seconds before you posted. If you catch a typo before a reply you can fix it . Oh and Greta is the girl at the cable company I spoke to about cutting back services.

        • Old Dude

          Get a job, problem solved. Sorry, Paul. No free tv to go with your free phone and big block of cheese.

    • dogcandy

      First world problems any way you look at it.

  • Slate Stone

    Only problem I see.. not one xbox or ps3 to be seen… wtf? what person in their right mind would build a bat cave and not have a gaming system?

    • kregkreeg

      these people are adults

    • Brother Bad

      I wouldn't care about having a gaming system. Is it a rule or something? A hot Chivette is a much better addition than a Wheeeee or X-Box. Enjoy that virtual pussy…

  • pickleman77

    #35 Cool, but kinda strange unless you're watching a pirate themed movie, same for the sci fi themed ones – if the movie doesn't match the room, it seems weird.

  • vwa

    I did some looking into the crazy all out Batman theme one. Apparently it's just a high end concept from a firm that does this stuff. I wonder how many of these are like that vs. how many are real?

  • Greta


  • Chris

    The dream theater in my head is better. Seriously, I've got it designed and everything….

  • pixelogre

    Some of those are pretty awesome, but come on you're spending that much money on something…get a bigger screen and projector for how far away the seats are! A few are fine, others look like they have a regular 60inch you have in your living room.

  • Kev

    Meanwhile in Ethiopia…

    • Russ

      Good 1

  • http://3PleasantGentlemen.com 3PleasantGentlemen

    Idk if I'd feel any better about watching Entourage re-runs in my bathrobe if there were a dozen seats around me further highlighting how alone I really am.

    • The Situation

      Perhaps it's time to upgrade to that inflatable audience for friendship, maybe more…

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