I went ahead and threw away all your bras, you’re welcome.. (52 Photos)

  • emily

    #46 makes me wetter than a nun in a cucumber patch. woof.

    • tbjacobs

      Women like you are what makes the Chive truly great. KCCO.

    • Cory form PA

      I'm harder than the cucumber emily puts in her pooty tang

    • blunt

      "when comments are hotter than the gallery some how"

    • Bearcat02

      She's even better looking in person if that's possible.

      • Skermitt

        Emily could be dude… it is the internet after all.

      • Saget

        do you go to UC?!

    • Jezza67

      Gentlemen, this is fucking bullshit.

      when you post a comment, try to imagine that you are standing in front of the lady herself.

      Do not scream "MOAR", do not mention her tits, do not advertise what you would do to her were she an ananimate sex doll. The submitter has taken a mighty risk by dipping her little toe into the world of porn and wil regret it in five years. Just be thankful that she has deemed to share with you her beauty at its prime.

      There are women who crave anonymous acclaim, they are called actresses, singers, models, American Idol contestants and ladies who have, generally, lacked strong male role models in their formative years. Please feel free to direct your tirades toward them.

      Otherwise, should you wish to comment on a Chivette, please feel free to tell that they are attractive, or that you are grateful for their contribution. If you are truly grateful, submit a photo for the Berry's "Chivers pay back their Chivette's" section.


      • Epitomizer

        Dude, chill the fuck out. This is the internet are you going to teach something to? Anyone who is going to listen to your contrived bullshit… great now I sound like you, ya fuck head.

        Oh and PS – Emily, I really really hope your a chick, because if not, that makes this boner really awkward.

      • Steel Jaguar

        Jezza either needs to get a copy of the Bro Code and memorize it or he needs to hand over his man card. Jezza, my man… if these girls couldn't handle the comments they just wouldn't post, and I am sure they know what gets said. There is nothing wrong with talking about how amazing her tits are and the things we would do to them because they know that's how we are thinking anyways, no point in bullshitting them by trying to be a proper gentlemen from the days of chivalry past. So KCCO and enjoy the show and leave the commentating to us. 😛

        p.s. Please note that the top comment in this string was made by a lady.

      • Lyrex

        Sorry someone pissed in your cereal this morning. One would think you would have gotten over it by this late in the day.

      • Steel Jaguar

        Jezza, my man… you are making it sound like these girls don't know where they are posting there pictures or what is potentially going to be said in response to all the Chiver seeing them. We are only expressing what they know we are thinking anyways, so the only "fucking bullshit" there happens to be is trying to act like a proper gentleman from the days of chivalry's past. If you don't like the comments made then don't go lower than the picture posts, because tits will be commented on and the occasional what-I-would-do-to-her fantasy may be put out there and it is our God given right to express what we think when hot girls express how they pose for our pleasure, because I do believe that is the point of them doing it in the first place. So KCCO and leave the commentating to us. 😛

        p.s. and please check that it was a lady that made the first comment for this particular string, so what do you say to her?

        • Steel Jaguar

          Sigh… didn't think the first one posted, so I wrote another one and then they both posted…. sorry if I sound like I'm repeating myself.

      • its_forge

        Oh piss off, that beautiful woman has gorgeous tits. The end.

      • mmmmmboobs

        when you post a comment try to imagine that you are not the Archbishop of the Internet and that no one gives a fuck about your self proclaimed codes of conduct.

        If you didn't come here for the tit's what were you hoping for?

      • Fortune Teller


    • Jon

      This same picture appears on the SMoking Jacket website. Hmmmmm: http://www.thesmokingjacket.com/girls/tuesday-tea

  • The Dude

    You're welcome *

  • 908s

    Fuck… too many to list this time.

  • tbjacobs

    #1 Just do it!

    • Iso

      Truly amazing!

    • Nathan

      They really saved the best for first on this one.

    • Epitomizer

      Fucking masterpiece right there!

    • wicked

      the best

  • jmdmn

    #9 Thanks for MOAR, but please keep submitting photos!

    • OKC

      Imagine splashing a hot load of cum on those tits! Wow…

      • Epitomizer

        Here's the line —> | Here's your comment

    • Chris

      Amazing!!! 36DD?

  • Darrell

    #8 wow gorgeous!

  • kill bill

    #9 still wanna see moar

    • El Coqui

      MOAR, MOAR, MOAR?????

  • Redf

    You motorboatin' sonofabitch!!!!!!

  • Dom


    • indiana chiver

      Nipples are the rule today. I will follow the rules today.


    #2 Don't comoflauge yourself…

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Any clue as to who she is…? Anyone…? Bueller…?

    • ConcernedCitizen

      One question: IQ? All other problems can be solved.

  • jokerz4fun

    Helllllloooooooooooo purdy lil lady

    • https://www.facebook.com/jimmy.brazier1 Jimmy Brazier

      OMG you are so sexxy

  • RooFeeOOO

    #9 and #38 There will never be any amount of moar that will satisfy these eyes.

    • DDD

  • Redf

    Fuck you

    • pep

      i really wanna know what Chris M said

    • ESPN2013

      what did he say!?!?!?!

    • Courtesy Flush

      This comment has been deleted by the administrator
      Dam I hate when I miss chive drama.

  • Brad

    God damn, I love women.

  • Guest

    #50 Gorgeous, GAP

    • Mrdoogso

      WOW – i am speechless!! you are a GODDESS among women!

    • Slim Jim

      for the love of god please find

  • Arrrrrrrrrrg

    Great job to all who participated.

    Special mention to:
    #7 Keep up the good work in the kitchen
    #13 love the style
    #50 God deserves a slap on the back for this one
    #45 made my man parts feel funny

    Thanks again.

    • Just Me

      #50 Loved the piercings.

      • Just Me

        Sorry, I meant #45

  • Lou

    #23 Winner, winner.

    • Guest

      She has an amazing body.. But apparently drinks milk, from the carton, in bed, like a savage!

    • jamie

      Really Dude?? Those HORRIBLE Bolt on tupperware tits. YIKES

      • gone_soft

        fake tits make Mr Happy very sad.

        • Courtesy Flush

          Hey, they're real on the outside.

    • Jesus Christ

      Chicken dinner.

    • toxo


    • Tony

      Oh yea sexy as hell

  • OmahaDude

    #22 Burned bra with a side of Toe. Giddy up.

    • sfb101

      Yes! It's seems so stupid we can't tap this image.

      • BAW509

        I missed something. Why are some banned and others ok?

        • sfb101

          'cause someone has the dreaded cranial – rectal reversal.
          I couldn't tell you why, it seems so stupid #5 & #50 as well
          What's up Chive? We'd like to know.

          • woah!

            NIPPLE!!!!! #5

    • iskra9

      side gap??

  • Al Czervik

    #23 Wow

    • bitch

      bolt ons and a tramps stamp but who cares!

    • ryan

      hottest one

  • tv_paul

    #33 Because of you, the men in that neighborhood must have sent binocular sales skyrocketing.

    • Brody

      Please send us Moar!

    • Epitomizer

      "I like girls because squishy" – Alec

    • Te'oing > Tebowing

      This looks a lot like a chick I know, Leah Kaiser…if it's her, you all will definitely want MOAR!

    • guest

      Wait a minute…is this 1/2 of the dynamic duo wives' club that was trying to make the DAR?

    • Just Me

      Why don't I ever get girls like that in my hot tub? Oh yea, I'm married that's why.

    • PizdusInc
      • Gotcha bitch

        Totally. Same hot tub and brick pillars in the background.

        • sully

          you guys realize there are girls in these photos too, right?

  • tv_paul

    #52 "Tower, I believe we have a nip…I mean blip on our radar, requesting instructions."

  • ZiaChiver

    Bras seem less and less necessary by the week…

  • jmonster

    Wow what a post! #35 and #1 are incredible, but PLEASE FIND #5! She wins by a MILE. Damn…

  • Whoopi_G

    #1 Way to start off with a bang!

    • Bobo

      Anyone know who this is.????? Need more!

  • Stuntk

    #5 and #23 will do

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