Bad girls bend at the waist (38 Photos)

  • 908s

    Ah, gets me every time. Loving these girls

    • randall

      This edition of bad girls bend at the waist is the best post in the history of history

      • jay

        dont know where to begin…too good to start with just 1

    • douche

      its the best

  • Tillman61

    #30 Ok, now that's just outstanding…

    • Cory from PA

      lol it is..

    • 908s

      Why can't this happen to me? awesome

      • Kristen

        Probably because you're a cunt.

        • Plzzzz

          Kristen! Please show me your tits you miserable bitch!

    • DannoTheManno88

      This is exactly why that game was made.

    • Kev

      The Chive is a gateway drug to youporn

    • Notknowing

      They're doin it right.

    • Courtesy Flush

      Right hand on ……..Pink.

    • J MO

      The one to the far right know's what's up…

      • Milton Bradley

        Yeah, it's really not fair. She's obviously been there before.

    • Bouff

      Right hand…my junk!

  • Vill


    • lucid_eye

      Don't thumbs down Will, he was just volunteering to pressure wash the cavernous expanse of Paula psuedo-vagina.

  • Cory from PA

    tugging it > working

  • AB

    Seriously.. where is this fucking laundromat?? #6 #7

    • Chuck Schick

      #7 is somebody's house.

    • Wicked

      It's called Fluff n Fold 😉

  • pa'ver

    #18 would love to

    • Cory from PA

      lol we love us some 'K' how bout it pa'ver

      • Cory from CT

        I want to pee in her butt.

        • Your Pimp

          I want to pee in your mouth, douche Cory

    • Notknowing

      She's baaAAaak. She's not a bad girl. She's DIRTAY!

    • Dave

      Also featured prominently in the stretching post earlier…

  • GBPK

    #2 absolutely stunning

    • Saint

      Pornstar Samantha Saint

      • GBPK


    • Notknowing

      (licking my lips) It's motorboatin' time!

  • Jay


    Dress looks great on you

    • Kev


      • Kristen


        • Pretty plzzzz

          Kristen! Please show me your tits you miserable bitch!

    • Brian

      Not really bending over.

      Not really caring.

    • wittywombat

      dress would look great off her as well 😉

  • truth

    #2 is perfect

    • Tyler Rauch

      women are such sluts and i love it – #honestly

  • james westbrook

    #10. Sweet Jesus.

    • taco

      excellent picture but… that's gotta be shopped right?

      • Teamwork

        Please.. PLEASE.. If this is photoshopped don't tell us. Let me keep this hope for the existence of that hump.

    • Womb_Raider

      Happy to report that it isn't shopped. Her name is Bella Skyy. 9/10 would bang.

    • VanCan

      Those are definitely not regulation shorts… =P

  • Paul

    #17 Nice double bend!

    • yep

      Find these two! #17

      • cum dumpster

        One on right…dibs!

  • Eggnog365

    There she is again. Loss of words

    • Epitomizer

      Pardon me good sir, but might I inquire to the identity of this loverly chivette?

      • Eggnog365

        Not a chivette, pron star domino presley

        • Winfields

          not cool, DO NOT GOOGLE THAT NAME

          • :-)

            Thanks for the warning

  • devin skolaski

    my friday just got a hole lot better ..thank ya

    • Had2


      • tv_paul

        #30 He might be right if he's looking at the is one.


    #3 Miss the skin tight dress posts…

    • Chiver

      This ^^^

      • Yarp


  • jmonster

    #29 is so hot (Jenna Haze?) but #33 does it for me. Mmmm thigh-highs!

    • crash25

      !#4 & #11 also

    • BigDave

      Yep! Thats's Jenna.

      • Chiver_Sammy

        But its not porn…Because its black & white…

        • J Sleazy

          If it's black & white it's interracial porn!

  • tv_paul

    #30 Twister is a hot one and I'd like to call the shots.

  • Acidvolta

    This post makes me say, "Wow." out loud even though I'm alone here.

  • Grovestposse

    All that ass!

    • SnakemanDan85

      #30. No, all that ass!!

  • ryan

    #7 #11 #20 #22 #34 …wow

    • Jetbuilder

      #11 I think pedobear took that one

      • Now

        If you masturbated to this picture, please turn yourself in to your local authorities as soon as possible and add yourself to the sex offender registry.


  • tv_paul

    #22 I"d like to be in the pink.

    • @LosSaysSwag

      Trust me, you wouldn't. Easier than EZ Mac.

    • ronnieboyKCCO

      her twitter account is @misskeyblade

  • KingThing

    #2 AND #33

    • VanCan

      You're on the button, on both counts!

  • KingThing

    Has a killer body….but can't get past the "Bieber look-a-like"

    • dwah18

      I thought the same thing

    • savagecabbage

      So Justin Bieber is actually a woman… I KNEW IT!

    • AnItalianChiver

      Ohh man.. That's a b-killer observation.

  • tpenkethman

    #2 Samantha Saint #8 Jennifer Ellison, Both absolutely gorgeous..

    • wittywombat

      tpenkethman- you are a legend. thank you

  • TRI

    # 38

    Thanks Santa Claus!!

    • Had2


  • ben

    #16. Wow!

    • E40

      Ass so big
      you can set a cup on her booty

      • Quick Wit

        But what is the arrow pointing to in the shot?

    • Kristen

      It looks like a tranny.

      • @julesmarie310

        tranny with a serious donk

    • Rick Rude

      Yaris Sanchez

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