You don’t think I forgot about the redheads, do you? (65 Photos)

  • Paula_


    – the one you love to hate

    • Egghead

      Paula rules!

    • James

      You're like Nicholas Cage…. You won't die, you don't turn down an opportunity to show yourself in something. And the you're everywhere where no one wants you. You need a permaban or something.

    • blue_bronco

      I bet Paula wipes "its" ass back to front


      Nice tattoo on your arm Paula! I know who you are!

  • cp_

    #12 #32 #40


    • blue_bronco

      Great grammar, Bob.

  • theWizz


    • Anti Red

      I agree, the only ones that are really hot are the ones that just dye their hair red. ex) #22

    • michaeler

      I agree man, I don't know what it is about redheads, but I don't really find them attractive.

  • Ben

    #64 Iga!

  • IVAJ

    #22 Is my favorite!! Henry and Zack Ramon are pussies cus they dont like gingers! shame on them

  • John

    #64 – WOW!

  • CplCupcake

    I'd really like to see more of #8

    • jasonreiss

      I'm with ya. she's the hottest one in the bunch.

  • Blue bronco

    I appreciate the post, but "You Don't Think I Forget About Redheads, Do You?"


  • Paula_

    GeorgiaRosa is a redhead too!!1! And has FLBP too so she's pretty much the perfect woman!!1!

    – Fan testimonial: "Please can you add this to your fan testimonials? – Greg Wells"

    • GeorgiaRosa

      & I'm just dying of embarassment..:) ❤

      • Paula_

        Oh, just hold your boobs in front of your face to hide you're blushing… ❤

        [EDIT] …gawd I'm stupid. One boob will do the job.

        – Fan testimonial: "Holy shit that is fn' HILARIOUS!!! That made my week, and quite possibly my month! Thank you so much for that!"

      • Paula_

        Oh and dear, just so you know, I've hidden your bras. Again.
        So it looks like I'll have to hold your twins up tomorrow. Again.

        Well you HAVE to admit I do a pretty good holding them up when I'm not juggling them!!1!

        – Fan testimonial: "Paula, I'm going to vote you down on this one, because I know that's what you're after. As long as we have an understanding that I think this is completely hilarious."

        • GeorgiaRosa

          Hawt! ❤ ❤ ❤
          You know only too well there's no need to hide my bras AGAIN!!!! for the umpteenth time!!!, I quite like you holding my twins up actually…

          Any chance I can have all the bras back..?!?

          • Paula_

            You can have them back when I'm tired of your twins.

            So that may take a while. Don't hold your breath.

            – typing with her feet too meow

  • Mr_liqour_liver

    #65 oh yeah

    • Revenant

      ariel rebel – nsfw

  • thebeefinjector

    My GAWD #30 is gorgeous!

    • John

      They probably shouldnt include die-jobs, certainly the obvious ones anyways

  • echogeo

    " #9 number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9…"
    ~John Lennon

    honorable mention to #19, #22 and #57

    • doom

      #9 is vica kerekes

      • nanard


  • sfb101

    This is a red head overload!
    I love the naughty looks from:
    #3, #9, #11, #16 & #22

  • jmonster

    #9 love the freckles… #49 adore the face…. but #1 is the sexiest overall

    • Metal Chiver

      #49 looks like Katy B. I like her voice as well as her face.. the way she moves her lips as she sings is great.

  • irishfan#5

    #12, #23 and #65 could actually make me forget asians

  • McD's

    #64 ba da ba ba baaaa…

  • onizzz

    Why !? Why redheads ? why are you so hot ?

  • h0llygh0st

    I have to go outside and its damn cold… So first I opened this to get warm 🙂

    • Gay


  • Keith

    #11 Please sit on my face!

    • tv_paul

      Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me.
      I'll sit on your face and tell you I love you, too.
      I love to hear you oralize,
      When I'm between your thighs;
      You blow me away!

    • Juan

      Sydney Barlette, real name Sydney Bosworth of Houston, TX

  • tv_paul

    #65 Yes, you are quite a piece.

  • Jesus Christ

    #11 Is just gorgeous, plus look at those hips. #33 #34 #47 #53 Redheads always have piercing eyes, I love it.

    • Hunter

      I hate when people post a million pics. Obviously they're all good. Post one and we'll discuss if we agree with you.

      • Jesus Christ

        Just helping out so you don't have to scroll up to see which ones I'm talking about, Besides it's not like they're full size pics so it doesn't clutter the comments.

        • Hunter

          Touche. I guess I'm just a minimalist. At least we can agree that these girls are hot.

          • Jesus Christ

            Little known fact, Jesus loves redheads.

    • nanard

      #53 has photoshop'd eyes…not natural at all, kills the photo imo

      • Jesus Christ

        Doesn't matter to me, I still like eyes even if they are kinda dull. When a girl just stares into your eyes to the depth of your soul, it makes me speechless. Such an awesome feeling.

  • Justhrowit

    #1 #11 #64

    I love them redheads ~Wooderson~

  • Porkins

    Oh MY! This is a girl I'd like to see MOAR of! #62

    • nanard

      Very cute, you're my Chivette of the week mademoiselle

  • YOYO

    #40 and #59 a lot of win going on there

  • Paula_

    BTW Bob you missed a perfect opportunity to 'meow', title should have been:

    "You don’t think I forgot about the redheads, do you meow?"

    Slacky asshat!!1!

    – Fan testimonial: "I generally ignore your trolling, but this comment grabbed me. – Gallus"

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