There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (95 Photos)

  • bkibbs

    #5 Yes, yes you do.

    • pbb005

      it would be an honor and a privledge to wake up next to her…so many chick wear so much make up you never know what your getting but not with this one…please find!

    • bdg

      #37 #38 and #51 Can I has?????

  • TheYesMan25

    #80 YES!!!

    • Mike Hunt

      This brought on severe movement.


    #80 Good God that is PERFECT!

    • EIU_chiver

      Absolutely breath-taking

      • bin

        why you no end with this one?

      • jace

        EIU as in Eastern Illinois? alumni just wondering

  • TheYesMan25

    #31 #53 thank you

    • grumpy

      #31 – how come so many of the best Chivettes have the worst cameras?
      Seriously, it's 2013. Who has fewer than 8mp anymore? Can we start a fund or something?

      • Hip-hop-anonymous

        I think Erin Young can use whatever camera she wants. It's been way too long without here posting a pic for us. Thanks Erin!

  • TheYesMan25

    #86 beautiful level = max

  • 908s

    Way too many to list.. #1 #3 #17 #81 hot. #2 #88 MOAR of u three.. #80 wow, go on

    • Tyler Rauch

      need me some snow bunnies!!!

  • ChiveOn

    #1 #3 #10 #26


  • jmonster

    #76 and #9 are really cute, but for some reason #78 looks like she'd be the most fun to fool around with

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #52 Damn!

    • ps86

      this girl needs to be found STAT… good god

    • pannychous

      Epic dimples

  • Nick

    I stopped at #15 for ages…

  • kilo

    #3 Is gorgeous and #40 has an absolutely beautiful smile! Thanks to all the chivettes for posting 🙂

  • RooFeeOOO

    Too many to choose from but #44 made it move.

    • FunKiller

      Yep, love hot girls with tattoos…..she wins today (so far).

      • @securitynerdity


  • Ian

    #4 #85 For the love of boners everywhere, please find! And of course, MOAR!

    • Domino?

      Good lord, #85, this girl deserves a modeling contract and a chive post of her own.

      • Kia

        Thanks Domino 😉 I am a model haha!

        • DefNotDomino

          I'm not too surprised – lines like that are meant to be admired. Now we just need to work on this devoted chive post… Mac. I'm lookin' at you, Mac.

  • tom

    #80 FTW!

  • justin

    #11 Goooo Ooonnnnn…

  • Joe

    #31 #69 #86 You all made this day for me! Thank you!

    • kate sullivan

      anytime! theyll be more to comee KCCO xoxo ❤

  • ps86

    ^ mega jealous… #48

    • @valorikx221

      Shit's about to get real.

    • Kato

      We need a part deux!!

    • Heywood Jablome

      awesome wives are awesome!

  • Whiskyb

    #14 May I be the first in line to give you your Birthday paddy wacks

    • LeO

      Happy bday!

  • FL_Chivette

    #7 #27 #39 those eyes! wowza

    • hutchmx92

      I cant look away from number 7….. WOW!

      • USAF_Ammo

        Holy fuckballs. #7 is my sister. I'm going to go shower in bleach now. I feel like a horrible person when I'm looking at hott women and I see my sister.

        • Jack

          Id do her

        • Drool @ Pinky

          If you ain't ammo, you're the shit.

  • lfsg


  • Andy

    # 42 gorgeous gal with a great t-shirt!

    • Damn AutoSpace


  • Adam

    #36 for the win.

    • Kevin

      Agreed, she is gorgeous!

      • brianna!

        Thanks 🙂

  • slip

    #6 great picture sweety… now please go clean up your room. Love Mom.

  • DrakeFriedman

    #24 & #80 Oh my god, MOAR Please! You're amazing.

    And #48 , congratulations on your sexy-awesome wives !

  • Dylan

    #31 Love me some Erin

    • Pete

      erin who??? must be found

      • Dylan

        Erin Young. She's been on here before – just do a search.

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