This is the crazy but totally real thing that happens when you put a red hot ball of Nickel in water (Video)

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  • Yuh!

    Hey gentle men and gentle ladies, looks like I'm the first one to post.

  • IzzyVic

    Oh look. It cooled down. Also congrats Yuh!

    • Csubi


  • Nope

    Its called the Leidenfrost Effect… its not exclusive to Nickel.. it happens EVERYTIME ANYTHING red-hot is dropped in water.. FFS chive, get your shit together… do some research…

    • iaDF!

      Thanks. I'm smarter now.

  • scarecrowe420

    I don't see what the big deal is… This happens everytime I poop.

    • Kroger_Security


  • Thomas Campbell

    scarecrowe420.. go to the doctor.. now.

  • Trepalium

    WTF this is the fifth time I've seen the exact same ad for the kroll show.?

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