Speaking of googly eyes — FLBP (60 Photos)

  • Everclear

    #6 I want to go there.

    #47 Danielle Sharp!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #19 want and need find her she is stunning, beautiful and sexy and yes she has a great rack and those are awesome

    • nanard

      Please find this beauty !

    • bdg

      #7 #8 #17 #42 #47 and #40 definitely have my full attention!!!!!!!
      #42 Great to see you again!!! Somebody give this beautiful woman her own post!!!!

      • bdg

        #23 has a very clean look!!! My tongue could check how smooth it is!!!

      • cadaver

        good call on #42, always great to see her, cotw candidate for sure 🙂

  • JusticeForce

    #4 #27
    I will never again say the phrase, "I'm more of an ass man"

    • Chris

      How about "I'm more of an ass, man?"

      • JusticeForce

        That is how I will feel if I ever utter such a phrase

    • Just sayin'

      Love those veins on #4… ❤

  • randall

    Wow, these girls are smokin!

    • whale huntr

      Probably the most intense post if flbp we have had in a long time! Think I seen one with obvious fake ones, and the rest had pretty huge knockers. Didn't look at all the comments, suspect #43 won't get the attention she deserves, keep them coming please!

  • Vic

    #1 #30 #44 Cannot go wrong with any of these…

  • suck'a

    #38 Rainbow Pop-Tart Cat?

    • Jay

      nyan cat….know your meme's

    • JimmyP06

      Taste the rainbow

    • inquisitor80

      that rack doesn't need decoration

    • Smaggerdad

      Here, let me hold those for you.

  • Baba Booey

    #20-would be a good pic had it not been for the two douches

    • Idiots

      Agreed…. Wtf is up with the hello kitty tattoo. Fag

      • Chris

        IF you were looking at his tattoo….. got some bad news for you….

        • Jason

          Kinda hard not to see that shit…. You taking up for him, got some bad news for you

          • JSJ

            I didn't realize he had a tatoo until I read it here.

      • Adrock

        Hello Kitty Tattoo? Man card revoked.

    • That 1 Guy

      what makes them douches exactly? All I see are two chivers looking at some chesticals ( one with a hello kitty tat whos probably her gay best friend ) learn to K.C.C.O more.

      • Jack Wagon

        Oh ya, that sexy lady is about to go skiing! Gonna go for a ride!

        • Kiki

          Lol Jack, put the goggles on, it's gonna be a white out!

    • Matt

      That dude friends with #36?

  • Vic

    #28 has a sexy body…

    • Zed


  • Sparky

    #23 Day Makerrrrrrr.

    • OmahaDude

      Which the Chive gamely followed with #24

  • Sm1thy37


    Looks like a psycho, dodgy bolt-ons, and a bullshit tattoo?

    That's strike 3 right there

    • Drool @ Pinky

      Isn't that the underboob girl from a month ago? We've all agreed she has surgically enhanced mams but who gives a h?

      • fgbfjb

        That's the girl from like 8 other posts.

        • G'wan bi

          Why is everyone so hard on this girl? God bless her cotton socks I say.

    • Head Cheese

      Psycho in the head means psycho in bed.

    • KCCO

      WTF is your deal, guy? You're a huge badass from behind your computer screen, aren't you? She's a Chivette, and that's the important thing. Why the hell would you ever insult a chivette? She chose to share these pictures with theChive and you're putting her down? You just don't get it. Go to another website to get your rocks off. You suck.

      Not to mention, she's completely breathtaking, and she has a smile to die for.

      • SplackPack

        Both sides have valid points. It's not cool to talk shit but a lot of phrases like "breathtaking" and "amazing" are used very loosely around here. "Hot" or "not" keep it simple. Ease up on all the descriptive words trying to bust a mack from behind a screen.

        • Polkadotshower

          Dude couldn't agree more. Its a hot chick with cell phone site. Not a dating site.

          • Truth Hurts

            "but…the Chivettes…were, like, my girlfriends?" -Kyle (youtube baseball guy) voice

      • Dick

        You are a giant butthole!

    • Bobby

      she's hot, dont know what any of you morons are talking about.

      don't just crop and repost the same picture from 2 weeks ago, asshole.

    • Matt

      I could stare at her every post!!!

  • Norman king of bob

    It may be just me but the fool on the left of #20 got a hello kitty tattoo

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Leave the Hello Kitty tattoo to women like #36.

      • Norman king of bob

        Got to say it looks far better on her and I really ain't looking at the cat to be honest

  • Guest

    #39 Georgia Salpa.

  • homerjay

    #4, #32, #46, and #60 for good luck.

    • homerjay

      I meant #56, not 46. Need to go to bed.

  • Bobby

    #15 Butter

  • jag

    So many beautiful women here (#51 knocked me out).

    But the one I would love to spend time with is #24. What I wouldn't do to marry a smile like that.

    • Guest

      #51 has been in this galleries at least 3 times already. And I look forward to the next 3 times I see her.

    • WalterSobchak_

      #24 is sophie reade UK model NSFW

  • RealZoo

    #8 #24 #37 #51…FLBP is a problem I can deal with.

  • Andy Valentine

    #32 – Insert inappropriate pun about "pressing her buttons" or "inserting a coin" here.

    • rgh

      Up up down down left right left right B A

      Hmm, didn't work.

    • G_Had

      I would blow her cartridge anytime. Wait what?

      • Andy Valentine

        You need to be of a certain age to get that.

        • G_Had

          Which I am dear Andy 🙂

    • pep

      gonna need s'more of this one

  • TRI

    Thanks chive, now I strated the day….

    • LookingForLiz

      Congratulations on your "strating"

  • Matty D

    I need this girl's name and of course I want MOAR!

    • Jashon

      This girl is hot! She lacks imagination though. Similar poses all the time…

      • Alfred E. Newman

        I kind of feel like she took all of these at the same time but the Chive is just putting one or two up at a time. Either way, some different stuff would be nice.

      • nanard

        It's not the same pose all the time, it's the same photo all the time !:)

    • KCCO

      I vote Chivette Of The Week.

  • Scott

    I want too drive #55!!! Let's have moar!!!

    • SMA

      Codi Milo

      • falacer

        She looks much better with the dark hair.

        • Telephone Man

          Yes, but even better naked.

        • Jsin


    • Underbaker

      I like the body and I like the face, but they don't look like they go together, like someone shopped the face on the body.

  • jackcco

    #48 and #54 We love our daily dose on Ellie and Jess. And be always craving MOAR!!

    • Tyler Rauch

      both adorable!!!

  • Bob

    #20 reminds me of my mom.

    • heywood jablowme

      she reminds me of your mom, too.

  • Seth

    #48 Ellie Gonsalves
    Beautiful everytime

  • Polkadotshower

    #42 Yea! MOAR please.

    • Sirwally

      Attention fucking whore

      • fgbfjb

        Agreed. She's been flooding them with the same crap.

    • True

      This is the exact same picture that was in the DAR two fridays ago.

      Not her fault they chose to repost.

      • Tyler Rauch

        whats her twitter!!!

  • AnItalianChiver

    #30 #37 absolutely stunning

    • Kiki

      Thumbs up #30

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