American beach rugby is why I wrap myself in the flag and have a bowl of whiskey cereal every morning (55 Photos)

Little pink houses ‘n’ shit. Enjoy.

  • Abe


    • otto

      Why do you post "First" and then question yourself?

      • Berty

        Because sometimes someone else's post will move through the cyber webs more quickly than your own and your "first" post is actually second.

        • Berty

          My question is…. Do you think these women take themselves seriously while playing this sport?

  • Dave

    I'm pretty sure that's beach rugby…

    • Handjob Murphy

      As I thought when I opened the title as "Football" and said to myself, "If it's football, why the rugby ball?", I said. And then I thought, perhaps because it's slightly softer and rounder than the pointy-pointy American football, and they don't want the women to be all bruised up from the pointy football. Pointy.

      But no, such is not the case.


      • TheVanityScore

        stop saying pointy.

        why have i never heard of this beautiful sport before? its like discovering buried treasure. this is sad cause i live in California and you would think this kind of stuff would be talked about.

  • NorCalChiver1

    #9 insert right meowwwww

    • Skermitt

      I have no idea how one plays rugby… but I like it!

  • #1paulafan

    Happy troll tastic Tuesday Paula!

    • TheVanityScore

      stop feeding the damn troll. she never even responds to you.

  • CC J

    Karmen is a hottie

  • Ishbar

    #37 my dreams made reality!

    • James

      Wow I would so not be wearing pearcings while playing rugby espacially with no shirt on.

    • Mike Hill

      Totally agree!!! She is absolutely beautiful!!! MOAR PLEASE CHIVE!!!

  • Mak

    #39 She is a bad Girl,

    • MattZpic_elle

      is it 105 or 109

      • Kyle Wright

        Does it matter?

  • N2MotoX

    #37 #39 I think we all have a new favorite sport to be fans of!

    • Ok.

      Love me a girl who like to play rough

  • Brian


    Yup, picking up the cost for four years of college tuition is the best choice her daddy ever made.

  • CC J

    Top left.. 8 ball corner pocket

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    Mmmmm…. whiskey cereal

  • Rugby fan

    Classic American's this is obviously rugby. Get your sports straight!

    • emu90

      in fairness, it looks like it's league, and that's pretty commonly called footy here in Aus, the only place stupid enough to put it ahead of union

  • gregorije1

    looks like beach rugby to me

  • loonytik

    Talk about post game penis exfoliation….

  • asdf

    This exists!?!?! I sometimes really hate Indiana.

    #48 how often do…umm…"things" fall out at these games?

    • @eppersonsam

      this is not a reason to hate indiana. plus, i'm here so indiana is therefore great.

    • move

      indiana sucks!

      • Bud

        "Crossroads of America" aka "where people drive through to get places".

  • Bullwinkle

    #1 #21 #22 all high tackles. Get with it ladies. Get low or grab titties!

  • twd22285

    free sand removal..

  • Carl

    I'm pretty sure that's bowling

  • millenial native

    Bunch of flat asses there.

  • Brent


  • NebraskaGuy

    #9 Sports photos time for our pleasure
    #38 Looks like she's got good hand on that one!

  • darkohanzo

    #54 uhhh wait what?

    • Not Me

      Double Camel

  • John

    none of these ladies knows how to wear eye-black correctly…

  • StomperPTI

    if i worked at the Chive i would spend the first half of every work day jerking off. the second half would be spent looking at pictures of cats.

    • Darrell

      Why not both at the same time?

      • @eppersonsam

        i smell a challenge

        • bruce

          thats not what that smell is…

    • AdmiralEvident

      Isn't that what everyone does on the Internet?

  • fish

    Caucasian mandinga fighting…

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