Anna Kendrick is using the twitter machine hilariously (30 Photos)

You may know the incredibly cute Anna Kendrick from critically acclaimed films like Up in the Air and most recently Pitch Perfect. What you may not know is she has an absurdly hilarious twitter account that I spent the better half of a day creeping through. If you're in to beautiful girls that have a sense of humor and sarcasm, follow Anna Kendrick here.

Follow Anna Kendrick here.

  • The Antichrist wants to touch Anna Kendrick’s booty in this ridiculous Red Band trailer for RAPTUREPALOOZA | Welcome to The Movies

    […] Anna Kendrick is awesome. There’s simply no other way to state this unassailable fact. Ever since first gaining widespread attention in Up In The Air, she’s been charming the pants off all four vaunted quadrants with either sterling efforts in movies such as End of Watch  and Pitch Perfect or by possibly being the greatest celebrity to ever use Twitter. […]

  • Anna Kendrick takes on the Twittersphere | Bank of Opinions

    […] Kendrick mostly uses her site to tweet her witty musings on life, pictures of some of her daily activities, linked to her Instagram profile, or try her hand at comedy, which she has yet to fail at.  Some of her most talked about tweets lean slightly toward the NSFW genre, which is how her profile on the site gained such publicity. […]

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