Daily Morning Awesomeness (45 Photos)

  • andrew2172

    #24 That has to be the sexiest…nerdiest…tatoo ever!!!

  • Steve-O

    #30 chode

  • von Mises


    Obama admitted he fabricated the girlfriend in his autobiography. See the difference in the response? Let's call it Manti Obama'ing

  • Chris

    #45 Being pro gun control is not very american

    • The 8th Dwarf Blinky

      I take back my down-vote and give it an up-vote! I blinked and missed "control"…

  • Batboy21


  • Canucks_Rule

    #11 – what a twist!!

  • Go OD sumwheres

    And now everyone reading this thread KNOWS why this country is going to sh!t in a hurry!!
    Addicts pretending they're not.

  • RettB

    #30. You ruined my weekend!

  • ryan bonline

    That sure would make Skyler seem like less of a bitch….wait….SKYLER?

    • ryan bonline

      #11…I fail again.

  • Irish-Man

    #24 I really don't like tats at all, but HOLY SHIT BALLS is that HOT.

  • natalee

    #30 Thank you for your service! Although I realize many people dislike this, you are only doing your job and yes, cocaine will get to our nations streets by the pounds each day, but remeber people… Rome wasnt built in a day! This man IS a hero in my book! Drug busts is not his only job. He has saved countless lives as well as having to pull dead bodies of woman and children out of the water. People hating on him are so very ignorant. Im proud of you, Nathan. As your big sister I know how much you have sacrificed when you joined the CG! love you

  • breezy

    im disgusted with youre behavior

  • ooh ohh

    #30…. now how is that new skyscraper going to get funding?!

  • bonerjamz

    #30 thanks asshole

  • Loki

    #30 I thought you guys are supposed to destroy this stuff but there you are in #31 building a fucking coke castle. Oh shit!

  • Bob

    Keep Calm There will always be more coke.

  • tanner

    is it just me or does teh star wars tattoo in number 24 make the redhead hotter?

  • Bob25


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