Lingerie is an easy way to my heart (39 Photos)

  • Ok.

    Sometimes I make hats for my penis.

  • TomH

    #3 omg the things she would do to me

    • fucked

      Right? Filing that restraining order would be so hot!

      • Joe

        Hahahaha, how true this is.

    • no one cares

      probably something like tell you that she loves you and will never hurt you. Then she cheats on you with you best friend, which causes you to go into a blind rage and to use a Fatality move on her, such as my personal favorite…the head rip!

    • Guest

      #30 is my future soul mate haha

  • HarryDunn

    #39 #33

  • Undergrad

    #2 for the win

    • john

      time for some porn

  • LeO

    Wtf no Olivia Wilde this time?
    Me sad 😦

    • YOYO


  • sfb101

    #2 & #38 Chairs!
    #12, #14 and #25 for the finish.

    • Aweseom

      #38 Kayden Kross aka The Perfect Secretary, severely NSFW

    • bUSTERA

      #12 Jenna haze i think

      • Maoam

        Both wrong. And #12 is 'Lorena G' btw..

  • Nala

    #2 #32 and #39 – lingerie is definitely a value add. I have a friend who said he just wants to take it off, so it's a waste, and he's a fool.

    • Ishbar

      I agree with your selection!

    • sandy astroglide

      just let your friend take his lingerie off if he wants to!

  • ASSumptions

    #33 Gorgeous!

    • Texas

      There's nudes of her all over the interwebs, not sure about a name though.

      • Prick


      • TommyD

        To be clear, she's not a porn star. These images were tricked out of her by 4chan trolls in an elaborate con acting as multiple legit modeling agencies and then published all over the internet.

        Even Chive reposting them is pretty low class.


    #6 Annnd teamwork is essential,WOW.

  • RichardWhiskey

    #14 for the love of chivin,

    • Brian

      I'd never leave the bedroom.

    • Just sayin'

      She knows what she's doing too; those panties come off without removing anything else. ❤ !

      • Murph1908

        Came here to say the same thing.

        • 1iJack

          Me too

  • wkdfrog

    #15 Cooks in lingerie, likes video games and looks like Sasha Grey…Cheque please!

    • Aaron

      And she carries lube around.

    • Brody

      Please be cooking bacon

      • EatThisPrincessPeach

        AAAAHAHAHAHA. . . Nice Brody.

        This chick makes me wanna Up,Up,Down,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right,B,A,B,A,Start

  • justsoyaknow

    #32 Wow

    • Plz find

      Please who is this…must find

    • Chiver


    • RocksOff

      Hard to tell, but it might be Rachel Spence.

    • Kale Saladah

      Just a personal message, #32. I would make you SO happy! (And I don't usually go for the busty ones!)

    • Juju Bee

      She is the cream of this crop. Find her!!!

    • ChurchoftheFonz

      Talia Shepherd. NSFW…

  • Dev23

    #38 Find her

    • Awesome

      Kayden Kross aka The Perfect Secretary, majorly NSFW

  • ASSumptions

    #11 – Because SQUISHY! Nice…

  • let it rip


    I bought my wife some new lingerie this morning, gonna put it thru the paces it next month in Waikiki!!

    • Otter

      Enjoy it while you can

  • Tillman61

    #28 So cute. I'll take some hot cross buns, please.

  • Dan

    #32 has the best rack

  • blue_bronco

    I need a maid

    • blue_bronco

      Oh, btw, WOW!

  • Sirwally

    #8 #11 #2 #3 damn what I would do to these beauties

  • Chiver_Sammy

    Some girls can make lingerie look hot #5 # 12 but then there are others that make it hotter #14 #13 #6

  • MNChiver

    Lingerie is an easy way to give me a boner.

  • Chiver_4Life

    #5 FTW. My God! So sexy!

  • Jezza67

    #8 Hooray for Daddy Issues!

  • Dave

    #14 I love the panties over the garter straps, because, you know why…

    • Just sayin'

      Good eye Sir!

      • Rambone

        was just about to say that! ……. this tells me you've been to the promise land and back….well played sir

    • TommyD

      I wish more girls would plan ahead like this.

  • Longshot

    Thank you #14, for being the only woman here who knows how to wear her garters and panties properly…

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