Garage converted into a comfortable apartment (9 Photos)


  • kingofthecastle

    Nicer than my house.

    • mattythegooch

      that's sad.

      • kingofthecastle

        This guy ^

  • Sean

    I'd live there

  • jai faul

    cool but not your averaged size garage

    • nuccabay

      exactly what i was thinkin

  • Luimi_

    and it was probably more expensive than its worth

    • Zook_Qc

      This is in Bordeaux (France), where I'm currently living… so after reading the article on newspaper, out of curiosity, I visited this awesomeee apartment ( but really tiny, especially when you're 6.4ft tall)…
      The owner told me, he spent about 46000$ for the renovation work, not much !
      The renting'll cost about 800$.

  • French Montana

    I can just imagine the car crying in the rain, looking in, "Daddy doesn't love me."

  • LeO

    Sweet! Welcome to my secret space.. Muhaha

  • SeanFzL

    I dont understand where the bathroom is… I see it in the photos but I dont see any place that actually leads to it…

    • Jason

      I think it's in that space behind the couch.

      • Brent

        I was wondering the same thing.

        • Dangles


          • Sarph

            Thank you for the link, that was a nice relaxing watch. 🙂

    • Jay

      In picture #1 you see the diagonal line? I think that's the bedroom and bathroom upstairs.
      You can see the stairs in #7

    • Jason

      The dark door behind the couch leads to the bathroom. The bed is on top of the bathroom, now how do you get up to the bed?

      • kait

        The stairs on the left hand edge of #7, that's how. Bed sits on top of the structure that holds the couch/desk

  • oclvtrek

    I would love to live there!

  • DannoTheManno88

    Lets hotbox it

  • sfb101

    Nothing like having the whole neighborhood watching you… fap

    • Mr_liqour_liver

      nothing like a good fap while watching the neighborhood

      • sfb101

        Excellent Mr. Liver

    • door


  • echogeo

    As long as you don't mind being hunched over in your bedroom when dressing.

    • Smitty

      Or banging your head, while banging your lady.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    Damn, my apartment sucks.

  • dyslxichrt

    Why is the "garage" all decked out, and the rest of the house looking post-apocalyptic?

  • Dangles

    Should have been included in the post.

    • samjamead

      That video is sweet, great find! Looks like an amazing space.

  • ChiveOn


  • guest

    I used to love this site until I realized the literally get 90% of their content directly from reddit/imgur…..

    • fuck off

      and I"m sure people used to like you until … wait… nope, you spend to much time caring about what's on the internet to know people.

    • Fuman Zybar

      You're here, aren't you? Shutup and clean your trailer!

  • Mike

    I like how the computer is positioned to where people can catch you beating off…

  • TheVirg

    Where do you find a garage with water and sewer hook-ups?

  • Len

    Too bad it's in a shithole of a neighborhood!

  • rastajohnson


  • dirty_toenail

    Just what I always wanted, a ceiling that bashes me in the skull every time I sit up in bed.

  • krypto092108

    Now, That's a fantastic little apartment….

  • lfgd1978

    Any hole would look nicer with a little TLC……….. can i get a what what from the ladies? no…….. that´s ok……. 😦 #sadface #forevealone

  • von Mises

    Look up Agenda 21, something Obama SUPPORTS. We'll all be LUCKY to have a space this big to live in.

    He views "The Hunger Games" as a game plan.

  • Dan

    If you can afford that kind of stuff, why the heck are you living in a converted garage?

    • Jahnny

      It just shows the lengths that hipsters go to be "different" and "alternative". A rich hipster is still a hipster.

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