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  • anotherchiver

    Another great week #37 topped it off

    • Tankus

      I got stuck there for a while!

      • Tankus

        No actually I'm going back up there… See ya!

      • anotherchiver

        Same here there is a lot going on in this picture

    • MrSusan20

      i will high five anyone who can sauce.

      • siirus84

        kemper and sash suicide girls.

        • Alouicious

          kemper is my new favorite chick ever

    • ryan bonline

      i think i had a stroke looking at this, a sexy stroke.

    • fus-roh-dah

      dat star wars tatoo

    • ray
      • Brian

        Thank YOU sir.

      • Projekt_J

        you're a good man Ray

      • <3.

        This! is why I love the Chive Community

    • just saying

      #37 what a waste on so many levels

  • Joe


    • Joe

      Damnit number 2

  • FuWangaDoo

    #52, waa-waa-wee-waa!

  • slick


    • slick

      Crap. Now I look stupid.

  • Eggy

    Somebody is slumming it… #69

    • blah

      beats my 'i voted this morning' sticker.

    • Mike

      Wasn't Nike's slogan "just do it"

    • Girly

      Doesn't matter, had sex

    • gradaddy

      judging by the logo on the backpack, it was gay sex

  • Roy

    who is the girl in #37 on right? W()W

    • pup84

      That's kemper suicide. You can find her on tumblr

    • ray
      The rest of the photo shoot

      • FuWangaDoo

        One million thanks yous, kind sir.

      • jkrolart

        one million and one thank yous, kind sir

  • Cheers

    #66 She's all yours man.

    • Elle

      That's shopped. Just sayin'.

  • Jawbone

    #14 Fucked up a pretty girl. Excellent life choice.

    • Brian

      You live your life, let everyone else live theirs, you judgmental twat.

      • MonkeyMadness

        It must be great to be so superior to someone to call them judgmental when they're commenting on a half naked chick showing off her body on the internet.

        • MateoSaid


      • ????

        Isn't calling someone a judgmental twat kind of judgmental?

    • Truth Hurts

      Between "clean your damn room" and "don't ruin your body", maybe you could have a cup of STFU

    • Kyle

      Speak for yourself.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        I believe he just did so!

        • Yes

          Hahaha well said, 'nuff said.

    • steven ibinson

      nothing fucked up there, I still see a dam fine woman there. Tats do not bother me hell i like them.

    • Swarley

      Sleeping with your sister isnt a good life choice but it didn't stop you.

    • Mike

      Hottest chivette on here in a long time. Nothing like FINE art work

    • Projekt_J

      Stop being little B****s guys and tell me her name

    • cas

      You're crazy she's gorgeous tats and all

    • Spidy

      Demanda Lavette

    • Nick

      um yeah she's still beautiful, especially with the tattoos. Then again, I like girls with tattoos.

    • no thanks

      agreed…what a waste of some great skin

    • RGIII original

      Definitely a good life choice the tats make her look even sexier. So u can keep your lame life and lame girl and I'll take her

  • CDNchiver

    It's tough to share my COD, but if I did #7 sure would make it easy.

    • ryan

      Bottom slip… Mmmm

    • savagecabbage

      What disturbs me most about your comment is the fact that you didn't comment that her beef curtains are clearly showing

    • Jethro

      I'd like to put my right thumb on that "x" button. 🙂

  • larry white

    #21 #33 wow

    • Kiki

      Larry, I go down the list and keep telling myself the ones I want to comment on, & they were #21 & #33. Well played sir, I like your style. BTW, 33 has a hint of Rachel McAdams in her, just with the finest set of titties I've ever wanted to motorboat. Thanks sweetie, plz give us MOAR!!!

  • @BSimmzy

    EVERYONE wants to know who she is!! SO FIND HER!!!

  • @BSimmzy

    #41 EVERYONE wants to know who she is!! SO FIND HER!!!

    • happy day

      I would eat the Krusteez off of her pancakes.

    • Bheld

      #48 Find her too!!!!!!! She is soooooo hot!

      • kingJurzy

        Ashley Ann Vickers

        • Filbur


    • Oldfriend

      Her name is Kaitlin Carey that's all I know I went to high school with her

    • Old friend

      Did you get my comment on her scroll down and see the comment

  • @BSimmzy

    #69 Is this a daily thing you brag of?

    • Truth

      So, the hump day post is filled with dudes every week who go on and on and on about what they'd do to the women in the photos and a girl with this badge makes her a tramp? Double standard much.

    • MylesofStyles

      Simzy, you're comment is flimzy.

    • Mixalaki

      Doesn't matter, had sex…

  • Mike

    #37 shorted something in my brain. Star Wars tat at that!

  • Dev23

    #7 I want

  • therealstake

    the first Chiver to tell me their names can go a round with them once i get them in my basement

    yes. thats a smiley face so its not creepy.

    • zwick

      the two you selected are my favorites but that sir was fucking creepy

      • therealstake

        But. didnt you see the smiley face?

      • ESB

        As I understand it, his basement is actually very nice. Hardwood floors, surround sound, a full bar. Don't mind that boarded up door in the corner.

  • pixelogre

    #28 I ride sharks your argument is irrelevant

    • jay

      Relevant if you wear shoes while swimming with shoes…. is he afraid of stepping on glass?

      • jay

        Note: second shoes should be sharks… o well

    • spidermonkey

      that looks like jean claude van damme riding a tiger shark …

  • applause

    #68 keep up the good work. you are wonderfully crafted

  • Steve

    What your door said. #41

    • big_james

      There is a door in that photo?

  • Badant4

    MOAR of the redhead #37

  • Schnizz56

    #64 Mickey seems quite happy

    • jakeofhearts

      happiest place on earth

  • NYRanger

    #39 She said yes, then sat on it.

    • Kiki

      That's baguettesides the point…


    Exclusive images……THE Chive FUN :*

  • Chaos

    What happened to the wives in the hot tub?????

    • BoogerRoller

      Making sandwiches or getting beers.

    • Kiki

      Ur right bro. Maybe they will be on best of the year… If that ever happens (hint)

      • Richard Hair

        Please link to this greatness you speak of.

  • mattricky

    Where is #36? And moar of #37 and #68!

    • Ann

      I think #36 is from somewhere in the northern parts of Norway 🙂

      • anonymous

        chena hopsprings resort in fairbanks ak?

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